Metaphysical Perspective

I can’t stop giggling… not from the humor of Trump’s win, but because I am so excited about the spiritual implications. (Let me take this opportunity to say I did vote, I did NOT vote for Trump, and my state went blue, so none of this is about my personal political views.) Remember back in September when we jumped all those timelines? Let’s start there…

I’ll try to explain how timelines work. Good luck to us all on that one. Okay… so your choices determine your vibration, and your vibration determines your path (timeline). You have the free will to change your path at any time, but not just by making a choice, you have to hold the vibration of that choice. For example, a mean person decides they want more friends, so they choose to socialize more vs. they choose to actually be a nicer person to attract more friends. See the difference? It isn’t just a mental decision, it’s embodying a change in vibration in your daily life.

In September, we all had the ability (more than normal) to embody a higher vibration. If enough people embody these changes, it can shift the course of the collective. Remember, no one knows what the highest timeline will look like on the human plane, and you don’t get to specify an outcome. The only thing we can each do is hold as much Light as possible. And we did. And Trump won. <more giggling>

Everyone saw Clinton winning this election, politicians and psychic alike. The fact that we made it to a reality where Clinton lost is amazing. You guys rock! No one saw this coming! I have to admit, the first few hours were pretty tough on me also, and feeling the collective is still painful, but last night the epiphanies stared coming through, and right now I’m really impressed with our ascension process.

It’s like pulling off a band-aid – we are ripping it off instead of going slow. All the ugly parts of the ego are right there on display for all to see. We are all forced to look at the darkness, and decide who we want to be, and how these themes play out in our lives. In addition, all democrats, and soon all republicans, will understand with complete clarity, that it is we as individuals who will save the world, not a figurehead of politics or religion. For promoting personal responsibility, this is brilliant. I never would have thought of it on my own… that’s why all we do is hold the Light, and let the process unfold before us.

Our job is just beginning. We need to hold strong in our vibration and intent, so others will have a light to follow. Keep loving. Hate didn’t win, it is simply being exposed. Darkness vanishes in the Light. Remember that.

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2 Responses to Metaphysical Perspective

  1. Jeff Gerlesits says:

    Loved your book!! Excited to talk about it with you and follow your blog!!
    Thanks again for sharing!!
    Warmly – JG


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