So tell me, what is it you truly desire? Yes, I did recently watch ‘Lucifer’ on Netflix, then I had the opportunity to talk with someone about the Hindu take on desire, then I heard some beautiful words from Alan Watts on the same subject. It keeps coming up. So I sat down to figure out what I want. It’s been so long since I actually desired something, it took a few days to get it worked out.

The contemplation wasn’t really moving all that well, so I broke it down into my usual three layers – body, ego, and soul. The body is pretty easy, just seek pleasure and avoid pain. My body wants to be healthy, supported, and appreciated (by my own consciousness). It likes to be cared for with proper food and sleep, kept warm, and touched. The body isn’t complicated.

The ego is pretty simple, also. It’s mostly concerned with control and appreciation from others. It wants to have a handle on the future, have all love reciprocated, and generally feel secure. None of this is wrong in any way, but it definitely doesn’t meet my criteria for desire. It doesn’t light me up, and bring a spark to my eye. So what does?

My very favorite thing used to be watching someone ‘becoming’ – watch the shell crack, watching them discover a new possibility within themselves. That is still a beautiful thing to witness, but it no longer pulls me. Though I truly enjoy watching (or helping) someone expand their reality, and I am privileged to do this kind of work, it isn’t quite what I’m after, as far as personal desire.

Desire is a worthwhile contemplation. Our desires change over time, so it’s always good to check-in with yourself. Once we find what we really want, we can set out to vibrate at that level. We can activate the DNA codes for that lifestream. You have the codes for every path you choose… but you have to choose one. Listen to your body – it will object if you mentally choose one thing, but subconsciously choose something else. The body holds a vast wisdom, and it’s always communicating with your Higher Self.

So what did I come up with? What makes me sparkle? What do I truly desire? Intentional community; to be surrounded by people who live fully and on purpose. What I truly desire is to see and be seen, at a soul level. These people would sing, and dance, and make art, and grow gardens. So many different kinds of people, all brought together by one intention: to be the change. I want to shine as brightly as I can, surrounded by other bright lights.

We won’t pollute our bodies. Not because we ‘shouldn’t’, but because we respect the body.
We will tend to our energy and our egos, because it is our sacred duty.
We will respect sexual energy, because we know it isn’t a toy.
We will build relationships with Gaia, and all her children.
We will know ourselves deeply, because that’s the only way to truly know others.
We will reinvent what it means to be human, with more love and compassion than this species has ever known before.

I don’t have any Idea how this is going to play out, but at least I have figured out what lights me up. This really is a pretty fabulous exercise. I recommend breaking down in the three layers of body, ego, and soul. Then be totally honest with yourself about which one you want to pursue. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing ego desires, just keep checking-in with yourself. At some point, only the soul path will do. When that happens, habits are changed easily. No need to fight the flame.

So tell me, what is it you truly desire?


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*Law Keepers*

There are people carrying certain archetypal energies. I don’t mean the ones we’re used to like Mother, Warrior, or Clown, I’m talking about Universal archetypes. The folks are usually called ‘law keepers’ or ‘law holders’, and they hold the bigger archetypes. I don’t know how many, people or archetypes, but it’s a thing. The reason I’m writing about it is that these archetypal energies seem to be waking up.

These energies include things like Truth, Beauty, Justice, Faith, and Sacredness, among others. Universal laws. Much of Earth’s experience has been manipulated, and we are now returning to our original path, which includes these energies. For those of us holding these laws, it can get kind of interesting.

I carry Truth and Faith. Even our words have been manipulated… The energy of Truth feels closer to transparency – no hiding anything from anyone, even yourself. The energy of Faith feels like complete trust in life’s course – if I do my part by showing up to my life, the Universe will always have my back. These energies are strong, like an Archangel. None of this has anything to do with belief, they are felt viscerally.

As Faith present itself, I am overwhelmed with Trust. This isn’t a normal sensation for me. I have always had a plan, and at lease three back-up plans. Not anymore. I feel totally safe floating on the tides of the Universe. Everything that happens (even the “bad” stuff) makes me think, ‘This is happening for me!’ For me, not to me. I’m actually excited about setbacks at this point, because it means the Universe is redirecting me to something better. Weird. This is a big change for me.

Truth is a little more aggressive. I’ve always been big on honesty, and when people prefer their delusions I’m happy to leave them there. I’m clairaudient, so when people say they’ll be somewhere or do something, I can hear if it’s really going to happen. Up until very recently, I had no problem lowering my expectations or just keeping those folks at a distance (boundaries are my strong suit). But now I want to shake people awake. It seems offensive to the Universe, or at least the throat chakra, to say things you don’t mean.

I completely understand the socially acceptable making of theoretical plans, and the cancellation rate. I know life happens. I think where the Truth thing is hitting hardest, is watching people lie to themselves. I want to say things like, “We both know that’s never going to happen, so why are you pretending and planning?” So far, I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut. So far. Keeping my mouth shut is not my strong suit.

So, if you, or someone close to you, starts changing at a fundamental level archetypes may be in play. Just be aware they are activating, and try to be gentle with sharing them (said that last bit for myself). I know many people who carry Truth. It might get really honest out there. Just check your personal integrity to be sure your actions, words, and thoughts are aligned. And if they aren’t, stop saying things out loud until you’re sure you can follow through.

I wonder if Integrity is one of the Universal archetypes… I pity the soul carrying that one!

Be sure you don’t take it personally if you feel these energies showing up in your world. When Truth kicked in a few days ago, I was really down on myself, because I felt that I was being judgmental. It took me a few days to realize it wasn’t judgement at all. I wasn’t personally offended in any way. It was watching people justify a lack of honesty, and just assume it was fine. It was okay before, so it’s okay now, kind of thing. It’s no longer okay, and it’s not just me.

For me to stay centered, I have to separate my personal reaction from whatever else I’m feeling. Personally, I may have felt a little disappointed, but the wave of righteous rage was something else. Know yourself, and know what isn’t yours. I’m still working on what else (if anything) needs to be done to quiet the roar. Maybe just feeling it is enough, no action required. We are all changing the world just by the energy we carry.

These archetypes help guide us back to our organic timelines. You can see this shift in Gaia, also. It is May 20th, and we got snow in Denver, Colorado, USA. The Earth is shifting back to its highest good. Just like our shifting personalities, the weather is reflecting our experience – a little out of whack. Remember to keep your center as these Laws return.


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*Biological Personality*

I have been posting about the dissolution of the ego for years now. The ego is nothing more than the keeper of our stories, both good and bad. Everyone has one. What matters is whether you identify as your ego, or as your soul. I highly recommend you start (or deepen) your identification with your soul, because it turns out the ego is located in your rapidly evolving cells.

You’ve heard me talk about the subconscious as cellular memory. Science has even shown that trauma is passed on genetically. The energy work I do (PSYCH-K) doesn’t do much if a person is physically toxic, with drugs or alcohol clogging up the cells. So it really shouldn’t be a shock that evolving DNA would effect personality. Shouldn’t be, but it really is anyway. I just didn’t quite grasp the genetic component.

I was thinking living a cleaner lifestyle was just part of the ascension process. And it is. There just isn’t the need to numb out as much, when you really make your spirituality a priority. But this is so much more fundamental. If our stories are held in our DNA, and DNA is changing… now what? You’r guess is as good as mine. It’s all new territory.

I can tell you my memories are more like a movie, than an actual experience. My die hard personality traits of dark humor and swearing like a sailor are dissolving rapidly. My mood is almost entirely based on how my body feels. It’s like I am no longer triggered by mental input (stories). And when my body is functioning well, the world is a happy place.

I also have more trust in the Universe than I have ever experienced. I was always a planner, with several back-up plans. Know what my plan is now? Meditate, and let myself be guided. The only way this is even possible is with newly activated DNA. I’m not the least bit concerned for the future. It’s almost like riding a ski lift – it will take me where I need to go, without my trying very hard. Might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.

Linear time is almost gone also. I have to write everything down, because once it happens I can’t tell if it’s been a week or a year. This is another area I’ve never had trouble with. I can tell you the month and year of every major life event, at least until this year. Living in the now is much easier, if I act the minute I think of something. Procrastination isn’t even possible in non-linear time.

If the world is getting very strange indeed, you aren’t alone. If you aren’t there yet, just know it’s coming. Everyone is on a different path, and we are all ascending at a different pace. I had my emotional awakening in 2014, and there are still many who haven’t opened that door yet. Not everyone will. But if you are reading this, the odds are you are on the ascension bus, not getting dragged behind it.

With all this presence and trust comes a definite lack of attachment. I just don’t care. Not in an apathetic or superior way, more like floating on a bliss cloud knowing everything is okay. I don’t care because everything is perfect, and we are supported and loved more than we can ever know. The physical has always seemed so dense and immovable. Now it seems like an ever changing landscape. If DNA is changing, everything is. Evolution is happening.

I have a couple tips for this process…
Detox – Carefully choose what you put in your body, because it’s also detoxing old cells. Support your body with gentle detox herbs (Herb Pharm has a good liver health and herbal detox). Take the supplements you need. Eat less, and consider fasting, if your body needs it. Lots of sleep and water.
Command & decree – Talk (out loud) to your body, always in a positive and loving way. Tell your DNA to only express perfect health. Tell your DNA to activate ascension codes, with grace and ease. Your body is listening.
Release – If you are having trouble releasing ego stories, I highly recommend Bach Flower Remedies. I use Chicory, for unconditional love. Also, meditation is priceless for keeping me unattached and centered.

I’m not sure where we will end up, but the carbon-based personality of old won’t be coming with us. You are so much more than your stories! Let’s see what’s next…


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Awakening DNA

2019 has been an amazing year so far – timelines collapsing, new codes integrating, and the return of true free will. That last one has been tough for me, after finally getting used to surrendering to Higher Will. A couple months ago, I did my usual ask to my guides ‘what do I need right now?‘ It was a surprise to hear ‘We don’t know. Free will is back. What do you want right now?‘ Well… I had no idea what I wanted, and I’ve been a bit lost trying to figure it out.

Lucky for me, I just attended a DNA class, given by Sandra Walter and Giselle Koy. It is always a nice validation to hear others present the information I’ve been getting. They also solved my free will issue. My take-away was ‘command and decree’. It’s nothing like the ego demanding things go a certain way. It’s more like firm but gentle guidance for your DNA. Just like telling a small child ‘this is what we’re doing now’, you also need to communicate to your cells.

If you think of DNA as many strands of potential, then choosing a timeline is actually a physical thing. Just like our brains, we are only actively using 2%-5% of our DNA, the rest is non-coding. But it’s waking up. Even science is getting interested in the changes going on. You are no longer a victim of your DNA, you are in charge of which path to follow. Exciting times!

Your cells are subject to every thought you have. This is why awareness matters so much. Once you are aware of your background thoughts, you can stop negativity, and replace it with gratitude. Gratitude opens the heart, allowing your DNA to resonate with it. This heart coherence brings you to a place of healing, of remembering who you are.

Keep bringing your thoughts back to the unconditional love of higher dimensions. We are building a bridge with our very DNA to cross into our next level. Science calls this evolution. Yes, it’s happening either way, but we have the option to consciously guide it, in our own lifestreams.

That said, DNA is seriously responsive. The downside is that the lower timeline you were on falls away quickly. As I said, evolution is doing its thing to everyone, so maybe I’m just aware of the changes, but it sure seemed quick. Buckle up!

Also, be aware that it really feels strange at first. I feel amazingly upbeat like everything is peachy, but my nervous system is struggling to integrate the new info. Lots of sleep, lots of water, and give it a week. And don’t worry if things get worse at first. Work with your DNA daily, and give it time to adjust. The old has to collapse to make room for the new.

This can (understandably) bring up fear. Just be sure you are running toward something, not away from something. Keep your focus on the future, and let the past go. My goals are Love and Service, so that’s where I return my focus when I get knocked off balance. Please remember we all get knocked off balance. Life happens, we fall. The important thing is how you respond. Do you stay there for days, hours, or minutes? Be aware of how long you wallow in the pit. We all do it (I can wallow with zest), but the real mark of progress is a faster recovery time than you used to have. Allow yourself to keep moving.

Our DNA is activating to bring in the new. You are welcome to join in that process. Parent your cells. Partner with your body. It’s a physical ascension process. Time to rise and shine!


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*Worthy of Love*

Everyone is worthy of love. I’ll even go farther – everyone IS loved. On higher dimensions, we are all loved and appreciated more than we can ever know. Yet, in the muggle world, we depend on a chemical reaction to “feel” love. And we depend on our stories to confirm love after the chemicals wear off. Perception and chemicals. No wonder it’s so subjective, and illusive.

We have all heard that we must love ourselves first, before love can find us in the world. Over the years, I have heard many say this advice is abusive, because it tells people if they can’t love themselves, they aren’t worthy of love. Or that they can’t attract a good partner, unless they find a way to self-love first.

First of all EVERYONE is worthy of love. Second, you are always able to find a partner, at whatever vibrational level you’re currently experiencing. But there is also deep value in loving yourself, before choosing a partner. Let’s look at it from another angle, shall we?

The symbology I’ve been getting is aviation radio communication. When an instruction is given, it can’t be considered to be complete, until it is acknowledged. Communication isn’t just speaking, it’s making sure the message is received. So it sounds like this:
Tower: “Flight 432 cleared for takeoff, runway 8.”
Flight: “Cleared for takeoff, runway 8, flight 432.”
The message was sent by one party, then repeated by the other party. Now they both know they are on the same page. Communication.

The reason for this is that so many things can disrupt clear communication. What if the tower radio isn’t working? What if the airplane radio isn’t working? What if someone misspoke? Or misheard? Or was stepped on by another radio transmission? You can see why clear communication is vital.

Now we add in chemicals and perception and stories, oh my. Love isn’t just saying “I love you”, and hearing “I love you, too” in return. It’s communication on an entirely non-verbal level. This is where loving yourself is so important – how else will you know what love feels like to you? If we actually look at what we think we want, it’s based on a story or a childhood observation, not a feeling.

I’m not talking about the chemistry of a new romance, I’m talking about the lasting kind of love. I have found a few things that really make me feel loved, that I didn’t know about me before I truly loved myself. For me, love is safety to express myself… love is consistency… love is clear communication and keeping your word… love is integrity and compassion… love is holding your own space energetically… When I do these things for myself, I glow from the inside. This is my version of love. What’s yours?

After you’ve found what love means to you, ask yourself if you can receive. My experience is on the other side of this one, so I’ll share that. It doesn’t matter how much I love someone if they can’t receive it. We aren’t talking love languages, we’re talking energy. I can tell them, in every love language (words, gifts, quality time, touch, acts of service), but I can’t make them feel loved. I can give someone a sense of validation, but I can’t make them feel loved. No one can make us feel anything. They can’t even trigger us into feeling something we don’t already have internal wiring for. This is why love requires boundaries.

You can only know someone as deeply as you know yourself. You can only heal someone as deeply as you’ve healed yourself. You can only love someone as deeply as you love yourself. And the same goes for everybody else. Self-love is important.

Receiving love requires that we break down internal barriers. This is the deep inner work required of spiritual awakening. Do you know what love feels like? Can you receive? Loving yourself might be the most difficult thing you can do, but it is the end result of the process. The vibration of love is truly Divine, and it will allow your frequency to rise to the level of attracting your soul family, not just karmic lessons. Love yourself… you’re worth it.


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Ego Identity

It’s getting pretty tough to stay connected enough to this world to write a blog post. This is day 4 of sitting down to do this. If any of you have been getting the urge to pass on your knowledge in some way, please start. Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual awakening, and some of you may be at a place to assist others. We all do our part to raise the collective.

Ego identity keeps coming up. The ego is an instrument of separation. That’s what we pay it for – the illusion of separation. It’s doing a great job. But somewhere along the way, we started to actually believe it. Now that Unity Consciousness is on the way in, the ego is being ushered out.

The ego isn’t going without a fight, as you would imagine. This is why we suddenly have a whole variety of new labels. Gender and sexuality used to be pretty simple. There’s nothing “wrong” with any of the options, but it’s the ego that demands labels. It loves boxes. There are also new psychological conditions, medical conditions, any “condition” that makes us feel different and isolated.

The basic problem is that we all want to be seen on the deepest level, but adopting new labels (boxes) only causes more separation and isolation. Remember, the ego is supposed to provide the illusion of separation. It wants us to feel so special that no one else can ever possibly comprehend us, thus isolating us even more. Yes,we are all unique, even at a soul level, but demanding others acknowledge our uniqueness by wrapping ourselves in labels often backfires.

I like labels as a shorthand. I use them as a starting point to find common ground. Labels are useful up to a certain point, then they become a cage. The problem is identifying as the label. For example, I may tell someone my sun sign as a segue into a discussion about astrology, but if I limit my identity to my sun sign alone then I have missed the chance to connect on other levels. We each have so many facets covering the I AM at the core. With a more fluid ego structure, more connection is possible.

Please don’t misunderstand. It’s fine to use a label to find like-minded people. If you want help with addiction, you would find groups for support in that. That’s perfect. Just don’t become the label. Don’t become the issue. Let it be a facet of your bigger picture, and allow room for other connections.

What we really want is connection. What we really want is to be understood. The catch is this: It’s the ego that both longs for understanding, and creates separation. It’s the ego that’s falling, not the real you. At the level of Unity Consciousness, we immediately see the uniqueness, and can easily connect with each other… but not in an ego way. No one can ever truly understand another person from an ego level, because the ego is based on perception.

Think about siblings. Even if they are close in age, and raised in the same manner, they will have a completely different experience and story. Two people can see the same movie, and get totally different messages. No one ever experiences life the exact same way as another. Thus, the illusion of separation.

So what do we do with this information? Be a good listener. Appreciate other people’s stories and perceptions. Really start to love the uniqueness of it all. Then, know that your story is just as unique. Seek out those that appreciate your story, as well. You aren’t alone, you are a beautiful thread in the tapestry of humanity. And on a soul level, you are seen. Always.


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Cosmic Reboot

Sorry this has taken so long to write. I have been right there with you, surfing these waves, grounding this energy, and embodying the future. We are changing on a cellular level. I know I keep saying that, but check-in with your own body to feel what’s going on in there.

On the mundane level, it mostly just hurts. Body functions keep flickering on and off. For example, one day my vision is great, the next day everything is blurry. And forming a new body is exhausting. If you are sleeping more than usual, just know that’s time well spent. For me, sinuses have been extra painful. Eyes, joints, and spine are really involved in whatever is currently happening.

Timelines are dropping away at a speed I’ve never seen. New opportunities for Mastery present in each moment, and as the spiral continues upward, the skill set expands. When I am presented with a lesson, it feels like I am underwater fighting for breath, then when I get the message, I can breathe freely. From contraction and struggle to expansion and ease. Then something different surfaces, but at the new level. It’s like I’m challenging myself to rise higher, to  see how far I can go.

I have found that total alignment with myself makes for the most ease. As soon as I even think about someone else’s path, my world gets wobbly. This takes non-judgment to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter what I’m thinking about someone else, just that I’m not focusing entirely on me. On an ego level, this would be narcissistic. On a soul-embodiment level, it is absolutely necessary.

Yes, we are all one, but we each have the responsibility to maintain our own energy, to benefit the whole. No matter what path others have chosen, my job is just to focus on my own energy. I can only do me. You can only do you. The more we work on ourselves, the faster the collective rises. Without self-judgment, I am always challenging myself to do better. For me, it’s more of a game than a goal, because no one else can know what I do.

Remember the Buddhist story about enlightenment? Before enlightenment we chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment we chop wood and carry water. The outside circumstances may look the same, but the mind is liberated. Keep doing your daily routine, but mind your mind. Everything is different when experienced in the present moment, without judgment. Witness your life as a spectator enjoying a movie.

Another key switch for me has been “life is living through me”. I’m not living life, it’s living me. My only job is to align with the creative force doing the living. Resistance only brings suffering. Let life live through you. Flow.

Align with your Higher Self, and support your body. For me, that looks like meditation, time outside, drinking lots of water, and naps. For you it may look different. Just really get in touch with your body and Higher Self, and do whatever they need. Only you know what that is, and only you can provide it.

April 2019 has been intense, but we are already halfway through it. Know that everything happening right now is for you, for your highest good. This is what evolution feels like. We were built for this cosmic reboot.


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So Much

I want to do an energy update, but the thoughts keep flashing by so quickly I can’t seem to narrow it down to one topic. That’s okay, let’s just do bullet points on each. I’m sure it isn’t just me, so small bits are probably better. April 2019… this is going to be one for the books!

Time – Time has been non-linear for a while, but now it really means it. I am getting scolded (from above) every time I drop back into linear time thinking. Meaning, whenever I think I can’t wait for this or I wish I did something in the past differently, I’m reminded that I’m not present. This is a big step in my personal journey. All creation happens in the present moment. I have future goals, and past lessons learned, but they are stored in memory, so I don’t need to keep looking at them. Creating in the present affects both past and future, but there is no need to dwell. The present moment is the opening to Grace.

Peripheral Epiphanies – Have you ever seen something in you peripheral vision, but when you look directly at it, it’s gone? The last few days have been that way with thoughts. Something profound and life-changing floats into my brain, but when I try to focus on it, it disappears. I feel like these are previews for my next step. Maybe it won’t seem so unsettling when they all come into focus, because I’ve seen the trailer. Some of them were really amazing. When I remember what they were, I’ll let you know…

Body Dynamics – It’s been 9 months since I set out to heal my gut. I must say, it is probably the most worthy thing I have ever done for my body. A functional gut lets me absorb and eliminate properly, making food and supplements effective. The next level of physical healing is sound. Not chanting or singing, but speaking out loud directly to the body. I tell my body how amazing it is, and how impressed I am with its healing ability. It’s listening. Every cell is listening. And just like a child, what you say to it becomes its inner voice.

Wobbly Reality – We are in this space of flux, before taking the next step. As is mentioned in the 2019 forecast, we are being moved like chess pieces, dancing with the Divine. Keep your focus inward, and let Life lead. Everything seems both uncertain and inevitable right now. Like I know where I’m going to end up, but without any idea how to get there. That’s perfect. This is the part where we get to trust in life. Keep doing your own inner work, and let life meet you. If all else fails, clean and declutter your house. Free up the energy.

Creating from Feeling – All creation includes feeling. Okay, I have to be a geek for a minute… We control what thoughts we dwell on. Different thoughts release different chemicals of emotion into the body. The body vibrates at the level of those chemicals, thus attracting like vibrations. “Feeling” is the thought causing emotion mechanism. So we set our vibration largely by our predominant thoughts, which is why it’s imperative to become aware of our thoughts. End geeky explanation of vibration. Anyway, when you find yourself in a state of joy, take note. Feel it in every cell. Let it find a home in your body, thus attracting more joy.

Special Thanks – To everyone out there doing the inner work. You are shifting the trajectory of an entire planet. You are learning to be Creators. You are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. You ARE the Great Work. You are seen. You are appreciated. You are more supported than you know. And you are loved so very deeply. Thank you for taking on this mission. From Above and Below, thank you!

That’s all I have for the moment. April is going to be amazing! They aren’t showing me any previews, so it must be a surprise. I feel really good about our future. The ascension process is going great. Take good care of yourselves, as we integrate all this energy. You aren’t alone. We are moving quickly into Unity Consciousness.


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*Lies and Lessons*

Society has taught us some fundamental lies. Lies that keep us shackled, keep us victimized. Some of these lies were probably symbology gone literal, or commercialism gone rouge. Whatever their beginnings, it’s time we question some of the basic beliefs causing so much unrest. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments.

#1 Life is supposed to be happy all the time. Life is always in motion, and so are emotional states. Being fully present to whatever is happening will bring awareness into all of your life. We like to say “When will this bad mood pass?” but we rarely say “I am savoring this happy time.” It’s like we expect the “bad” to shift, but the “good” might stay forever. Everything changes. Let it.

#2 If you aren’t in a constant state of happiness, something is wrong with you. Instead of teaching coping skills, we simply label and medicate anything short of constant joy. Extremes are worth medicating, but it’s totally normal to feel occasional anxiety, depression, or any variety of “negative” emotions. Telling people something is wrong with them affects their willingness to seek companionship, and drives the drug industry.

#3 A noun (person, place, or thing) will make me happy. Lasting happiness is never the result of an outside person, place, or thing. Plus, it puts a ton of undue pressure on a relationship to expect another person to make you happy. Or reversed, you take on way too much when you devote yourself to making someone else happy. You don’t need more stuff, or to move again, or another relationship. Happiness is an inside job. Each one of us is responsible for our own (and only our own) happiness.

#4 Happiness is the goal of life. There simply isn’t a happily-ever-after. There isn’t even a destination point, other than the grave. Developing coping skills to navigate the highs and lows is a much more noble goal. Becoming a kinder person is a worthy goal. Self-mastery, loving yourself, healing past trauma, and sharing your knowledge to assist others are all good options. You get to decide your own goal. Happiness is NOT the default goal of existence.

#5 You have to “want to”, before actually doing it. No one enjoys all the chores. No one. Yet they still need to be done. Taking care of the laundry and paying the bills is simply a necessity of our quality of living. My sixth grade teacher started the year by saying, “We are going to learn Social Studies and Science. We’re starting with Social Studies, because I don’t really like it. We’ll get it out of the way, and then focus on the fun stuff.” Brilliant. You don’t have to want to, you just have to do it.

#6 Paying attention means only thinking about one thing. I have had this conversation numerous times… High I.Q. shows in the number of ideas you have, and how quickly you can tie different ideas together. If you can do all that, and still drive to work (while singing), it isn’t ADHD, you’re just smart. You will benefit more from developing some mental discipline than you will from medication. It takes a Zen Master to only think of one thing. (Or an IQ below room temperature.)

#7 If it’s legal, and others do it, it’s not harmful. How many decades did it take for society to grasp that smoking is harmful to health? And that alcohol is so poisonous that pregnant women should avoid it? Now Marijuana is the recreational drug of choice, with most believing it’s harmless. It’s not. Just like needing a beer every night to relax, if you need to smoke pot everyday, there’s an issue. There are both physical and psychological consequences to substance dependence. ANY substance.

#8 If you aren’t checked-out, you aren’t having fun. I don’t understand how “less present” got equated with “more fun”. Maybe it’s just escapism. 3D really is a dense vibration, but you have to actively climb out of it. You must be present to win.

#9 Competition and independence bring success, while cooperation and interdependence are considered weak. Our entire model of success is based on competition and independence. That’s also the way to loneliness and isolation. I’m pretty sure Darwin was a pessimistic little bugger. Unity consciousness demands cooperation and interdependence. Look at nature, beautifully intertwined, as an ecosystem should be. The sooner we admit we are better together, the sooner joy and abundance can reign.

I have never been a fan of the “life’s a journey” philosophy. I like goals. I like having a target. I no longer think that makes me a control freak, it’s just who I am. That said, my goals have been adjusted to flow with the tides of life. Self-mastery is a goal. Being more present and aware each day is a goal. Helping others whenever I can is a goal. All of these can stay in play, no matter what life brings to my door.

This is great time to reassess your life assumptions, and your personal goals. Be sure your world has fewer lies, and more lessons.


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Energy Hygiene

I can’t even believe I didn’t write this sooner. I know there’s a need, and I keep getting questions. Please try these techniques. I also posted a home energy clearing protocol on the subtle energy page, if interested.

We are taught how to clean our physical body, but not our energy. Can you imagine someone who hadn’t bathed in years? The stench! Now that we are all waking up, it will begin to be noticeable when people don’t attend to their energy hygiene. Of the two, the energy is more important. For me, it comes across as a stickiness, like wading through mud. It’s also noticeable in the brightness of the spark in the eye (or lack thereof). There are several layers…

Physical Body Energy – Daily. The body needs daily movement to circulate subtle energy within the cells. I’m not talking daily workouts (although those are fine), just something to move air and blood and energy. Intentional breathing, intentional walking (even to your car), massage, or visualization. I am pretty physically limited, but I spend time each day being fully present with my body. I actively move as much as I can, but I also visualize movement quite a bit. If you can move, be mindful of the movement moving energy.

Flush & Fill – Daily. Do some kind of Unity Meditation (ground down to Earth, ground up to the Universe, those two energies meet in your heart, fill your body and surround you, moving old energy out, and refilling with clean.) You can spend 10 minutes here, or just reestablish the connection and feel the flow as you shower, or drive to work. I do this one at least twice a day, more when I feel stuck.

Chakras – Weekly (at least). Start with the Unity Meditation, then visualize the chakras. Focus on one chakra at a time, and breathe through that chakra. Take at least 3 deep breaths through each. If one is sticky, either spend more time there, or come back to it. At the end of this process, all chakras should be flowing and brighter. If they aren’t, do it everyday until they are.

Cord Cutting – Monthly at first, then quarterly. Start with the Unity Meditation, then ask Archangel Michael to join you. Ask that he sever all cords, both known and unknown, with his sword. Ask that all cord ends be given to the Light. It’s important to turn the severed ends up to Source, so they continue being fed, but not by you. If anythings feels emotional, ask Archangel Raphael to fill both ends of the cord with his healing light. Cords are attachments, codependencies, and drains. The only cord we truly share in a healthy way, is a golden cord of unconditional love from our heart. It only flows out, and is given freely. Children under 7 years may still be corded to the Mother, and that’s normal. Everything else needs to go. Regularly.

Entity Removal – As needed. Start with the Unity Meditation, then call a professional. Seriously. Someone with a little experience can do this stuff easily and safely. A few things to always avoid in this process:
Alcohol or drugs, for either party.
Sloppy energy work. They need to have a protocol.
Nonchalant “we just need a salt circle” attitude.
Fear, or battle mentality.
I have removed entities from others, and had them removed from me. It was disgusting to feel them leave my body, but it wasn’t a traumatic event. Find an energy worker with integrity, and get this done, if you have any inkling this may be an issue for you. Life is just easier when you aren’t supporting uninvited guests.

So that’s my energy outline. Sparkle from the inside!


A special thanks to those who have donated – it really helps! If this info is helpful, you can follow my blog (lower right side of page) to have posts delivered directly to your inbox, or you can follow me on Facebook. You may also enjoy my books, Waking Up Indigo and Walking In Both Worlds, available at Amazon!


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