*Feeling, Wallowing, and Denial*

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I have heard many teachers talk about the need to feel whatever comes up. Usually, sometimes in the next breath, they tell us to shift our reality to higher states. It can be confusing, even when you know exactly what they’re saying. So which is it, feel or shift? Both actually. Let me try my hand at an explanation.

Refusal to feel an emotion is just denial. The current phrase is ‘spiritual by-passing’. It never works out. Usually, emotions just get stuffed down deep, and come bursting out at the worst moment. Or worse, these unfelt emotions can cause physical issues. No one wants that. We all have moments of unpleasantness, no matter how much we try to avoid them. Negative thoughts and feelings just happen. They aren’t a sign of failure.

Wallowing is having a thought or feeling, and attaching a story to keep it going. The attachment is identification AS that thought or feeling. You are not the sum total of your thoughts and feelings, no matter how intense they are. You don’t need to stay in that self-inflicted torment any longer than the passing moment. Yes, you need to consciously acknowledge the feeling, but you don’t need to believe the story you built around it. “Let it go” doesn’t mean don’t feel, it just means release attachment to the story. It’s okay to keep moving.

The real art to this issue is witnessing without attachment. Feel the feeling, without becoming it. Think the thought, without believing it’s true. Witness your life, without being limited by a story of your own invention. 

It mostly comes down to awareness. Being aware of the feelings as they arise. Being aware of your thoughts as they drift by. Being aware that both thoughts and feelings are an experience you are having, not a definition of self. It is real mastery to be able to witness your own thoughts and feelings without becoming them. Letting an emotion roll through your body without a story can be terrifying at first. (Control freaks be warned!) It gets easier with practice.

This is where the “shift your energy” comes into play. After you fully acknowledge how crappy you feel, go do something to keep from dwelling on it. Take a bath, go for a walk, read a book, whatever. Allow yourself to shift. If you’re going through hell, keep going. Witness it, be fully conscious of it, but keep going. No need to dottle where it’s dismal. I usually say to myself, “Wow, this sucks. I haven’t cried like this in ages. I must be releasing something. Now that I’m done crying, what’s next?” I fully feel it, but I allow myself to move.

As we develop these coping skills, the lows are fewer and shorter. The fastest way out is straight through. Many people spend much time and energy trying to avoid negative feelings, and it’s actually pretty quick if you dive right in. Others waste time in the thick of it, by identifying with a story that perpetuates the emotion. Awareness. Witness your thoughts and feelings without attachment.

And we all fall into a story sometimes. Instead of berating yourself say, “Wow! I really believed that for a minute! How funny!” Be gentle with yourself in this process. Society was never geared toward introspection and witnessing. Remember, when you were young, having to apologize to another child for hurting their feelings? I sure do. We have all been taught that hurting someone’s story is to be avoided. Witnessing is a novel concept to most.

We tend to view unpleasant thoughts and feelings as failure, but we all have them. If you need a way to measure progress, here are two:
1) Where do you spend the majority of your time?
2) How quick is your recovery, when you fall into the pit?
I used to spend most of my time in anger, but now I spend most of my time in peace. I used to be down for days with a funk, then it was hours, now it’s usually minutes. I still fall, as we all do, but I no longer stay there. Progress.

Don’t plan on leaving all negativity behind. Instead, endeavor to progress in your own self-mastery.  Feel it, and let it move through you without attachment. Witness your existence, and keep moving.


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Non-Judgement Day Is Near

This unity consciousness thing has brought some interesting consequences in its wake. If you are feeling new and unusual things, it may not be you you’re feeling. As we join consciousness, it’s with all things, not even just all people. As if feeling all people weren’t overwhelming enough.

I’ve had a clear tie to the collective consciousness, that I’ve been aware of, for at least a couple decades. I have developed some coping skills for that, and I can usually tell when an emotion is mine, or just a ripple in the field. This week, I experienced a real connection to Gaia. I know others have an Earth connection naturally, but this was new for me.

For a day and a half, I felt like a horse before a storm. Anxiety through the roof. I kept checking the human grids, but it was calm. Then California was hit with a 6.4 earthquake, and I suddenly felt better. The tension and anxiety passed, after the earth shifted. Anxiety is not my usual. Feeling Gaia is not my usual. I have no skill set here. Guess it’s time to get one.

The Mystery Schools teach that all of physical reality is just one thing. This is why so many traditions teach us to respect the world of nature. All of nature is one with our physical bodies. It makes sense that I would feel Gaia, it’s just a new one for me. I feel other planetary movements, so I’m not sure why Earth should be different. I understand it mentally, but I still have to develop that skill set. Never a dull moment.

As we become more consciously connected, we can only want the best for all, because there is no more us and them. The problem is that the whole world runs on division – political division, religious division, nationality division, racial division, economic division, gender division, etc. Division of beliefs, and beliefs are only thoughts. Examine your thoughts regularly, so you aren’t as tempted to believe everything you think.

Another new one for me is shedding all judgement. I wasn’t raised around judgement, and I’ve never spent much time there. But I did have quite a bit of victim mentality to wade through, which includes blame, and thus, judgement. Recently, I feel really terrible when I think badly of someone. Brings me to tears. I really feel the weight of the judgement I’m passing. So I cry, then apologize to them, then praise them for doing their best, then I can let it go.

For those that don’t know me, I am talking about thoughts, not words. I was taught that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I don’t think that’s oppressive, it just asks that I consider my thoughts before I share them with the world. I don’t dwell on judgement in my head either, but it does drift through from time to time. So basically, I can’t even think crappy things without it shaking me to tears. New skill set needed.

Please remember there is a significant difference between judgement and discernment. I’m not suggesting you throw common sense to the wind, because we are all one. The ego, and thus the use of our individual free will, is still very much in play. When I see a homeless drug addict, I can respect his path and send him blessings, but not include him in my inner circle. Judgement is thinking someone is living their path wrong. Discernment is about living your path to the best of your ability. Basically, discernment is minding your own business.

Yes, there are people out there using their free will to inflict pain on others. They just aren’t awake yet. If you can’t wake them by being a loving example, it may not be your job. I have to stay out of activism, because I simply can’t do it with love. Anger comes a bit too naturally to me, so I am doing more good for the whole by staying centered. You may be different. That’s the whole point. We are all different, and uniquely valuable. There is no one right way.

We have all felt the weight of someone’s judgement, verbally expressed or not. It sucks to be on the receiving end of that, and I’m sure that’s why it’s hitting me so hard. We are all training for telepathy, which will be full disclosure of the muck in our thoughts. I’ve spent years cleaning up my mind, but there’s always work to be done with mental mastery.

As we return to unity consciousness the ego’s veil of separation evaporates. Soon, we will go from right and wrong to more-awake and less-awake. After that, it will be the more-awake cheering on the less-awake, to keep moving toward their own sovereignty. Less judging, more cheering. The day of non-judgement is upon us.


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*Gratitude as a Practice*

We tend to think of gratitude as an emotion, which is only felt when inspired. It’s easy to feel disingenuous when we try to make a gratitude list, while also being a bit disgruntled with the world. I want you to reconsider the idea of gratitude. Instead of a feeling, try using it as a practice.

With any practice there are good days and bad days. Piano, yoga, meditation, running – sometimes it flows easily, and sometimes we just push through. But if we only do it when it’s easy, and stop if it gets tough, then we may never improve. A daily practice happens daily, not just when we feel like it. Why not do the same thing with gratitude?

As with most in a privileged culture, I used to complain a lot. Older co-workers told me to be thankful for what I had. You can’t tell someone to feel something, it doesn’t work like that. But it really is more mental than emotional… at first. By regularly changing your mindset, you eventually dwell on more peaceful thoughts, then the emotion follows. Gratitude opens the heart, when practiced daily. It’s a shortcut to a higher vibration.

If you use the media to inform your life, there’s just not much to be grateful for. Always remember, it is monetarily profitable to keep us unhappy and divided. There simply isn’t any money in people being satisfied with themselves, or what they have. Human connection satisfies most needs (real connection, not superficial socializing), so keeping us divided, isolated, and fearful is good business. Find sites that send you daily good news, to balance out the standard stuff.

To begin this journey, I want you to really shrink your scope to only YOU. No world news, no local politics, not even personal relationships – just you. Not even you compared to someone else. There is no “more than” or “less than”, if there’s no comparison. Start here. Start with your basic needs as a physical being. It might go like this:
“I am grateful for having food to eat. I’m grateful for running water to bathe in. I’m grateful for my home, that gives me shelter from the weather.” And so on. List at least 5 things per category.

Next, expand just a little into the natural world. “I am grateful for the warm sun on my face. I am grateful for the feel of the grass underfoot. I am grateful for the animals I see, and those I share my home with.” Again, list at least 5 things. Then move into relationships, old or current. “I am grateful for my loving mother. I am grateful for everything my relationship is teaching me. I am grateful for the support of my friends.” You can even include “things”… “I am grateful for this beautiful shirt. I am grateful for this amazing book.”

Once these lists come easily, bump it up from gratitude to appreciation. Appreciation is just a little more empowered. Start with gratitude, then change the wording to see how it feels. Once you can truly appreciate your own world, then you can expand beyond that. Keep the scope small, at first. Find things in yourself, and you own life, to appreciate.

A little trap to watch for – don’t confuse gratitude with being a professional victim. “I’m so grateful for ___ (insert invisible entity here) watching over me. I’m so grateful for ___ (insert political candidate here) because they are going to save the world.” Gratitude involves some level of personal responsibility and personal empowerment. The point is to notice things in your own world that are pretty amazing, just the way they are. Gratitude brings you to the present moment, in your current personal existence.

I recommend making a list twice a day, in the morning and right before bed. Some of you will do better with an actual journal, others do better with a mental list. Make it part of your routine. For me, I make a mental list as I wake in the morning, and again after I turn off the light at bedtime. If you have a partner you appreciate, voice your gratitude out loud. During the day, when it comes to mind, make a mental list of what’s amazing. Could be anything… the delicious lunch you just had, or something nice a co-worker said.

Like attracts like. As you gradually move your thoughts to a heart-based state, you will find others doing the same. Mostly, you will begin to be more comfortable in your own life. And it’s absolutely true that we change the world from within. Raising your own vibration raises the whole planet. Gratitude is a worthy practice.


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*Doing the Work*

What is spirituality? What does it really mean to do the work? How will you know it’s really working? So many questions. And what’s worse, so many trying to capitalize on the spiritual awakening going on, leading folks down the garden path, to yet another dead end. Like so many things, it may be better to first define what something is not.

Doing the work is not doing drugs. Not even the psychoactive ones, at least not often. Yes, plant medicine can help people open up, and for some folks I encourage it. Once. The problem is that people are fundamentally lazy when it comes to inner work, and there is a whole group out there who mistake being high for being spiritual. Mind opening drugs are used to show what is possible without them. I know people who take mushrooms every quarter, but never meditate between. Spirituality requires mental awareness, and daily integration. It is a symptom of our culture to think we can simply take a drug to find enlightenment. Not so much.

Doing the work is not positive thinking. At the higher levels, positive thinking is a must… after wading through the muck of the subconscious. The problem with trying to start there is lack of awareness. We do three minutes of affirmations, then play the same old background tapes for the next sixteen hours. Positive thinking is an amazing tool, but only after it is embedded in the subconscious. Then we think happy things almost all the time. Before that can happen, the subconscious needs to be cleared out, and we need to be consciously aware of every single thought. Every. Single. Thought. Most of us can’t start there, even though the “bliss bunnies” try to tell us if we just think happy thoughts, everything else will happen automatically. Nope.

Doing the work is not about dogma. If you are prone to dogma, you will seek out dogma, no matter the context. Their are dogmatic Christians, and dogmatic Atheists. Some are dogmatic about food choice, others about lawn care. Seriously, people love strict rules, either to follow or break. True spirituality is based on non-jugement, even toward yourself. None of us is perfect, and even doing your best is a sliding scale from day to day. Yes, do your best, but never berate yourself. And always remember not everyone is on the same path. If you are concentrating on being a better person, it doesn’t matter if you’re Atheist or Christian or Wiccan or whatever. Dogma is imposed from the outside. Spirituality grows from introspection.

Doing the work is not about demanding the acceptance of others. If your growth takes a turn away from your current friends, it’s your responsibility to find a new circle. It is never their responsibility to accommodate the new you. When you come out of any closet, some of your friends will cheer you on, and others will try to push you back in. You are the one who changed – and good for you, evolving and stuff! – but be ready to let people go. We each evolve at our own rate. Don’t wait for, or drag, others. You can only do you.

Doing the work is about presence and awareness. The goal is to be fully present, and fully aware in each moment. I once read that the goal was to take each breath consciously. Apologies to the perfectionists in the crowd, but for me, this is really inspiring. I’m no where near that level, but I do take conscious breaths several times daily. At first, it’s exhausting to be conscious of every passing thought. Start with words. It’s easier to be really present with what you say out loud. Start wherever you are, and pay attention.

Doing the work requires dedication and discipline. I’m not sure why this aspect scares so many people. Everything takes dedication and discipline… learning piano, dance lessons, a new career, even learning to walk. We need to practice everyday to learn any skill, and awareness is no different. At first, do it at certain times, and in small increments, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Dedication is an agreement with yourself. Discipline is using your free will to hold up that agreement.

Doing the work requires a daily practice.  Yes, the practice must be daily. If you only brush your teeth once a week, how effective would it be? This doesn’t have to be a big thing, but it does have to happen everyday. It could be 45 minutes of yoga, or 5 minutes of gratitude journaling. It could be a walk, or a meditation. Find something you like, and make it part of your daily routine. If nothing else, breathe consciously (5 counts in, 5 counts out) for 3 minutes, twice a day. If what you choose doesn’t feel right, change to something else. I like to keep a daily practice for at least 40 days, before changing it up. Up to you. Just make your daily practice daily.

Many groups focus on how dark and scary doing the work is, because it can be emotional. Let me give you a different framework. “Doing the work” is just making the subconscious, conscious. That’s it. It can be emotional because when we finally consciously see the subconscious patterns we have been living, it releases the emotions and stories we were using to hold it in place. It’s a detox, on all levels. Yes, it can be emotional. Yes, it’s worth it.

We are always manifesting, we are always attracting. We are creating from the subconscious, until we make it conscious. Your world will reflect what’s going on internally. That’s why spirituality is an inside job. No one can be introspective for you. No one can be aware of your thoughts except you. This is why we do the work.


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*Wake Up Detox*

I know the word “detox” is thrown around liberally. It can mean many things, on many levels. I wish to attempt to clarify what it means for our spiritual (or evolutional) journey, at this time. Our very cells are changing, due to non-coding DNA now starting to code. The body is doing some major work right now. I speak for the body, not for morality or societal conditioning. I recommend you avoid certain things because it’s easier on your body, not because it’s “wrong” or unacceptable.

I think we all get the physical part – eat good food, and exercise. The thing is, the reasons for that have changed. It is no longer about general health, or fitting into a certain look. The body is working so hard to evolve, there just isn’t any extra energy. By putting a higher load on your liver, you are forcing your body to choose – evolve, or clean up your mess. It just can’t do both at once. This level of detox is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet.

The saying is “Starve a cold, or you’ll feed a fever.” That’s where we are, folks. If we don’t starve our addictions, we’ll be headed for worse. Avoid “pleasurable toxins”, like alcohol, drugs, random sex, junk TV (including news), gossip, drama, and fear. These things aren’t “bad” morally, but they don’t support the body. You only get to live this life at the generosity of your body. Support it.

Emotions are just chemicals in the body, resulting in a physical sensation. The easiest to talk about is adrenaline, because most of us can relate to the fight-or-flight feeling. All our emotional states are meant to be experienced, then the chemicals cleansed from the body (more detox). The more emotion stirred, the more chemicals produced. This is why emotion can be addictive. Any emotion.

We naturally have emotions throughout the day, and I’m not suggesting you try to stop that. All I’m saying is avoid emotional excess through mental input. What does that mean? Getting into arguments on social media to increase your anger. Watching endless videos on conspiracies to increase your fear. Gossiping every chance you get to increase your judgement of others. Again, none of these things is morally wrong, but they all increase your body’s workload.

The majority of our work is actually mental. We only hold on to destructive behaviors because we have stories about them. “Well, I need this because…” The body wants to be healthy, it is only our thoughts getting in the way. It is our thoughts that frame our worldview, and keep us stuck in patterns. It is the fear of the unknown holds us in these patterns, and makes us prefer to be right rather than happy.

Our thoughts build stories that trap us in endless cycles of addiction, and victimization. We believe everything we think. Also consider, many of our thoughts aren’t even ours. We think many things because it’s what we were told as children, and never examined them later in life. What do you really believe? I bet if you start rehashing old beliefs, you may be surprised by how much of it doesn’t really match who you are. Rethink and reframe.

The detox I am asking you to consider is physical, but the physical toxins aren’t just in the food you eat. This is why a true detox includes the mental and emotional realms. This doesn’t need to happen all at once, just be aware of what’s going on in your body. Awareness changes everything. Instead of following a list of dos and don’ts, try just being aware of how you think, and why. How you treat your body, and why.

While your own awareness will always be the best guide, I know that having a few suggestions is helpful, at least for me. Do what feels right to you.

Suggested for detox – Drink lots of water, eat only organic food (or at least non-GMO), eat only free-range animal products, try a 3-day liquid diet (juices and cream soups), short (1-3 day) fasting, supplement with herbs and vitamins, bath with epsom salts, sunbathing, walking or biking, yoga, laughter, get a massage, gardening, being creative (arts & crafts), read a book, take a nap, watch uplifting programs (documentary, spiritual, comedy), meditation. Self care!

PLEASE DON’T CHECK OUT! There are times this shift is overwhelming, but checking out will only mean more detox later. This means don’t ease your pain with alcohol, drugs, sexual energy, overeating, overstimulating (too much interaction with others), excessive TV or social media, violence or fear-based shows. Many of us have an unidentifiable self-loathing that shows itself in our unwillingness to care for our bodies. It’s pretty normal, but needs to be addressed.

After all that, my point is just to ask that you support your body. It is doing so much work behind the scenes. If you’re tired, take a nap, or go to bed earlier. This process is physically exhausting. Instead of being disappointed in your energy levels, be proud your body is working so hard. It wants to be healthy. It was built to evolve. Give yourself the support of detox.


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*Waking Up*

This one is for the millions just beginning the journey of awakening. Welcome aboard! You can mentally frame this process as a spiritual awakening, or as a purely scientific process of evolution. Your perception gives it a framework, but it is happening to all of us, Atheist and Christian alike. I personally flip between the two, because they are saying the same thing, just in different context.

Most importantly, you are not alone. Many of us have been walking this path for years, or even decades. With that in mind, I want to share a few of the more notable symptoms of the situation, to put your mind at ease. You aren’t crazy, you are just becoming aware of how much more there is to you, beyond the physical. It’s a completely different experience, but also completely normal at this time.

Physical symptoms – The first I got was the ringing in the ears (tinnitus). It rarely stops, but it changes tone, volume, and sides. It’s better if you try to enjoy the music, than try to fight it. Trust me. Then I got “ascension flu” – body aches, upset stomach, and various other unpleasant symptoms. Not really bad enough for a doctor, but not fun. This comes and goes, and signals a detox in process. Depending how toxic your body is, it can show up several times a year, for a day or so.

Emotional Symptoms – For me, the emotional opening resulted in a lot of tears. Not just a little weepy, real ugly crying. Again, depending on the individual, this can be any emotion, and any length of time. I think I cried for most of 2014. The easiest way to handle it is to really feel the emotion, without judging yourself for it. Best to do this alone, so you won’t mistakenly blame others, and they won’t try to make you feel better (stop you from feeling whatever comes up). The saying is “you have to feel it to heal it”.

Mental Symptoms – Brain fog happens early on, followed by a detachment from your old memories and stories. After this subsides a bit, you start to see issues from a broader perspective. For example, politics goes from a local system, to a global integration. Your home and the people you love is no longer so isolated, and eventually grows to include the whole planet.

From a scientific perspective, several things are verifiably happening. Non-coding DNA (junk DNA) is now starting to code. The magnetic poles are shifting, at a rate significantly beyond the predictions. Our solar system is now entering a cloud of space dust. Science hasn’t determined what these events mean yet, and to my knowledge, hasn’t combined them into a big picture. For me, the are all indicators (or initiators) of evolution. By the way, shifting magnetic polarity causes vertigo, nausea, and gaps in memory for me.

From a religious perspective, these are the times of change. The end times in some beliefs, the beginning in others. Doesn’t every new beginning require an end? Before you freak out, just look around at the world. I’m good with this system ending. If we are now coding new DNA, just think of what we could create. Heaven on Earth. It’s time.

From a Mystery School perspective, each of us has always been a multidimensional being, and we are now becoming consciously aware of it.The human ego is dissolving, allowing us to move beyond our stories. It’s scary at first, because we used our stories to define us, and now we are seeing that we still exist, even as the stories fade. Linear time is fading, as well. Everything is shifting to the present moment.

My biggest recommendation is to find a group for support in this process. Even just a Facebook group that posts funny memes about ascension symptoms. Something to let you know others are going through it also. As you get deeper into the process, you may want to find a mentor, or take a class. I have really enjoyed learning a variety of things from a variety of people, just don’t get attached. Teachers are just people, so don’t expect them to be happy on a pedestal. Everyone is at a different place on the spiral of spiritual development, so find people who can meet you where you are.

And when it seems overwhelming, read a book. There are lots of books out there about this stuff, including my own. Read, and relax. We’re all in this together, and it’s really quite delightful, once you get in the swing of it. Others have gone before you, and are happy to help you. Then, it will be your turn to help others, as they begin the journey. We are all waking up.


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Brave New You

Shifts happen all the time. This one feels a bit bigger than most. June 17, 2019, keeps jumping to the front of my brain. I know June 2019 is a really big deal, just because we are finally getting back to our unhindered timelines, but the 17th… Anyway, preparation is the same, no matter how big the shift.

Release the old – On all levels, repeatedly. Physically detox, with herbs or fasting. Emotionally, feel it to heal it. Mentally, reframe your past experiences. Everything is fluid, if we just let go of keeping it the same. I love consistency and control, so I know what I’m asking here. Let go, so you can move forward. The only thing keeping us stuck is our stories.

Electro-magetic attraction – Thoughts are electric, and emotions are magnetic. We fire a thought, which causes an emotion, which attracts similar vibrations. Keeping your thoughts focused on gratitude will help you attract a brighter experience. Self-mastery is  mental mastery. Mind your mind.

Emotions without stories – When you feel something, just feel it. Without a story, it will pass quickly. Stories keep emotional chemicals trapped in the body, which requires detox later. These stored emotions return as the body detoxes. This makes it seem like emotions are coming out of nowhere, because they aren’t thought triggered, they are releasing physically (cellular memory). Don’t tie them to another story – let them go!

Support the body – Whatever your body needs, do it with gratitude. A nap? How wonderful it is to nap! Lots of water? How wonderful it is to have clean water to drink! Sitting in the sun? How wonderfully warm it is! You get the idea. Support your body, it’s doing a lot of work.

Connect – Meditation and nature. The Elemental Kingdoms are very present, and I have honestly never felt this connected to Gaia before. Walk barefoot. Spend time outside. Really feel what’s going on out there. Maybe even chat with a tree.

Childlike wonder – Remember when the world was new, and full of possibility? Find that place in yourself again. Let go of the stories, and the plans. Let the Universe surprise you. Your job is to align yourself (as described above), and then let life happen. Let the Universe co-create your perfect future. Only act when you are guided. Don’t push the river.

Play in the void of creation. Be brave enough to let go of plans, places, and people. Be brave enough to follow an easier (but unknown) path. Be a brave new you.


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* Spiritual Map *

We all wish we came with an instruction manual. We wish life had some kind of directions, even if we don’t follow them. We have all had the dogma of our society, or our family, pushed on us, completely out of love, to give us a path to follow. Problem is, it usually isn’t our path, and then we have disappointment and guilt for not being able to follow it. But what if we were issued a map? What if it was swept under the rug, due to lack of understanding? What if it was even considered evil?

Before we get into this topic, I want to emphasize that a technology is different from a practitioner. Some doctors help you heal, while others are really bad at their job. Neither one has much bearing on medicine as a technology. This goes for every job out there – some people are good at what they do, some aren’t. Not a judgement, just a discernment. If you find a bad doctor, feel free to look for another, until you have someone you trust. Incompetence happens. Snake oil salesmen exist. Be aware, and be discerning.

That said, I want to talk about astrology and numerology as technologies. Most people look at them as belief systems, but I want to go deeper than mere belief. You can’t change your birthday. No matter what else you do with your life, your birthday is set. Where the planets were at that time won’t change. The numerology of that day won’t change. What if that’s on purpose? What if you chose your birthdate (and birth time) to support your mission? What if you left yourself a map, so you wouldn’t get lost?

The Mystery Schools teach us that our birth is pre-planned, by our own Higher Self. They also teach that all of physical reality is one thing. The planets, you, that dog – all part of the same fabric. Ever heard of Iridology? This is where different parts of the iris correlate to different organs. Irregularities in the eye can show an organ in distress, before symptoms start to show. Handy, because it’s less invasive to look at your eye, than your liver. Just as it is easier to look at the stars, than your seemingly complicated life. One thing.

This is not cause and effect. The stars aren’t controlling you, they are you.  If you prefer a more scientific explanation (like entanglement theory isn’t scientific), then consider the photons in sunlight. Photons carry packets of information, and the planetary position tells you about the information being sent at the time of your birth. This is one of the maps you left for yourself.

Knowing your birth chart allows you make an easier life path. For example, I have Uranus in Libra, which means I do best in unconventional relationships. I still have ample free will to determine what that looks like. More importantly, if I was raised to believe that a conventional relationship (married for life, 2.5 kids, white picket fence in the suburbs) is success, then I am set up to fail. At some point, I’ll have to let go of “normal” being “success”. I didn’t fail, that just wasn’t my path. Knowing my birth chart sets me free.

Just so we’re clear, knowing your sun sign isn’t even close to knowing your natal chart. The sun sign is actually a pretty small part of the picture. That’s why sun sign horoscopes are so often wrong. Where is your moon? Your Venus? Are most of your planets in water, or another element? There is so much going on in your chart.

Another universal language is numbers. Your birthdate numerology (add all digits of birthdate, including 4-digit year) can tell you much about your path. Again, there is plenty of room for free will, but it can tell you the major goals and pitfalls of this incarnation. You can change your name, but you can’t change your birthday. There’s a reason. You left yourself clues.

I don’t know anywhere near enough to read someone else’s astrology chart, but I have studied my own, at length. I like all astrology – Western, Vedic, Mayan, others – and have found value in each. My favorite numerology book is ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’ by Dan Millman. Have your birth chart read (by someone you trust). Read up on your numerology. Find the clues you left for yourself.

All the mystics I admire (both living and dead) espouse the value of astrology and numerology. It’s worth looking at, not as a belief, but as a map.


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Flash Forward

Timelapse of train moving in tunnel,Tokyo, Japan (Motion blur)

Welcome to a whole new level of weird. I’ve intended to write this post for a couple days now, but keep getting sidetracked and distracted. This is the new normal, at least for now. It’s busy, and things are popping up out of nowhere, as we are moved to our proper timelines.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the physical symptoms. For me, lots of nausea, pain like flu or fever, and detox like crazy. Skin, sinus, stomach, everything. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes. Water has been helpful, both drinking and bathing. Grounding outside is good, in the shade. Sometime the sun helps, but sometimes it intensifies the symptoms. Do whatever your body needs.

So what’s happening? Instead of just skipping timelines, we are moving through them. So one day I can see a path in one direction, but the next day it’s gone. New people are showing up, at least for a bit. Old friends are vanishing, as if they’ve completely disappeared. Let people come and go without attachment. This will settle.

Plans are just as unstable. It’s easier if you look at life with curiosity, rather than an agenda, for now. “I wonder what’s going to happen next!” is my current mantra. Don’t waste a single minute on disappointment when things don’t work out as planned. Be surprised. Be curious. And mostly, be grateful. Keep reminding yourself you are on the way to your highest good. It’s just a bit rushed.

There used to be negative influence on our collective trajectory, but not anymore. Light workers have been working for years to eliminate negative influences, both in this dimension and others, and it’s finally happened. The collective is back to true free will, and our timelines are catching up. It’s all good, but it’s a lot.

So how best to navigate this? Putter. Putter around doing small, achievable tasks. Clean a room. Make a list of small chores. Celebrate doing laundry. Keep it small. And be extra gentle with yourself. You aren’t failing. Your body isn’t undermining you. There is a lot going on, and we are here for the ride. Meditation is helpful, in short bursts.

There are a group of us starting the embodiment process, embodying the Higher Self. I have no idea how this will look at the end of the day, but so much of the personality is falling away. Don’t be surprised if habits change rapidly, and dramatically. Keep talking to your body, and your DNA. Let it know you fully support it, and love it. Ask it to activate your crystalline structures, with grace and ease. This is a physical ascension process, so be in partnership with your body.

I expect things to calm down around Solstice, at least enough to settle on a timeline. Until then, keep it light, keep it small, as we flash forward.


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* Watch & Learn *

It turns out I was spoiled as a child. Not with material things, but with honesty, with integrity. I was raised by people who said what they meant, and meant what they said. I was raised by people who believed deeply in bettering themselves. My childhood was built on awareness and introspection, and using words only after the fact. No one yelled. No one said mean things that required an apology. And most importantly, words were always followed by action.

Integrity is when thoughts, words, and deeds are all consistent. Many of us struggle with bringing our thoughts in line, but usually words and deeds match… except for a group I call “dreamers”. We all dream, it’s a vital step, but this group stops there. There’s never any action taken. Their words describe their dream of who they want to be, or what they want to do, but their behavior remains unchanged.

Theoretically, I knew these folks existed, but I’ve always been surrounded by action. All the jobs I’ve had, all the close relationships, involved action. I made it all the way to my 40s before I actually met some dreamers. Now I understand why there are so many warnings about actions speaking louder than words, and believe what people do and not what they say. It’s tragic, really.

I see the beautiful light of their soul, hear them speak of great things, and then have to say, “I hope you actually do that.” I really hate not being able to take people at their word, but it’s worse to believe them first, and have to recover later. This could be anything from plans for lunch to changing a habit of substance addiction to not being so vocally judgmental. Some people do, and some people just dream.

For the others out there who have met with confusion over people’s words not matching their actions, I will share what I’ve discovered, in the hope that it is helpful to your journey.

Pay attention – Really be aware of how closely the actions follow the words. Is the behavior actually reflecting the reality they speak of?
Call them on it – Kindly and gently point out the inconsistency in words and deeds. Many of us get stuck in a past loop, and need to be awoken. Bringing awareness to the issue may change it.
Beware false promises – If they have already shown a discrepancy between words and actions, don’t believe their promise to “do better”. Now it’s time to heighten your awareness, and really watch for changes.
Be honest with yourself – If you are already in this pretty deep, you obviously love them. Really be honest with yourself about how many times you’ve had this discussion, how many times they’ve sworn to change, and how many times you’ve ended up in the same loop. There’s nothing wrong with that, some people spend a whole lifetime with a partner who lives out of integrity. Just ask yourself how long you want to cover the same ground.
Leave quickly – I personally have a “three ask” rule – the first time is to bring the issue up, the second time is a reminder, and the third is to verify no action will be taken. I don’t nag. I’m very clear with my communication. If nothing changes after my third attempt, then the next action is all on me. Knowing when to leave is an art… and a mercy to both.
You can’t change others – Trying to change people is harmful to both parties. One always feels disappointed, while the other always feels judged. If someone has led you to believe they are something they’re not, the only change you can make is to yourself. Admit you were duped (unintentionally), be honest with yourself, and change your relationship to them accordingly.
Love them from afar – Dreamers aren’t bad people at all. I love a few of them, myself. They just aren’t in my inner circle, because I can’t count on them. I still think they’re amazing people.

I really hope I’ve been clear – I have no issue with dreamers. I don’t judge them, or their path. And once I know their words are just words, I can manage (lower) my expectations. I have a few friends who schedule lunch, and then cancel that day. I know everyone’s cancelation rate, because I would rather be happily surprised when they show up, than disappointed when they don’t. That’s just how I manage this awareness.

Most people were raised to disregard words. Their parents made many promises that weren’t kept. They were told “maybe” more often than a firm yes or no. I had a childhood friend who couldn’t commit to any plans, because her life depended on her Dad’s mood at the time. There are lots of reasons people live out of integrity. Some people are all talk, because to them words don’t really count. Awareness of the situation lets you decide where you want to be on the issue.

If you are a dreamer (or think you might be), be very aware of your words. Take note of whatever leaves your mouth, and compare it to your actions. Are you always talking about something, and not doing it? The answer is to stop talking. Only say what is really going to happen. If you are suddenly quiet, maybe your life needs a little action.

It will be wonderful when we all live in integrity, but until then, watch and learn.


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