Teachers, Mentors, and Gurus

The importance of a teacher or mentor can’t be overstated. The Mystery Schools are less about the doctrine, and all about the vibration. Teachers of the Mysteries hold that vibration, and can take you there with them. Yes, it is absolutely possible to find the way on your own, but having someone guide you into that space will increase your learning curve dramatically. Conversely, you need to do your own inner work to be able to return to that space on your own.

I have personally studied under five different Mystery Schools over the years, and they all are meant to raise your vibration. They each have a unique way of doing so, with their own background story, but it’s the higher vibration that counts. Like angels & demons? Study with the Golden Dawn. Like inter-dimensional travel? Study the Merkaba. They both end up with the Great White Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light, but with very different stories to get you there. Just shop around until you find a story you resonate with, or in my case, do several and focus on the parts that serve you.

A teacher holds that high vibrational space for you, while passing on the stories and techniques of their School. At least, while they’re teaching. Please remember we are all human, and prone to normal human “stuff” when off duty. When a teacher is in that teaching space, it is mostly channeled information, so they may not ever remember what they said the next day. This happens to me with much of my writing. People will compliment me on a certain writing, and I will have to go reread it to figure out what they’re referencing.

Finding a teacher, in my experience, is impossible. In my life, I have spent hours on the internet trying to find someone to no avail, but as soon as I dedicate myself to my own spiritual practice, my vibration rises and a teacher pops up out of nowhere. It’s magic. Actually, it’s a matter of vibration and your own preparation. Finding a REAL teacher is another thing. There are many articles on how to spot a fraud, so I won’t repeat that information here. How I tell is by how much I remember after a class. If you are truly in a vibration higher than your normal, memory is almost impossible without notes. Even staying awake can be a challenge. There are other, more practical recommendations, but this one is never mentioned for some reason. I truly believe the vibration of the Mystery Schools will eventually be transmitted to the student via eye contact. At that point, a teacher will essential, but we aren’t there just yet.

The other important point is that a good teacher wants you to succeed on your own, they aren’t gathering followers. They are showing you the vibration you’re aiming for, in the hopes you will be able to hold it on your own, and maybe even eventually guide others there. It isn’t an easy job to hold that space for others, but the more teachers we have, the easier it becomes, and more lives can be transformed. Just being in that higher vibration changes you.