I know this title seems odd, especially while we are all feeling like maybe we have ADHD, but within this brain-fog are moments of insight. They are hard to hold on to, but at the same time deeply profound. Don’t worry about trying to remember them, but when they hit, take a moment to let them sink in. These lights in the fog are leading us into the new year, and onto our path.

These fleeting moments of clarity are like a preview of what’s to come. They are being planted now, so we will recognize the road when we see it. It’s like being pre-loaded with future deja vu. When we feel lost next year, one of these signs will come up, and all of a sudden, the path is obvious again. I love the way the Universe works – this is brilliant!

This will continue through mid-January, but then we will need to start acting, walking the walk. As always, you are loved, guided, and assisted by many in the unseen realm. Remember to talk to them (out loud), remember to forgive and release so you have an open and radiating heart. 2017 brings a bounty of beautiful things, if you are open to receive. We will feel so full, generosity and love will come naturally.

So relax and enjoy the Holidays, and know that the fog will lift, but the clarity will remain.


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