Everything you’ve been taught about manifesting is wrong. Let’s just start there. Actually, the common teachings work quite well, but always include unintended side-effects. For example, calling for rain, in a drought, in the middle of August, with no precipitation forecast, and having it rain for three days… and flood the basement. Really. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

In case you don’t know, the popular teachings show how to manifest with the mind, focused will (3rd chakra). You focus on what you want, add emotion, release it to the Universe, and miracles happen. And they do. But manhandling fate just never ends well. This is where we get the fear of magic, the notion that magic always comes at a price.

I have played with various concepts of manifestation for several years, a lot of trial and error. I had reached the conclusion that manifesting by will alone wasn’t the way to go, when I took an online class by Drunvalo Melchizedek, and he explained it so simply. He said that the brain has two hemispheres and is limited to logic, so creating with the mind always has two opposite results, and taking more at one end will create lack somewhere else. It’s best to manifest through the heart.

Why isn’t it always taught this way? Because working through the mind gives the ego (our personal desires) full control, and we get to feel really powerful when we bend the world to our will. Working through the heart is about co-creation with the divine, and requires a lot of letting go, something humans kinda suck at. When manifesting with the heart, you leave most of the details out, and trust the Universe to bring exactly what you need. Trust is also an issue for most, even trusting God/Goddess.

It’s a good idea to work with the heart regularly, so it’s in shape for the work of manifesting. How? Gratitude is the gateway drug to manifesting with the heart. Every night before you fall asleep, list (either mentally or in a journal) 3 things you’re grateful for. Start simple: I am so grateful for the food I ate today, my cat, the sound of the rain. When this list-making becomes habit, start practicing gratitude at the time of the event. Instead of enjoying being in the warm sun, truly feel grateful. Yes, there’s a difference.

The next step, is letting go of complete control and increasing trust in the Divine. This is mostly a matter of mindfulness. As you go about your daily life, notice when you feel frustrated and impatient, and ask yourself why. Why am I attached to a certain outcome? If all things have Divine timing, why am I in a hurry? Why do I feel like I know better than the Universe when and how things should work out? It’s a humbling process, I can assure you, but so worth it.

The more adept you become with opening your heart, and letting go and trusting the Universe, the easier and faster the creation process becomes. Promise.

Finally the good stuff… it really is pretty simple. Let’s call on rain the right way.
Visualize the outcome – a green lawn after a rain.
Feel the outcome – (emotionally) I am so happy and relieved that it rained.
Release it to the Universe – I give it to God/Goddess, and release all attachment to the result. I trust that what needs to happen will happen.
Gratitude – I am grateful for the support of the Universe, and its help in the co-creation process. I trust that the outcome will be perfect.
Gratitude – (emotionally) I go through a mental gratitude list, both to activate the heart, and to pull my mind away from the task at hand. It helps the process of letting go.

Manifesting with the heart is a process of release and surrender. If you notice you are really focusing (especially on the details of the outcome), then you’ve slipped into using the will. Our whole society promotes living though the will, so don’t be surprised if you go there. Living through the heart takes practice, but it is truly a dance with the Divine.

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  1. Natha I love this, so beautifully said…thank you!


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