Establishing a Baseline

The past couple of weeks have been full of insights and epiphanies, and that will continue through December 2016. We are being shown everything we thought we wanted, but really don’t. It can be a painful process to have to look at the life you’ve created, only to find it isn’t what you had hoped. Only after we get that outside circumstance (job, partner, house), can we truly know it isn’t what makes us happy.

The good news is that it is easily changed at this point. We are creating a new baseline to grow from in 2017, the Year of Union (meaning union with your own Higher Self). Everything you don’t really want, everything blocking you soul’s expression, is coming up for reevaluation. You don’t need to take immediate action (like putting the house on the market today), but you do need to see the issue, acknowledge your part in its creation, and be fully willing (mentally and emotionally) to let it go. This process seems overwhelming at first, but gets easier and faster with practice.

We are being asked to shed parts of our ego to allow integration of our soul. The more ego-bound one is, the harder it is to let go of an ego story. The more you can release, the less control the ego has, and then releasing happens quicker and easier. The first few times are truly heart wrenching, but it gets so much easier. Promise.

When it is too intense emotionally, go clean out a closet. It’s amazing how much easier life moves with a clean closet. Old physical issues are also coming up right now to be cleared. The big thing there is to acknowledge them, thank your body for being so resilient, and offer your full love and support. See a doctor if needed, sleep more, take healing herbs – whatever your body needs. Just avoid berating your body; it’s clearing also.

When you release something, be sure you feel it fully, even though it will hurt. Simply detaching without emotion is one of the ways humans spiritually bypass. 2017 is our year to practice integrity and authenticity with a safety net, and we are getting a head start. For some beautiful information on spiritual bypassing, check out this video by Teal Swan. The world is full of avoidance and delusion, but to truly release a cycle, it must be felt.

It may feel overwhelming because so much is coming to the forefront, but all you need to do is take note, and decide if you want to keep it. Again, this can be anything from material possessions, to relationships, to world views. If you decide to keep it, do it in full awareness that you are choosing this vibration, and stay aware to what you are getting from it. If you decide to release it, allow yourself time to grieve and integrate before you involve other people. Acting before personal integration only creates drama. It’s like when people say “speaking my truth” when they really mean “ego dumping”. Take responsibility for your own feelings.

This final month of shedding the old will let us begin the beautiful balancing act of 2017. Allow room for something more amazing than you ever dreamt… but it can only arrive if you make room.

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