*Energy Hygiene*

We are taught how to clean our physical body, but not our energy. Can you imagine someone who hadn’t bathed in years? The stench! Now that we are all waking up, it will begin to be noticeable when people don’t attend to their energy hygiene. Of the two, the energy is more important. For me, it comes across as a stickiness, like wading through mud. It’s also noticeable in the brightness of the spark in the eye (or lack thereof). There are several layers…

Physical Body Energy – Daily. The body needs daily movement to circulate subtle energy within the cells. I’m not talking daily workouts (although those are fine), just something to move air and blood and energy. Intentional breathing, intentional walking (even to your car), massage, or visualization. I am pretty physically limited, but I spend time each day being fully present with my body. I actively move as much as I can, but I also visualize movement quite a bit. If you can move, be mindful of the movement moving energy.

Flush & Fill – Daily. Do some kind of Unity Meditation (ground down to Earth, ground up to the Universe, those two energies meet in your heart, fill your body and surround you, moving old energy out, and refilling with clean.) You can spend 10 minutes here, or just reestablish the connection and feel the flow as you shower, or drive to work. I do this one at least twice a day, more when I feel stuck.

Chakras – Weekly (at least). Start with the Unity Meditation, then visualize the chakras. Focus on one chakra at a time, and breathe through that chakra. Take at least 3 deep breaths through each. If one is sticky, either spend more time there, or come back to it. At the end of this process, all chakras should be flowing and brighter. If they aren’t, do it everyday until they are.

Cord Cutting – Monthly at first, then quarterly. Start with the Unity Meditation, then ask Archangel Michael to join you. Ask that he sever all cords, both known and unknown, with his sword. Ask that all cord ends be given to the Light. It’s important to turn the severed ends up to Source, so they continue being fed, but not by you. If anythings feels emotional, ask Archangel Raphael to fill both ends of the cord with his healing light. Cords are attachments, codependencies, and drains. The only cord we truly share in a healthy way, is a golden cord of unconditional love from our heart. It only flows out, and is given freely. Children under 7 years may still be corded to the Mother, and that’s normal. Everything else needs to go. Regularly.

Entity Removal – As needed. Start with the Unity Meditation, then call a professional. Seriously. Someone with a little experience can do this stuff easily and safely. A few things to always avoid in this process:
Alcohol or drugs, for either party.
Sloppy energy work. They need to have a protocol.
Nonchalant “we just need a salt circle” attitude.
Fear, or battle mentality.
I have removed entities from others, and had them removed from me. It was disgusting to feel them leave my body, but it wasn’t a traumatic event. Find an energy worker with integrity, and get this done, if you have any inkling this may be an issue for you. Life is just easier when you aren’t supporting uninvited guests.

So that’s my energy cleansing outline. Sparkle from the inside!