Dimensional shift… new age of humanity… age of Aquarius… spiritual awakening… evolution… whatever you call it, something is changing in collective consciousness. Some will start to feel this change as a subtle awareness, a slight change in worldview, like seeing that what you eat really does change how you feel, or clean water is precious, or that both political parties are corrupt. For others, it will be more physical, feeling the waves of energy go up and down. Still others will notice reality misbehaving, like time not being quite so linear, and gravity getting stronger and weaker. And some will actually experience changes in dimension, like memories of things you didn’t do, or suddenly feeling like you’re under water with movement and sound affected. It’s a shift in the collective, and we’re all experiencing something.

The pages above are about my experiences and observations, with some DYI spiritual teachings I’ve found useful along the way. The blog posts (in the archives to the right) are mostly information that’s relevant at the point they are written. I am strongly linked to the collective consciousness (human heart grid), and get regular messages about our ascension process. I hope you find this information helpful on your journey. Remember to enjoy the ride!

ABOUT NATHA – I have always been one of “those people” whose intuition and energy sensitivity is considerably different than those around me. I was 8 or 9-years-old when I first realized other people didn’t talk to their angels or guides, didn’t see ghosts, and couldn’t see glimpes of the future. Who knew? Shortly after that realization, I also noticed how uncomfortable people were with these concepts, so I just stopped sharing. Now we are all going through a spiritual awakening, a dimensional shift, and more people are becoming aware of the other world where I’ve always lived. I’m here to tell you that “you’re just as sane as I am” (Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter character), and to offer companionship on the journey. I write about my own experiences and my perception of the world, in the hope that it will be of value to you.

If you are in need of a little guidance on your journey, check out the services I offer.

NathaJay@icloud.com (email is best, but only checked once daily)
Located near Delta, Colorado, USA

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  1. Ed says:

    “Reality misbehaving”.
    I have, on a couple of occasions, remembered doing something quite clearly, only to be unable to prove it later. Did I dream it? Or was a slice of an alternate reality inserted into my memories?
    Reminds me of the musing of Rene Descartes. “Am I a man, dreaming of being a butterfly? Or am I a butterfly, dreaming of being a man?”
    I was surprised to learn that came from Descartes. I thought for sure it came from some far eastern sage. Almost like a Zen koan.
    The ‘universal constant’ or the electromagnetic interaction, one of physic’s most fundamental constants actually does fluctuate.
    If you wish to feel the waves of energy flow up and down, follow the flow of chi in your own body.

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