First of all, stop blaming yourself for every discomfort you may be experiencing. Stop blaming others, also. Just stop blaming entirely. True healing begins with acceptance and forgiveness. Radical forgiveness, all the way back to the original wound of separation from Source.

There is so much guilt and shame around illness, both physical and psychological. In our culture of blame, where accountability has come to mean only liability, our automatic response to disease is figuring out who to blame. While this may be a very normal initial reaction, triggered by fear and conditioning, it simply blocks healing. More often than not, the sick person eventually turns the blame inward, where it festers into shame and guilt, only worsening the condition. You don’t live in a bubble, and we all share a (rather toxic) physical environment, so compassion and forgiveness are vital, especially toward oneself.

Then there are bloodlines. We know physical things are passed down genetically, like eye color, but there is new research showing genetic markers for psychological trauma passed down through generations. That irrational fear of needles I have? It may well be genetic, and have nothing to do with me thinking or feeling the “wrong” thing. Think about how many generations came before you, and the trauma some of those people endured, and unknowingly passed on in their DNA. Aside from behavioral conditioning, there is also a genetic component at work.

Then we go beyond the physical to the metaphysical. Entities, parallel timelines, alternate dimensions, all currently being examined by science, also have an effect. No need for details at this point, just know there’s a lot more going on than we realize.

Disease isn’t all about us, and it isn’t all about now. While illness is not all your fault, healing all you can is absolutely your responsibility.

Accountability is really about personal power and free will. If diabetes runs in you family, you can either resign yourself to that fate and enjoy doughnuts for breakfast everyday, or you can choose to eat properly and exercise to minimize the effect of the disease. You can also choose to look into the root beliefs, passed down genetically, which triggered its presence in your family. Doing this deeper work helps to clear the bloodlines for future (and past) generations. You have a choice. Free will is a thing. Use it to heal all you can.

Blame and resignation are the easy way out, but with courage, there are other options. We can use our free will to either perpetuate patterns of illness, or to heal them. We can be fully accountable to ourselves without judgement. The study of epigenetics shows us we have much more genetic fluidity than previously imagined, and also a much greater capacity to heal. Start where you are, forgive the past, and bring awareness to your future choices.

Don’t get me wrong, you have an immense power and responsibility in your healing, but it’s time to release the self-depricating thought process that ultimately limits our progress. Radical forgivness, unconditional love, and empowered free will… that’s the best recipe I have for healing.