As you awaken it becomes obvious you need to release old patterns, old habits, old programming. Even a few years ago this was a tremendous process, involving deep emotional work, like psychotherapy, that may go on for years. Not much fun. Now (2015), we have a greater understanding of the subconscious, and how to easily remove blocks to our progress. This doesn’t alleviate the personal responsibility of being involved in the process, but it sure makes it easier.

Dr. Candace Pert has done some fabulous work to show us that our body is the subconscious mind. We tend to think of the subconscious as some abstract concept, with no clear mechanism of interaction, that controls our behavior without permission. It really isn’t that mysterious; it’s cellular memory. The question then becomes, how do we change it?

There are many techniques available to work with subconscious programming, like EFT, EMDR, and PSYCH-K. I will focus on PSYCH-K as I have much personal experience with it, being a practitioner for almost a decade. When I do a Core Belief Balance, which involves several basic subconscious programs changing at once, it usually has physical side-effects within the first 12-24 hours after the balance. The most common is various levels of fatigue – anywhere from needing to lie flat for a few minutes to needing a six-hour nap. In a few cases, the side-effects are more dramatic – flu symptoms, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Why the disparity? Two reasons. First, how much, and what area, of their body is dedicated to holding these programs. Second, how well they can process the cellular release, or toxins. If their body is already so toxic that adding to the load is overwhelming, then illness results, at least temporarily. Whenever you release a subconscious program you are actually releasing chemicals on a cellular level. It is a physical detox process. Yes, to some extent, it can work the other way – doing a body detox and help release cellular memory. Doing both together is best.

That brings me to our current evolutionary situation. As the vibration of the planet and human consciousness rise, we are all shedding old programming to make room for the new. This will be much easier on your body if it isn’t already overwhelmed with toxins. Take care of your body, now more than ever, to make this a smooth transition. You don’t need to do anything drastic, just start where you are. I recommend three days at a time, cleaning up your diet and lifestyle just a little. For example, do thee days without fast food and soda, or three days without caffeine and alcohol. If you don’t normally consume those things maybe do three days without meat, or without sugar, or three days of only veggie juice. If you need to move more do three days of walking around the block, or morning yoga. Just start where you are, and make a small change for three days. If something feels good, keep doing it.

If you can’t make a change for three days, you may need to put some thought into what addiction looks like, and how limiting it is. Addiction keeps us stuck by holding that cellular memory in place. If you “need” some substance, just be aware that it is keeping certain cellular functions switched off, and unable to release. Even PSYCH-K isn’t nearly as effective when there are foreign substances in the way, including prescription drugs. Awareness is everything. Just being aware of this connection between addiction and cellular retention may help break the cycle.

This takes care of the subconscious, which is where so many get stuck, but release of old beliefs, trauma, and programming also involve conscious effort. Like I said, this isn’t nearly as much effort as it used to be, but it takes conscious participation. Awareness. Again, start where you’re at and take baby steps. The goal, which possibly no one has reached, is to be aware of every breath you take, and the energy it moves in your body. I ain’t there, but it’s good to have a goal.

Maybe start by studying some basic psychology, so you understand things like projection and codependency. Then study the ego and how we create our experience through it. Question your own beliefs, observe your own thoughts, understand your personal self-limiting behaviors. Many things will release just by bringing them into your awareness, and if you get stuck, use one of the techniques to adjust the subconscious, release cellular memory. Sounds simple, and it’s much easier than it used to be, but constant awareness is exhausting at first. How much time do we spend checked-out? Television, drinks with friends, zoning out while driving, listening to the monkey mind babble… we don’t normally spend much time being fully present. This part of the process requires your dedication. No one else can do this part for you. Are you ready for the journey?


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