New Manifestation

Magnetizing is the new manifesting. We are currently (2015 & beyond) redefining creation, and all the old manifesting rules are out the window. At least for some of us, and that number will grow to encompass everyone by 2020. When the old way of manifesting stops working for you, when everything driven by personal will seems to fall apart, you’ll know it’s time to magnetize.

Magnetizing is simply drawing in experiences (people, opportunities, stuff) with your energy field. There is little room for personal will (or ego), because strengthening your energy field requires you to simply be more you. Get closer to the true vibration of your unique soul. So the only place for personal willpower is to commit to doing those things that increase your being. Whatever it is that connects you to your bliss, do more of that. No, I’m not saying quit your job, I’m saying make your soul a priority and new job opportunities may pop up. All kinds of unexpected things start appearing as you move into magnetizing your world.

This isn’t a new concept; “follow your bliss” has been taught throughout the ages. It was always A way, but now it’s THE way. For good reason, things will now only manifest if they are aligned with our soul vibration. All of the chaos and tragedy in the world today is a product of manifesting by willpower alone, driven by the dark recesses of the ego, greed and power. The soul vibration has no use for power and greed, so its creations will look completely different. The only thing that will make this transition difficult is our attachments, our ego.

Everyone wants to feel in charge of their life, to make things happen. Empowerment is a big deal, and we are being asked to be empowered as we surrender to our own Higher Self. Let’s not confuse surrender with inaction. This is still a co-creative process, and we are each required to be fully present and aware, and to act on our inner guidance, but now we are required to follow that guidance instead of ignoring it. If you want things to keep moving in your life, you have to move toward your soul. No more demanding things happen a certain way, just because you said. The collective energy no longer supports it.

This is going to be a bit of a shock to those who think they are following their hearts, only to find the ego has been running the show. For example, let’s use a massage therapist. Someone might say to themselves I love being a massage therapist! I’m helping people. So why is my business falling apart now? Well, if “helping people” really meant fulfilling an ego need to be a martyr or a savior, and the energy is no longer supporting ego endeavors, then they will simply stop attracting clients. Does this mean they need to change careers? Possibly. Or at least understand, and release, the ego attachment to the work. Awareness and release are pure magic.

Along with releasing ego gratifications, we are also releasing fear, by increasing trust in our own Higher Selves. The sense of duality and separation has been so strong in this world, many of us don’t really trust in the Divine. We say we believe in a Higher Power, but at the same time we feel like this life is totally up to us and no one really has our back. This underlying fear is why we have so many issues around control, and feeling like we have to make things happen, instead of allowing things to happen. I can tell you that the Universe fully supports you, and it does, but the only way to know it is to start building a personal relationship with the unseen. They’re eagerly awaiting your attention.

So how do you strengthen your soul vibration to magnetize all the good stuff? It’s different for everyone. Start by doing whatever empties your mind and brings you fully into the present moment – that may be yoga, gardening, singing, painting, running, baking, whatever. You know what brings you to that place of inner stillness. After each session with your soul, take a minute to really feel the gratitude for this time of connection. Do this daily, even for 20 minutes, and the world will start to change.

This is where you get to (have to) use your personal willpower… commit to yourself and this process. You can make 20 minutes to spend with your soul everyday, if you simply decide it’s a priority, and it will become a priority for everyone soon. The sooner you align your personal will with the vibration of your soul, the easier the next few years will be. This is what surrender is – aligning your will with Higher Will. This is why surrender is an active, not passive, process. Align and thrive. I’m telling you, it’s amazing.

As you continue with this process, your intuition grows, and the more you follow it, the more it grows. It’s a spiral. You put more soul vibration into the world, the Universe responds by supporting that effort, in amazing and unexpected ways. You become a magnetic field, naturally drawing in what you need. Your only job is to be more you, and the Universe will supply the rest.