Collective Misogyny

Misogyny is a hatred of women, but I want to expand the conversation to include all things of feminine energy, specifically the physical world. All things have both masculine and feminine energy. The masculine energy (spirit) combines with the feminine energy (matter) to create our physical existence. The illusion of separation is strong (fall from grace), thanks to our egos so masterfully holding the veil, but I assure you, both energies are present.

Somewhere along the way, we started blaming the physical (feminine) for this sense of separation from Source (masculine). Did the Yahweh cult begin misogyny, or did our collective misogyny birth this cult? Interesting question, but the bigger concern is where we are now, and how to correct the thinking. Women as a gender aren’t really the issue, it’s our loathing of the physical world, right down to our own bodies.

We are all homesick due to the illusion of separation, and it makes sense that we would innately want to shuffle loose the mortal coil to get back home, but then why did we leave? The physical isn’t all that bad of an experience, until you forget it’s just an experience and start to believe it is reality. Several thousand years ago we forgot. Ascetic spiritual practices started popping up, to lessen the grip of the body (self-inflicted torture, really), and punish the body for leading us astray with the pleasure of the senses. So the physical part was fun, and that was the problem. This belief was quickly applied to sex, and the mixture of masculine and feminine energy (similar to our own creation) was restricted, regulated, and generally held in low regard. Like sex was a symbol of our original fall from grace.

First it was women, then the senses, now even our planet is being abused to satisfy this primal idea that being in body is the reason we feel so far from the Divine. While we loathe life, we also fear death, having suppressed the circular pattern of mortality. And if you look at how you regard your own body (feminine energy), you may be shocked at how deep the misogyny goes. Do you complain about pollution of our planet while eating fast food, drinking soda or alcohol, or smoking? Do you enjoy physical highs (sex, food, coffee) but loath caring for your body with healthy food and exercise? When you’re physically sick or tired, do you lovingly care for yourself, or are you angry that you can’t do what you had planned for the day? So many daily examples of our general disgust with the physical experience.

The entire physical world is all the same energy, the Divine Feminine. Your body, the plants, the animals, the Earth itself.

We all know our current system is based on masculine energy – personal will over intuition, doing over being, conquering over nurturing. We have been taught from birth to ignore our bodies and emotions (body chemicals), and to create our lives with the mind and will power. Our bodies are to be conquered and held in submission to our will, or to be exploited for sensory amusement and gratification. It’s no wonder the whole thing is crashing down, being that it requires both polarities to exist.

Awareness is everything. Really consider how you treat your body. For most people, it’s either a trash can or an amusement park. Then look around you at the planet – pollution, environmental disasters, factory farms, GMO crops, the list goes on. See the correlation? If you want to save the Earth, start with being aware and adjusting your own attitude about your body, your own Divine Feminine. This isn’t a pep-talk about body confidence, this is pointing out that the physical is literally one thing, it’s fractal. Be a good steward to your own personal Gaia.

This is why the body is the Temple of the Soul – it is the container holding the Spirit. There is no separation. Loving our physical selves brings us into our bodies, which is where we are in touch with what we remember as home. It is where we can feel that original Divine Union, instead of the veil of separation. Treat your body with love and respect, as it is a Divine creation, just like the Earth. Your attitude towards the physical will become increasingly important as we strive for energetic balance and union in 2016-2017.

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