Q. What is PSYCH-K?
A. PSYCH-K addresses subconscious beliefs. Your subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve. If your life feels like a car being driven with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, chances are you have a conflict between your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs. This kind of conflict can show up in your relationships, job performance, self-esteem, weight loss, prosperity, even your physical health.

Q. How are subconscious beliefs changed?
A. The subconscious beliefs are brought into harmony with your conscious goals in a non-invasive, quick manner using belief statements, muscle testing, and whole brain movements. This can be done in person or by distance. Since this technique adjusts the subconscious process, little is felt or noticed after the first 24 hours, and the change in behavior progresses naturally.

Q. Does this work by distance?
A. Yes. It is actually easier by distance because I can get the information without confronting the ego or set expectations. I tap into your field of consciousness, and use myself as a surrogate for the muscle testing.

Q. Do you always start with the Core Belief Balance?
A. Yes. The Core belief Balance covers 13 basic beliefs to make life easier (I love myself, I deserve the best, I want to live, etc.). and it gives us a solid platform to build on.

Q. Why do I need to schedule it when I have time to relax?
A. The subconscious is basically cellular memory, so changing subconscious beliefs can be physically challenging as your cell release old programs. While some people feel nothing, this process usually results in varying degrees of fatigue, so a nap may be needed.

Q. Why do I need to make a list of issues?
A. The only time we “feel” different is when we are behaving contrary to our subconscious programming. When the subconscious changes, your behavior naturally follows, but the new behaviors don’t “feel” different because they are aligned with the new subconscious programs. The list serves as a snapshot of your life before PSYCH-K, so you have some way to evaluate the changes in your life.

Q. How should I make this list?
A. The list can be as long or short as you want (I recommend at least 10 items), and should include chronic issues you feel are limiting your life. Example list items: I feel angry all the time, I still can’t forgive my parents, I need 3 glasses of wine to get to sleep, etc. I won’t see this list; it’s just for your reference, so be honest. Make your list, put it in a sealed envelope somewhere safe (like a sock drawer), and mark your calendar to read it about 3 months after the Core Belief Balance.

Q.  Shouldn’t I include my intentions in my list?
A. No. This is NOT a wish list of how you want things to turn out. This list is simply to reference where you started, so you can look back and evaluate how much you have or have not changed. This is the best way to make an objective assessment of whether PSYCH-K is of value to you.

Q. Why do I need to wait 3 months?
A. Humans are creatures of habit. Even though your subconscious changes immediately, it takes time for your habits to fall away so your behavior can change. Most people start to change their behavior in about 6 weeks, and have new habits in 2-6 months. Kids shift faster, simply because they aren’t as ingrained in habitual behaviors.

Q. Will I need follow-up appointments?
A. Everyone is different. The Core Belief Balance is a permanent change, but you may want to go deeper in certain areas. When you evaluate your changes (via the list described above) you may decide to do further work in specific areas. It’s up to you to decide. Follow-ups can be done as often as every 3 months.

Q. What can/should I do to help the process?
A. On the scheduled day treat this as you would any healing work: avoid alcohol and caffeine, relax (nap if you want), and drink extra water. Be open to shifting, and curious how it will manifest in your life. Then just live, no need to think about it again until you read your list in 3 months.

Q. What is the cost?
A. Each session is $150. Pricing is set, but cash payment is on a sliding scale. If money is an issue for you, pay me what you can in cash and barter & pay the rest forward (donate time or goods to a charity or someone in need). Money is always appreciated, but your spiritual growth & wellbeing are the priority.
You are not alone. 

Q. How do I set it up?
A. Email me at  (email is best, but only checked once daily), with PSYCH-K as the subject, so I see it. Let me know you have completed your list (described above), and give some days / times to choose from for scheduling the session. Again, I don’t see the list, it’s for you to use as a later reference, so really be honest on it. We will agree on an appointment time, and I will email you when it is complete, along with any info given to me. You can then send payment via PayPal. After you revisit your list in 3 months, I would love an update!

Natha (email is best, but only checked once daily)
Located near Denver, Colorado, USA