November 2021

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I don’t usually do monthly forecasts. Lately, timelines have been so fast and unpredictable that the future has been a blur. November feels different. The flavor of each new year doesn’t happen all at once starting on January 1st, but the new mixes in gradually, between the September Equinox and the March Equinox. November doesn’t feel quite as gradual. We have been prepped for this – remember that odd week from October 19th-25th? We are totally ready for the revelations coming our way.

2021 is the Year of Revelation & Realignment, and 2022 is where we reevaluate and recuperate. Overall, 2022 feels quite lovely, with lots of discernment about individual values. What’s important, really? It is the year we start to come together in Unity Conscious, as a planet. But to get there some of us need a loud wake-up call. Be compassionate. Many years ago, during contract negotiations, I was given some amazingly good advice – “If it feels good, don’t say it.” Loving silence may be the best we can do for those who have slept in a bit. They won’t miss this alarm, and the shock of the abrupt awakening may be jarring. Many will be entering 2022 in shocked silence.

This isn’t a one-time event, it will be a series of uncovered secrets. Just like the past two years we be collectively called “the pandemic”, the next two years will be called “the turning point”. The fall of Rome may be assigned a specific year in history, but there were many years of smaller events leading up to it. Same thing. Don’t miss witnessing this amazing time by waiting for a singular event. And spoiler alert – we are never going back to pre-pandemic life.

I do a lot of work clearing out 4D, the astral plane. This is where human thought forms are kept. The higher levels of 4D are quite nice, with angels and such. The lower levels of 4D look like a Quentin Tarantino movie – lots of ick. It also holds archetypes, and the Reptilian influence on humanity. I have been setting up ascension pillars there for years, so the energies can choose to leave and go somewhere nicer. For the past month, the Reptilians have been leaving in droves. The dark energy supporting many of our human power structures is now gone. Many of these constructs will now fall, and those that remain will need to be fundamentally rethought.

Keep this in mind as we move forward. Some of those “evil” people with agendas were being manipulated, as much as they were manipulating others. They are also waking up, to a whole new existence, without the foundation they built their lives on. I’m not justifying their behavior, just offering a viewpoint that may make compassion easier. By the end of December we will all have a deep appreciation for the Holiday Season and the warmth of friends and family, regardless of the role we played before.

While it is always a good time to reconsider your position on things, November 2021 will require it. Rethink your allegiance to money, patriotism, religion, responsibility, power, and politics. Consider how you are (or could be) a shining example of love, unity, accountability, honesty, prosperity, freedom, grace, and compassion. Rethink everything. Let every thing go, and see what you truly want to keep. Live on purpose.

This is what we came here for. This is the time of the Great Shift. Life is about to get much easier for those who have been preparing. Life is about to go sideways for those still sleeping. Keep your focus on the light, and help to steer us all to calmer waters. We were built for this.

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/ Navigating the Future /

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

We tend to think of the future in relation to the past. Mentally, we have no other choice, because we can only know what we’ve been exposed to. However, the intuitive community keeps saying that the future will bear no resemblance to the past, without much practical detail. I love practical detail, and I’m also a bit before the first big wave, so I have been diligently working out this new paradigm. I can say, with the certainty of experience, that the future bears no resemblance to the past.

The past was based in either the subconscious or conscious mind (that would relate to the second and third chakras.) The point of the game was to crawl out of subconscious patterns, and direct your actions with your conscious mind (free will, personal power). This included much effort. There was a lot of personal shadow work to liberate the mind from subconscious programming, followed by a lot of discipline and focus to harness free will (conscious creation). These are essential steps, and many are still working things out at this level. Again, this is essential work. One must be conscious and empowered before they can move on. The point being, there is now something to move on to and it’s available to all, when they are ready.

The old paradigm was based on pushing, while the new is based on pulling. Magnetizing with heart energy is the new form of manifestation. Instead of making things happen we let things happen, as a match to our vibration. If our vibration is pulling in unwanted people and experiences, we can use that as an indication we have something to shift from within. This works quite efficiently if you have already done the work in the subconscious and conscious mind. If there is more to be done with them, then by all means, just do it. We all have to go back and clear things out occasionally.

The real work of the new paradigm is to adjust and maintain our chosen frequency. It is obvious when our frequency is off, because unpleasant things start happening, and increase in severity until the base frequency is adjusted. It’s like the cartoon of a snowball rolling downhill, gaining size and speed as it goes. The best thing is to catch the error early, and make corrections quickly. This is why a person must be conscious and empowered before taking this step – they must be self-aware enough to notice when things are going sideways, and empowered enough to change their own thinking. You can think of this as keeping your frequency high, or keeping yourself on the higher timeline. Same thing.

Please understand I don’t mean to sound flippant or in denial. I am aware the 3D world is crumbling, and it’s quite painful to watch. The true revolution won’t come in fighting the old, but in entirely turning away from the old and embracing the new. If everyone turns their backs on the old games there will be no one for the old paradigm to fight. More importantly, there will be no support of the old. Let it crumble… it’s the only way forward. Take time to grieve the loss of the old, but know there is also a birth of the new.

We each have access to any frequency (timeline) we choose, and we can each move from one to the other at any time. The higher timeline is based on the frequency of love, while the lower timeline is based on the frequency of fear. All human emotion is rooted in one of these two expressions. I have never had much fear in my life, but I had quite a bit of anger, which is rooted in fear. Just because you may not be feeling fear as fear doesn’t mean it isn’t your baseline emotion. Maintaining a frequency of love may take some diligence to retrain your thoughts.

To maintain the higher frequency takes three things:
Discipline the mind, support the body, and practice gratitude every single day. The mind requires your awareness and discipline to keep from dwelling on fearful thoughts or spiraling into overwhelm and anxiety. You get to choose what you dwell on. Choose wisely. The body needs your support to be as healthy as possible. Poor gut health can seriously impact your mind. Probiotics and a good diet can change your life. Gratitude is a practice anyone can do, and it is the fastest way to open up that magnetic heart energy. It also increases your relationship within, and your trust in life’s path.

All these things take time and practice. Start today, and keep going. Everyone is different, but we all have the room and the ability to grow. Welcome to the New Paradigm!

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End of an Era

Image by Anna Veronika from Pixabay

You know, I’m kind of in awe of those teachers who can work on the same level their whole lives. I guess I’m like that with some things. When I used to teach dance, I taught all ages, but I specialized in young kids, age 3-6 years. It worked out well, because most studio owners struggle with teaching children under seven. I had no problem. The kids were happy and attentive, and my classes grew to capacity.

In the realm of self-development, I don’t stay with one level very long. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I like to teach what I’ve just learned, and I like to keep learning. The problem I’m having right now is that I have reached a place where everything seems to be in perfect order, thus no longer calling for my commentary. At least for now. This view may change next week. I can’t tell where I’m heading… I’m just floating on bliss and faith. It feels pretty amazing.

Maybe this blissful condition is due to finally deciding to be all-in on the higher timeline. I am fully aware that the 3D world looks like it’s going to hell in a hand-basket, but I can also see how it is working out perfectly. It is giving people reason to pause, and really consider their worldview. It is giving people a chance to make a choice to act on what’s truly and deeply important to them. I am completely comfortable (at least right now) letting people be wherever they are in the process. Maybe my boundaries have improved. I know my faith in life has.

I know what denial feels like, and this isn’t it. I know what apathy and defeat feel like, and this isn’t even close. I just don’t care, but not in a bad way. I have complete faith in everyone’s ability to make this shift from within, and it will happen in their own time. I believe it’s worth while to plant seeds, but then just walk away and leave people to their own pace. My seeds are my books.

I have been asking others to step into their roles as teachers for almost five years now. A few have, and you are appreciated. I have also recently stumbled upon a blogger you may enjoy. Her name is Anna Mercury, and her site is She can also be found on I enjoy her style and insight. With my current lull in writing, you may wish to check her out. When I found her, it was such a relief to see someone filling the gap I feel I’m leaving. I know you will each find whatever you need on your own, but it was still easier on me to know she’s there, writing away.

I plan to keep writing, though not as much. On the other side of this shift, most of my time and attention is spent integrating new energy and being in awe of the natural world. Linear time seems irrelevant, as everything happens in the now moment. My latest hobbies are jumping timelines and telepathy with animals and insects. Not really something I can put into words. At my core, I am an explorer of inner space. I do lots of things that we currently have no vocabulary for. At least, not yet. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of possibility, shall we? In my experience, people are exactly as powerful as they think they are. Freedom and sovereignty are part of that package, so let’s be who we came here to be. See you in the new NOW.

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/ Grieving /

Grieving is normally associated with the death of a loved one. While this is the most well-known time to grieve, we also must grieve each loss we experience. If we don’t intentionally grieve our losses, the weight of it gets buried, only to rise again with our next loss. When my grandmother died, I was too young to process it fully. For many years, I couldn’t even speak of her without tearing up. It wasn’t until my mother died, twenty years later, that I finally processed Grandma’s death. We were never taught how to grieve, or how much lighter the burden becomes when we do so.

The Kubler-Ross model for grief has five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages aren’t linear, stages may be repeated, and there is no time limit. That said, if a grief period is lingering past the one-year mark, it may be helpful to reach out for some support from a counselor. Having an outside party involved may help you to see things you never knew were there. While there is no time limit, life is easier when you’re healed. Take the time you need, but keep moving.

The bigger issue is this: We must grieve ALL our losses. It’s obvious that death is a loss, but what about lifestyle change? Or disillusionment? 2020 brought inflicted changes to the lifestyle of many. The very thought of mandatory medication can be a huge disillusionment to the idea of freedom. These are real losses. It’s normal to grieve. In fact, we all need to.

I have been living with a degenerative disease for over twenty years. I lose physical abilities on a regular basis. It took a few years to figure out that the only way to keep moving forward was to grieve each loss (deeply) as it came. At first, I would be emotionally down for days while I hurt and healed. The time got shorter with practice. Now I can move through most losses of ability in a matter of hours, or even minutes. I’ve learned to minimize denial, so I can keep the process moving. Point is, the process gets faster with practice and intention.

Disillusionment is a big deal. We were brought up to believe life had certain fundamental truths, and we built our own lives on that foundation. The foundation is crumbling for many, and we need to acknowledge and grieve the loss. Are you disillusioned about the economy aka the American Dream? Have you found that your employer is really just a greedy corporation? Is your country not quite as free as you thought? Is politics really just about division, instead of choice? As Gloria Steinem told us, “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!” This describes the grief cycle of awakening. Many are stuck in the “anger” part of the grief cycle. You will become more effective as you allow yourself to heal.

Really allow yourself to feel the disillusionment of the current world. The last time an employer really cared about their employee was in the 1950’s. I have no idea how we are still promoting the concept of a safe, life-long career with a steady company. It’s okay to let that one go. “Good benefits with a retirement” can go also. The world is never going back to these ideas. I believe we will have much better ideas in the future, but we need to grieve and release the past.

Relationships are another area we don’t grieve properly. When romantic entanglements end, it is common advice that we should just forget that experience, and move on. Doing this only guarantees a repeat of that experience. If we took time to grieve the loss, maybe we wouldn’t keep finding the same dysfunction. This is easy to spot with childhood trauma. Whatever you went through will be repeated, until it is fully acknowledged and grieved.

How do you know when you’re healed? When you can talk about the issue without being thrown back into one of the five stages, most commonly anger or depression. If it still takes you there, put your energy toward intentionally healing. Please get help if you are stuck. Changing both yourself and the world is so much easier if you approach it as a healthy being.

The illusion is falling. The world isn’t how we thought it was. Take the time to fully feel and grieve your losses. Many people get stuck in denial, and cope by drowning their sorrows in addiction and distraction. Others are hardened by staying at the anger stage. Some pass their grief onto others through depression and suicide. The really courageous ones face their losses and fully grieve. Once healed, they can help others through their own shock and grief.

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Happy Equinox!

I know I’m a day late, but the equinox energies really knocked me for a loop yesterday. There was a two-hour nap involved. The ringing in my ears was tremendous. I have no idea how I slept. The energy coursing through my body was palpable. There are definitely some intense shifts going on. Many people contacted me between the full moon and equinox, because everything in their lives was turning upside down.

Even with the intensity, I have always loved the Libra equinox. I recently learned a possible reason why, from astrology. It is the time we go from ME to WE. The six signs from Aries to Virgo are about discovering ourselves as individuals (me). The six signs from Libra to Pisces are about how we interact with others (we). We take our self-knowledge, and apply it to the whole. Beautiful.

This also explains why my yearly energy forecast never conforms to the calendar year. I feel like the true energy of a year happens from March until September, between equinoxes. This is when we integrate the energy on a personal level. From September equinox until March equinox, we have a fade-out of the old energy, and a fade-in of the new. A blending. This is when we choose how to carry this new energy in our daily interaction with others.

We have just stepped into the blending period of 2022. While overall 2022 feels gentle and beautiful, it also feels like we enter into it in shocked silence. I have no idea what that will look like, but being that 2021 is the year of revelation and realignment, I would guess there are a few big revelations to come. Always remember the old must crumble to make space for the new to be built, both personally and collectively. Of course, we always have the option to jump timelines, at least in our own lives.

We are in a mass awakening, and if you are reading these words, you are far enough along the path to be of service to this shift. You don’t need to quit your day job, or start leading retreats. You just need to be open. Your open heart and open mind will naturally draw people to you. Talk with them. It’s actually more about listening that talking. Let them know they aren’t alone. Point them in a direction, by suggesting a class or an online group or a book that helped you. All this really takes from you is a willingness to be open. The Universe will take it from there.

Feel free to send people to this blog. It’s free, and mine isn’t the only option. I also have three books available on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle. I try to offer some things that are free or low-cost, to be sure everyone has access to the information. Waking Up Indigo is for all levels of awakening. Walking In Both Worlds goes a bit deeper. What’s Next, which just came out, is aimed at the mastery level. I’m sure you have other options to share. Be willing to share them.

We are being called to service. The service you offer by grounding the energy and living intentionally is every bit as important as becoming a full-time healer or teacher as a day job. We are all a piece to someone’s puzzle.

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Jumping Timelines

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The world is surreal right now. Even those of us that are used to seeing the future, aren’t doing a very good job at this point. Sometimes several times in a day, I feel the trajectory move. Who’s moving it? We are. As more people awaken, the timeline changes a bit. This is actually fantastic news.

Many on the “future predictions” committee saw the virus thing ending by now. I felt that story line shift in July. Why is the oppression getting worse? Because it is helping people awaken. It’s not pretty, but what triggers awakening rarely is. It normally takes a big event to bring people around to their true priorities. The timeline hasn’t been hijacked by the “bad guys”, it’s just helping people find themselves.

That said, their are still many who aren’t ready to awaken. I know a few people who have lost friendships due to disagreements over getting the jab. I also know people who have lost friends to death, both from the virus and from the vaccine. Both have a high survival rate, and both can be fatal. There is no “right” choice, and we must each do our own soul searching. It’s perfectly fine to do whatever you feel is best for you, while supporting others in doing what’s best for them. Judge not, but discern often.

The division is the issue, but it is also just the result of the timeline split. People who are strongly pulled into polarity and fear are on one timeline, while those pulled strongly by unity and love are on another. No judgement. Either timeline is a perfectly valid experience, but they are very different. Any of us can change our chosen timeline at any point, just by changing our thinking. It is honestly that fast at this point.

I have been listening to a woman named Cynthia Sue Larson talk about her personal experience with timelines. She has a very scientific approach, so her grounded interpretation is easy to follow. I watched several of her videos, including one on intentionally jumping timelines. I experiment on myself all the time, so I had to try an intentional jump. My last words will definitely be, “Well, that didn’t work out as planned!”

What happened? A handful of physical objects either appeared, disappeared, or changed. I don’t mean “appeared” like someone suddenly gave me something (which also happened). I mean “appeared” like it wasn’t there last night, but this morning it is. Awesome! That’s the kind of proof my brain needs. While I never questioned it as a concept, I wasn’t sure if I could personally do it intentionally. Now I know. This will be fun!

My best advice is to work on your personal timeline, while basically ignoring the narratives of the world stage. That may sound selfish, but it isn’t. The more people joining a timeline, the sooner it becomes the dominant timeline. By shifting your own world to unity and love, you help others (at the individual level) see the value in that, while also shifting the experience of the majority. You really are changing the world by changing your own timeline. You may even find physical proof.

Please feel free to explore and share the writings on this site. It’s free (donations appreciated), and it may be helpful to someone you know. Larger topics are listed as pages on the top (not blog posts on the side).

If this info is helpful, you can follow my blog (lower right side of page) to have posts delivered directly to your inbox. You may also enjoy my books, Waking Up Indigo and Walking In Both Worlds, available at Amazon. Please feel free to re-post and share these writings… we are all just walking each other home.

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Focus on the Light(ness)

I know it has been a tough week for many. I know ‘focus on the light’ sounds cliche, or even like denial. I know how bad the world looks. I also know how important it is to hold this incoming energy. There is so much going on that we can’t see. Higher dimensional beings are arriving en masse. This is the time to hold your ground for the New Earth.

The energy coming in is unlike anything I have ever seen. I have seen sparkles and waves, and swirls and geometries. This stuff is more like big, wet snowflakes. It’s coming in gently, but it’s sticking, and making a blanket. I have no idea what this means, except that the weight of it is bound to be felt.

When I meditate on pretty much anything, my guides start making me laugh. I have always had an open dialog with my invisible team, and they have always been funny. This is different. They seem to be purposefully pulling me away from anything serious. Why? Laughter brings lightness and opens the heart. An open heart allows the energy to flow through you.

We have gone through so many timelines this month, it’s dizzying. Things keep appearing and disappearing from my physical reality. Every morning when I wake, I wonder what will be different today. The magnetic pole shift is speeding up, and taking my memory with it. I know we’ve all had memory issues in the past few years, but this is ridiculous. I have had times I need to look outside to remember if it is day or night. This shift has been sudden, and it isn’t like me at all.

I imagine there will be big wins, and big losses. There may be spontaneous healing, and also natural disasters taking may lives. Please remember that death is just a way to leave this dimension; the adventure continues elsewhere. I know there are many light workers preparing to leave, because their mission is done here. We thank them, we grieve their loss, and then we keep going with our own mission. Many of us have been taught that death is the enemy, but that’s just untrue.

The freedom codes are coming in strong, and loud. This is probably why the polarity of oppression is rearing its head. Freedom has already won. Let the polarity dissipate. Instead of battling against something, just laugh at it. Like the Boggart in Harry Potter, our fears are conquered by our laughter. Try to find the amusing side of what you fear. I know this isn’t easy, but give it a go.

Keep your world as light and full of laughter as you possibly can. Watch some stand-up comedy, or a funny movie. Bake some homemade cookies to share. Spend some time laughing with friends. It is easier to stay ahead of the energy, than to try to pull yourself out of a pit. Laugh at the dark, and hold the light. We were built for this.

Please feel free to explore and share the writings on this site. It’s free (donations appreciated), and it may be helpful to someone you know. Larger topics are listed as pages on the top (not blog posts on the side).

If this info is helpful, you can follow my blog (lower right side of page) to have posts delivered directly to your inbox. You may also enjoy my books, Waking Up Indigo and Walking In Both Worlds, available at Amazon. Please feel free to re-post and share these writings… we are all just walking each other home.

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Stay Curious

This post is not my normal at all. Last night, I kept dreaming about writing this, and dreams are a good indicator for me to do something. While this post was originally going to only be posted on Medium, the dream part makes me think it needs to go to you, too. Though the subject is COVID, the underlying message applies to everything – stay curious. I plan to be back to my usual fare on the next post. As always, take what serves you, and feel free to leave the rest. (Update: This post was removed from Medium in just 48 hours, due to threatening public health. Curiouser and curiouser.)

With the pandemic situation, people tend to quote this science or that science to support their chosen narratives. The problem being, you can find “facts” to support anything you choose to believe, including a flat Earth. So how is it possible to find our way out of the narratives? We start by looking at completely different data, with a healthy dose of curiosity.

Science is just like religion — simple and elegant in theory, yet messy once we add humans to the mix. Humans have egos, and egos are susceptible to corruption and coercion. Corruption is not just about money, it includes conformation bias. Who doesn’t like to be right? Priests and scientists are just normal humans.

Before anyone gets too riled up about denying science, I want to draw your attention to the cutting-edge treatments of 300 years ago. The latest and greatest was slicing open the abdomen (without anesthesia) to release demons from the body. Look how far we’ve come! Now, imagine what people will think of our modern treatments 300 years from now. Never mistake our current level of understanding with the actual truth. Science and medicine are meant to evolve, and at this point in time, that evolution is rapid.

The biggest thing missing from the current dialog on disease is perspective. There is plenty of talk of new cases, while the mortality rate is suspiciously missing from the reports. For 2020, the WHO reported almost 2 million COVID deaths worldwide. That sounds like a big number, until you consider we have a world population of nearly 8 billion. There are a lot of zeros between a million and a billion. If I did the math right (again, check it for yourself), the mortality rate for COVID is around .025%.

“But those were preventable deaths! You heartless wench!” I can hear it already. Know what other deaths are preventable? The 9 million who starve to death worldwide every year. Yes, people are 4x more likely to die of starvation than die of COVID. Somehow, we got the idea that death itself is preventable. The average yearly worldwide death total is 55–60 million, just because people die. Every. Single. Year. That average did not increase in 2020.

Everybody is somebody’s somebody, and the pain of losing a loved one is real. I’m not saying death isn’t hard on the living. I’m just saying being mortal tends to include dying, by definition. From a broader perspective, births far outnumber deaths. We are in no danger of running out of people. In fact, one of the most sobering things you can do is watch a world population clock. If you check it every morning and every night for a week, it can completely change your perspective on a great many issues.

So, let’s keep the curiosity going, and look elsewhere. Let’s check the patent office. Patent number 7279327 (filing date of April 20,2001) is for producing recombinant Coronavirus. No, I don’t know what that means, but it’s interesting, right? There have been many patents filed around Coronavirus, and its inoculation. What I can tell, with my layman knowledge, is that someone is making money –billions so far. If you’re interested in following this trail, I suggest watching the video of David E. Martin testifying at an inquiry committee. Then go look stuff up. Be curious.

I’m one of those few people who is completely missing the “do as you’re told” gene. Even as a child, I would hear adults describe the world and I would think to myself, “Who made that up?” I’m naturally curious, and I love to find the answers. What is the deadliest animal? Mosquitoes kill 800,000 worldwide per year. How long was Betty White married? 18 years, to Allen Ludden. Where did we get our current ideas about hell and the devil? Zoroastrianism, about 800 B.C.E. What is the leading cause of death in the USA? Heart disease followed by cancer, and the average yearly total mortality is 2.8 million. Every. Single. Year.

So, why all the hysteria? You’re curious now, aren’t you? Believe it or not, some of it is genetic. Science has shown that trauma is passed down genetically. The study took a group of mice and exposed them to the scent of cherry blossoms, followed by an electric shock. Once the mice had a fear response to the scent alone, they were allowed to do normal mouse things, including procreating. Without ever being shocked, the offspring had a fear response to the scent of cherry blossoms, as did the following generation. Most humans have a trauma, somewhere in their lineage, around contagious disease. The Black Plague killed off about 25% of those infected.

Completely unrelated (but fun) observation… One political group promotes “my body, my choice” for abortions, but not vaccines. The other party touts “my body, my choice” for vaccines, but not abortions. This is the kind of thing I just find amusing. While my personal beliefs are completely irrelevant, I think your body should always be your choice. After all, there is no objective reality, so people are doing what their specific reality calls for.

It is also amusing that people who choose not to get the jab are immediately denounced as science-deniers. Everyone I know who didn’t get the shot sited lack of trials and evidence – scientific reasons. Also, in some countries, people with allergic reactions to food or pharmaceuticals are advised not to get inoculated. It really isn’t good for everyone. People do die from the jab (over 7,000 so far reported by the CDC for the USA).

Remember Dr. Dan Stock? A video of his concerns voiced to a school board recently went viral (another amusing term). Regina Meredith interviewed him, but the video was blocked by YouTube. It’s still up on her site. Where is the line between removing “fake news” and controlling a narrative? This is why it is so important to stay curious. Stay curious even about things you don’t really care about. Certainty means you’ve stopped learning.

My personal recommendation, on pretty much everything, is to use your inner guidance. Turn off the news, stop relying on narratives, and really feel into it. Fear is a great indicator. If you are less afraid when you think of getting the jab, then get it. If you are more afraid when thinking about the jab, then don’t do it. Don’t listen to others. This is your body and your choice.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” Who made that up?

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Don’t Be Fooled

It sure looks like the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Don’t be fooled into believing things aren’t going as planned. The Higher realms are in place, and quite pleased with our progress. You are supported more than you know.

The old world has to collapse for the new world to become our reality. This collapse is essential, and it is being guided by beings well beyond my pay grade. This collapse is actually going more smoothly and gently than hoped. Don’t look at the outer world. Go within to see what’s really happening. Connect with the human heart grid. Connect with your invisible team. Release your fear, and let the love flow through you. I have always been supported by my invisible team, but never more than now.

In my normal vision, I am consistently seeing flashes of light. Plants and animals have an extra glow around them. With my inner vision, I am encircled by beings, and more show up each day. If you are waiting for the aliens to arrive, just close your eyes and look around. Something major has shifted, and it’s beautiful.

I feel like I need to talk about the vaccine, even though I don’t want to. Follow your intuition, not peer pressure or collective noise. Some bodies do well with western medicine, some do not. Some are able to be less fearful once vaccinated, others just think about it and the fear rises. Go with your own intuition. Don’t ignore your inner voice. And always remember to let others make whatever choice they need to make for themselves. Your body, your choice. Their body, their choice. Don’t try to choose for them, and don’t let them choose for you.

The biggest directive I’ve received is to focus on where I want to be. This means to release fear and judgement, while focusing on expansion of my heart energy. I can do this if I stay out of the 3D fray, meaning no social media or television news. This is just what I need. It’s up to you to figure out what you need to do to leave fear behind.

Close your eyes to see more clearly. The saying is “God needs a body.” We are that body. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Don’t be fooled into believing the illusion is real. We are the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Image by Gina Janosch from Pixabay

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Energy Update Aug 18, 2021

This is a multi-layered update, because so many realities are playing out. I will share my experience also, but please remember – I’m early. It’s perfectly okay for you to be in one of the stages I experienced earlier this year. The timing is determined by our soul path and our higher self, not so much of our free will choice. You didn’t make a wrong turn, no matter where you find yourself.

Some may be in the first stages of shock at having a belief shaken. Some will be in the throws of inflicted self-care, due to sudden illness or injury. Some will be in the pit of despair, with no light to be found. And some will be floating on cloud nine. All are fine, and they will shift to the next phase shortly. My personal “pit of despair” moment lasted about a week in June, and it took a good month to trust in life again. If you are there, please know it gets better.

Most of this is just moving us to where we need to be for the next step. It is more about flowing with the higher forces, than utilizing free will. I’m not saying free will doesn’t matter, just that right now it is limited. It is limited to making our lives easier or harder. When your body asks for rest to integrate, you can make life easier by listening, or you can make life harder by ignoring the request. That goes for all intuitions, at this point. We are being moved, one way or the other. Get onboard or be dragged. Use what little free will you have to make your life easier.

My experience for nearly a month has been almost constant joy and excitement. I feel like we are close to a big breakthrough, though I have no idea what that will look like. This state of joy is directly related to the higher vibration we are experiencing. Just to be clear, the higher vibration washes away the lower illusions, so it looks like chaos on the world stage. The illusion must fall to be replaced. I’m quite sure those grounded in the old 3D realm aren’t experiencing joy and excitement.

Some say a planetary relocation is forthcoming. Others say alien contact is about to happen. Some think the upcoming alien contact is a false flag. I’m on a need-to-know basis, and apparently there’s a lot I don’t need to know. All I can verify is that whatever is coming is big and positive, even if it looks like chaos in 3D. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. So exciting!

Stay out of fear. Fear dulls (or destroys) intuition. Do something creative. I’m in the middle of editing my next book, so I am spending some time each day on creating a project. Creating doesn’t need to be that involved. Doodle, or sing, or work on the garden. Just do something that allows the energy to flow through you.

Self-care is a must. The body is really working hard on a cellular level. The liver has more to process as we shed old cells. I honestly don’t know how people are still surviving on fast food and alcohol. Support your body through this process, just like you would help a friend through a tough time. At no point would you say, “It’s been too long! Get over it!” Give your body the same compassion and respect you would give an old friend.

Stay focused on the Light, and the highest outcome for all. For me that means a focus on Freedom, Liberation, Truth, and Joy. Embody your highest self, whenever you get the chance. Become the change.

Please feel free to explore and share the writings on this site. It’s free (donations appreciated), and it may be helpful to someone you know. Larger topics are listed as pages on the top (not blog posts on the side).

If this info is helpful, you can follow my blog (lower right side of page) to have posts delivered directly to your inbox. You may also enjoy my books, Waking Up Indigo and Walking In Both Worlds, available at Amazon. Please feel free to re-post and share these writings… we are all just walking each other home.

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