Empathic Abilities

Empathic abilities are actually quite natural for humans, but as with most things natural, it has been trampled on and discouraged at every turn. Ideally, we would have been raised in a calm, safe, loving environment, encouraged to feel, and given tools to manage our energetic inputs. Instead, most people come from a dysfunctional, if not abusive, household, where it was painful and unsafe to feel, then labeled as oversensitive or moody. Many strong empaths end up in addiction, due to the need to numb out, or being medicated to be able to function in our chaotic word. All we really need is a little training on how to use the superpower we have.

What is an empath? They feel… everything. Their stuff, your stuff, the pain of the world. It’s overwhelming, to say the least. They may enter a room and feel someone’s headache, or someone else’s broken heart. They can feel the good stuff, too, but humans tend to put most of their energy into projecting the bad. They don’t just sense these things, they actually feel them in their bodies, so they tend to assume it’s their stuff, because we are taught that we only feel our own feelings. This is why empaths so frequently get the moody label – because we all assume it’s their stuff, too.

There are three tools all empaths need: awareness, shielding, and releasing. 

First, be aware of your own energy, your own thoughts and feelings, and when they change, ask why before you own it. If you were feeling happy before you entered a group, and now you feel angry, don’t just assume it’s yours, question it. If possible, ask the group, “Which one of you is all angry?” Sometimes people won’t own up to it, but just asking the question shifts their mood. Empaths must always be aware of their own energy in order not to be swept up by others. Question every shift. Sometimes I am alone and will feel the collective shift. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s mine and what isn’t. But it helps immensely to be aware of my own energy, and question the changes.

Second, empaths need to develop, and regularly practice, an energetic shielding technique. I ground down into the Earth, and up into the Sun, and surround myself with a bubble of light. Empaths should do some similar visualization morning, night, and before going into any group. If I go out with friends, we always remind each other to “bubble-up” before we get to our destination. This energetic shielding works like a condom – you can still feel, but it offers a layer of protection. Don’t think it will insulate you from feeling everything, it just helps to keep your energy separate, it makes it easier to tell what isn’t yours.

Third, develop and practice some form of releasing technique. It could be draining all foreign energies into the Earth (Gaia uses it like compost, so it doesn’t matter if it’s “negative” energy), or calling Archangel Michael to use his sword of fire to cut all cords, or standing in the violet flame of St. Germain to burn away all that isn’t in your highest good. Every night, and as needed during the day, clear yourself. As this becomes a daily practice, you will actually feel lighter when you clear. Funky energy will hang onto you for as long as you are willing to carry it, even if willingness is subconscious. Releasing needs to be a conscious act.

As humanity awakens, more and more people are becoming empathic. It is a gift of our true nature, not a reason to hide under the bed (though it feels that way sometimes). If we can start training ourselves, sharing our discoveries with our friends, and ultimately raising our children with the awareness of this gift, then the world will transform around us. Embrace your superpower.