“NathaJay’s Tune-Up [with PSYCH-K] greatly helped me to be more present in my current life. My list of issues has become less intense over time, my life much improved. She helped loosen my grip on the huge clock-work of strategies, stories and fears I unconsciously/automatically dragged around from childhood and past lives. #grateful” – M.H., New York, USA

“With Natha’s guidance, I’ve made meaningful progress on my journey of self discovery, and increased a sense of grounded contact with The Great Mystery. She’s helped me understand myself, and navigate life with more confidence. I value Natha’s wisdom so much! It has made a real difference in my life.”   – Tracy Roe, author of The Mature Empath, Idaho, USA

“Magical experiences are guaranteed. I have rarely experienced such powerful healing and transformation as when Natha does her work. I am so grateful for her presence on this planet in this time and space!”  – Sofia Renee, founder of NouriSoul Massage Alchemy, Colorado, USA

“Natha Jay is a keenly aware of the spirit-life connection. She brings unique wit and charm to her work. Natha is a delight to be around… always makes me smile. Even through social media she possesses an ability to reach and connect deeply to you. Her brand of energy will help you raise your vibration. I highly recommend looking into her books and teaching.”  – Carl Malone, Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine at The Natural Path, Colorado, USA

“Natha can guide you through obstacles in the most magical way. Her intuition paired with compassion helped me see how obstacles are either an illusion or just plain worthy and need to be danced with. I’m forever grateful to have her wisdom and love on my journey.”
– Tara Oney, owner of Arctic Adventures, Alaska, USA

“Natha Jay has a way of saying what I might have heard before, but in a way that brings that “Aha!” moment!! I have enjoyed both of her books and am hoping she writes more! I have also received (and gifted) PSYCH-K treatments and have found them profoundly transformative.”  – R.C., Colorado, USA

“Natha is my beacon of acuity. Always gets to the exact place of disillusion and lights a healthier, divine pathway. My heart is joyous, as the truth is revealed. When the work is done, the fun’s begun ❤.”  – L.M., Texas, USA

“Natha is a human being full of magic. Once upon a time she told me to make a list of things I wanted to change in my life. We agreed that I would put the list away in a drawer and forget about it. Approximately one year later, after working with Natha, I found my list and without me even realizing it – all of those things had been reconciled. I would highly recommend her. She is honest, brilliant, and it’s just impossible to resist adoring her.”  – M.Wood, Colorado, USA

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at NathaJay@icloud.com

NathaJay@icloud.com (email is best, but only checked once daily)
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