Finding Balance

I have spent the last two years struggling to understand masculine and feminine energy. Not relationships, or gender, or societal roles, but the combination of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that we each carry within us, and how to find balance. I’m one of those people who likes puzzles, and figuring out how things fit together, so I started with reading all kinds of stuff about masculine and feminine energy. What I read simply doesn’t mesh with my own experiences and observations, so I’ll share my take on the issue.

First, many people are confusing the shadow side of the energies with their true meaning. It is common in this society to see the masculine as aggressive or childish, and the feminine as submissive or manipulative – all of which are shadows of the true energies. There are so many people advocating the strengthening of the feminine by means of weakening the masculine, or using sexuality as a road to power. Not helping… so not helping. (side not – it angers me greatly to assign submissiveness to the feminine. Receptive yes, but not submissive. I have found nothing but the greatest strength there.)

In my observation, feminine energy isn’t some wild, sexual, unpredictable force. Look at the role of a mother… a mother has to create a safe space for her child to grow, and hold that space for years. Before birth, this safe space is the womb. There is nothing unpredictable about her constant nurturing, and holding that space is essential to raising healthy kids. Look at nature… it isn’t random, scattered, unpredictable, or even that creative (in the spontaneous way). Nature is an incredibly well organized and reliable system. It may look wild and dangerous on the surface, but the entire ecosystem is amazingly structured, if you actually study it. It seems to me, feminine energy is about boundries, holding space, and nuturing.

They are a bit closer with the masculine side, saying it is a direct and focused energy. From what I can tell, the masculine is all about expansion and creation, in a direct and focused way. If it is left to its own devices, it will just keep expanding without limit, which has resulted in conquest and greed, never having enough. Inwardly, rampent masculine energy results in a constant feeling of unrest, of never being quite satisfied, or quite good enough.

The balance, then, is firm boundaries creating a safe, nurturing space to hold the drive and expansion in a safe and positive way. This applies to microcosm and macrocosm… Just think on this a bit.

Now there is the issue of a third energy. Many attribute this spontaneous, playful energy to the repressed feminine, but I disagree. This is definitely a separate energy. I believe it is the Divine Child, the creation of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine working in perfect balance. This energy is playful, curious, unpredictable, joyful, and full of wonder. As we balance our masculine and feminine, it creates this amazing Divine Child energy. This is the space we are yearning for, and it is available inside each of us, as we balance our energies.

As we come into balance and allow the creation of the Divine Child within, we can also create this same balance and wonder in our outer world.

So how can you balance? Be aware of your world, both inner and outer. Having good boundaries is an issue for many right now, understandably so. We feel guilty, or selfish, or unworthy of having boundaries. This is your Divine Feminine energy, allow it to help you create a sacred and nourishing space to grow from. This will allow your Divine Masculine to bring you direction and drive, within that safe space. The joy that follows is the birth of your Divine Child. And this, my friends, is magic… and the beginning of a new world.