Know Thyself

At first glance, most people think they know themselves quite well, after all, they’ve lived with themselves all their lives. We know our favorite color and our religion and what foods we prefer, but there are two things most people don’t know: why am I the way I am, and who was I born to be? These are the questions the Mystery Schools demand we ask, and keep asking our entire lives. It is a never ending process, because as we change and grow, so do the answers.

Start with looking at every avenue of your life and ask why? I love football… why? I dislike cats… why? I am patriotic… why? I am religious… why? As you go through the layers, it will usually end up with “that’s what I was taught.” And this is why the unexamined life is not worth living, because if you are just running on conditioning then you aren’t really you at all, just a shadow of someone else’s reality. Become a walking question, and you can then consciously choose your path, instead of just existing.

Certainty is the mortal enemy of possibility. If you live life as a question, it opens the door to endless possibility.

As you begin to unravel the knots of early conditioning it can be a bit disorienting, as the ground your life is built on begins to crumble. This is when we start to really wonder who we were born to be; who are we outside of our conditioning? There are many insights into your unique energy that are readily available, like numerology, astrology, personality assessments, I.Q. tests, enneagram, and many others. Start with what you’re drawn to, but explore several aspects of your Divine structure. Find the natural pitfalls, as well as the infinite potential that is you. Begin to build a new sense of self around your highest potential.

And now we must ask: Why do I need to know myself? Aside from the benefits listed above, knowing yourself is crucial to reach the heart. But why? (you’re getting good at this game… )

Knowing thyself is the only way to bring yourself into balance. Reaching the heart (center) requires you to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and achieving that is different for everyone. For example, some people need more self-discipline while others need to learn to let go of so much structure. Some people live an emotional existence while others are emotionally distant, requiring opposite remedies to bring them into balance. Only by knowing yourself, including hidden strengths and weaknesses, can you act accordingly to find balance.

This is where dedication comes into the equation. Some folks are naturally introspective and have been asking questions since they first learned to think. Others are just waking up to their own potential, and have to struggle a bit to get used to the idea of questioning everything. There may be some wavering between human conditioning and higher knowledge, but the sooner one commits to the path of self-awareness, the easier life becomes. The only person that will be with you your whole life, is you. Get to know you.