This final Full Moon of 2016 is pushing the energy to its limits. There is a lot of emphasis on releasing what no longer serves us, but the biggest push is for complete honesty, mostly with ourselves. We are seeing things that may have eluded us before, and we are being pushed to be totally honest about how we have created them.

Be brave. It takes courage to take full responsibility for your life, especially in a culture of blame. Only when we admit things to ourselves can we change them. Patterns must be identified to be released. And release we must, to make room for the bounty of 2017, the Year of Union. What’s blocking you? What tricks do you use on your own mind in order to stay small? What emotion are you addicted to, and how do you keep triggering it? You are in charge of your world… and nothing exists outside your mind. Change your beliefs, and the world adjusts.

This is our training ground for 2017, which will be all you, all the time. If we keep the focus inward, then we can effectively clear out whatever psychological patterns are tripping us up, and allow more room for Spirit. 2017 is meant to be abundant and beautiful, so anytime it isn’t, you have something to realign in yourself. This begins with radical honesty. It also begins with “I”. Anytime a sentence is started with “you” or “they”, beware of blame. Blame is just victimization is disguise. You are giving away your personal power every time the fault lies outside you.

This doesn’t relieve others of their personal responsibility to behave well, and some of this Truth energy may be well used with someone in your life, but the conversation should still start with “I” (I need more support, I need more space, I feel…). This is where the letting go part comes into the picture. Sometimes the biggest Truth is that we need better boundaries, and we need to make choices to support that. Free will is a thing. Use it. Come January, we will need to start taking action on these mental adjustments, which will mean relocations, changes in relationships, and changes in employment.

These changes will all be for the better, as long as we are really honest with ourselves. A karmic loop is when a pattern just keeps replaying in different circumstances (different job or mate, same issues), but can be broken once identified. Breaking a pattern requires both awareness and applied free will (to make different choices). If a pattern is seen, but no action taken, it will just keep occurring. Likewise, if action is taken without seeing the pattern (just getting a new job or mate), the the loop continues.

Now is the time to see what you’ve been hiding from yourself. Now is the time for Truth.

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