Subtle Energy

Energy encompasses everything in both physical and non-physical realms, including random thoughts and emotions. Physical reality is shaped first energetically, then we experience it in the “real” world. We are each creating our reality with our thoughts and attention, whether we know it or not. Quantum physics is beginning to demonstrate our effect on subtle energy in a more scientific and socially acceptable way; it’s no longer a matter of woo-woo alone.

Nikola Tesla had it right: “Think of the universe in terms of frequency and vibration.” As we develop ways to measure and quantify subtle energy, will will start to understand how “reality” really works. For example, most of us have heard that love and gratitude are of a higher frequency, but instead of taking that as literal we tend to think that having a positive attitude is just more comfortable for others, so they want us to behave that way. This isn’t about positive thinking as such, this is about our power to actually change the vibration of our very cells. Along this line, karma isn’t a judgement / punitive system, it is simply a matter of attracting like vibrations. This is science, or at least where science is going.

Energy workers are simply people who have learned to navigate the world of subtle energy, and focus it in certain ways. Energy workers can use “unmarked” energy, as taught in Reiki or Quantum Touch, to assist in a situation. “Unmarked” simply means there is no intention, no agenda, attached. So, sending energy to a sick cat might result in recovery or death, depending on what the cat needs to do, because the energy is just there to assist in the highest good, not to bend reality to one’s will. How could we be okay helping Fluffy die? What I wonder is how could others think they know better than God/Goddess when a life should end? Sending energy without an intention (even an intention to heal) is always safest, because fate takes care of itself.

Using energy with an intention requires a bit more skill. We do it all the time in our own lives, and this awareness can change your world. People like things to be black and white, fate OR free will, but it is always a combination of my will and Thy will. Directing energy in your own life is between you and the Divine. Using energy to assist a friend, with their consent, is supporting their free will choice. Sending energy to someone marked with an intention (even to heal), without their consent, is treading on both their free will and fate. This stuff is real. Before you direct an intention at someone, consider the implications. What is the harm in asking their permission? Or in just sending unmarked energy for the highest good?

There are also warnings about doing no harm (or black magic) because it will return to you. Again, this isn’t a matter of morality (though it has moral significance), but of frequency. In order to send out lower vibrational energies you must build, or call, them through your own body, which causes your personal vibration to lower and attract similar energies. Much more can be attained by always working with the Light (higher frequencies).

To start working with your own energy, start with a simple breath meditation, followed by a mental gratitude list. Be very aware of the sensations in your body. Just like learning anything new, this will take practice, but everyone can do it. At first you may feel nothing at all, but just keep doing it for a few minutes each day, and pretty soon you will even feel a difference in just focusing on your breath. If you want more structured training, find a Quantum Touch class, or whatever you are drawn to. Once you start to experience your own energy, you’ll look at the world in a whole new way.

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