Well, This Is Fun

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We really need a font reserved for sarcasm. I feel the dark, sarcastic side of my Scorpio humor is lost in the written word. Probably for the best.

I’m not having any fun at all. The timelines are collapsing so fast I feel nauseous and scared. I never feel scared. Fear and I don’t usually have a relationship beyond an occasional nod. The weather is joining in this circus with wind so strong it could rip away a whole reality. In fact, I think it is. Gaia herself is shifting into a different timeline, and the whole Elemental kingdom is making way. Fanfare and fear. Lovely.

I do have the strong feeling this will pass soon, and we will all be walking a slightly (or greatly) different path. I know that this is just the in-between phase of becoming. I have moved through this part several times on my individual journey, but it’s much more impressive as a collective… and as a planet. I suspect we’ll be doing this again at the next eclipse gateway this fall.

This note is just to let you know you aren’t alone. Even those of us who do this anchoring bit on a regular basis are having a rough go of it right now. The incoming energy is intense and insistent. No more ignoring stuff. The alarm clock went off years ago, and those who insisted on staying asleep now get the bucket of cold water poured on their heads. Of course, those anchoring this energy get to feel it.

There are breaks built-in. Yesterday, I spent several hours floating in bliss, before being pummeled again. Physically, I feel much healing and many changes. I have a lot of hip pain, and what feels like new glands around my hips, ribs, and pelvis. My nervous system is doing amazingly well, and I feel a second (etheric) heart, which has been intermittent since 2017. Brain fog and clarity come and go. My current coping mechanism is audio books. Being read to is quite calming. Sandra Walter has a great YouTube video about coping with this energy.

I’m enjoying the breaks, wondering at the physical changes, and mostly bracing for impact as each new wave hits. I would imagine that my personal trials will be over about the time this really starts to affect the world stage. Probably a good summer to stay away from the news and get outside. Feel the Earth. She feels like She is being freed from a long dormant period. This is what we came for (though I have to question our sanity). Feels like a “hold my beer…” kind of moment. But still, I’m quite sure we’ve got this!

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Energy Update April 19, 2022

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Do you feel slightly removed from reality? So do I. “Slightly” is an understatement. In the past week, I have been ricocheting between being totally self-involved and wondering if I still exist on this plane. I’ve heard of people who weren’t aware they died and just kept going… It has been that strange. People still interact with me, so I assume I am still alive, but I am clearing out my extra belongings and updating my will, just in case.

Last night in dreamtime I was working all night. It has been a while since I’ve been busy all night. I was helping to balance both the collective and a few individuals, while major archetypes were changing or being removed. I remember telling someone, “It’s okay, that’s just the fear being removed from the collective. It isn’t you, you’re fine.” All night was spent calming energy down as layers of programming was removed, like blankets from a bed. After you remove a blanket, the lower layers need to be smoothed out. My job was the smoothing. There was a lot of smoothing.

Since the March equinox, I have felt much like the center piece of a merry-go-round, anchoring the whole thing to the ground while everything spins around me. I occasionally have to take ginger for the motion sickness. This is one of those days. I am exhausted and queasy. Along with that, the current ascension symptoms are affecting my eyesight, my liver, my memory (and I generally have a fantastic memory) and my hips. I’m basically fasting every other day due to nausea or digestive slowness. You aren’t alone.

Time outside, even just looking at a tree, helps immensely with grounding (relieves the motion sickness). Epsom salt baths ease hip pain. In general, drink plenty of water and go with the energy flow. Go when it feels right, and rest when it feels right. When you are in a rest mode you are holding space for Gaia herself. Resting is vital, for many reasons.

The sense I get is that we are moving toward a singular unified timeline, which means many people are being shuffled around as the multiple timelines merge. They will go from their current (ending) reality to the nearest sustainable timeline… Until that one is ready for collapse, then they will be moved yet again. If your life isn’t moving much, you’re already on one of the last timelines to merge with the one Unity line. For some this means relocation, changes in job, or changes is relationships. For others (like me) it is more about refining what’s already there (new paint, cleaning out closets). For now. 2022 is just warming up.

Prioritize self-care and go with the flow. With layers of matrix programming (conditioning) being removed, the new reality can seem both liberating and terrifying. Things aren’t the way they were sold to us. Forget what you thought you knew, and be ready to process brand new information, both personal and collective. All we can really do is open our minds and enjoy the ride. We got this!

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The Question

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We are all familiar with the question of who we are. Are we humans having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience? This change in perspective can shift everything in your world. Changing how you see yourself changes every interaction, and all your thoughts around a situation. Now it is time to ask deeper questions about how we see ourselves.

What if we are creator gods in training? What if there is only one of us, and everyone (everything) around us is a training holograph?

The Mystery Schools teach that existence is a circle, where the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere. If we are each the center of our own story, can every other person we interact with be a reflection of what we believe subconsciously? How much sway do you personally hold over your own experience? Over the world stage?

This is an advanced teaching, so if it seems ridiculous, feel free to stop reading. I usually write to more of an “ego management” level. This message keeps coming through, so it must be time to move past the ego, at least for some. In my experience, people are exactly as powerful as they think they are. Self-limiting creatures, humans are. We will only grow as far as our mental fence allows, even if that fence is subconscious. Once the subconscious is cleared out, see if you’re ready to move the fence out a bit.

Pro tip: If you try to jump to this stage before doing the work of clearing out the subconscious, that’s called spiritual bypassing. Not only will your work at this level be ineffectual, you will be called out on your lack of inner preparation. Please do the messy work of clearing your subconscious wounds and programs before attempting advanced work.

Once you move past both personal power and esoteric power, it is time to play with creation. No worries about this information falling into the wrong hands. A person can’t even access these levels from an ego perspective. The game has levels, and you can’t make an impact on a higher level until you leave the ego level. It’s much like trying to plug into the human heart grid before your are in a place of service – doesn’t work so well.

Your first step to becoming who you really are is to align with your own Higher Dimensions. This is very simple on paper – just focus on your breath, quiet the mind, fully feel the body, and let the energy flow through you. In practical application, the mind may not want to quiet down enough to let the rest happen. At those times, I recommend mentally reciting your favorite mantra. I use, “Let me be open to the possibility that things will work out better that I had planned.” Find something that relaxes and opens you, and just keep repeating it until your mind understands its job is just to focus on that. Self-mastery is mental-mastery.

The only intention to hold is that of personal alignment. At this stage, that’s really all there is. Your Higher Self has a plan bigger than your human ego-mind could even conceive of, so alignment is the goal. Pro tip: If you want to play with the matrix to change the weather or stop a war, you are still operating at the ego level. Alignment with your Higher Dimensions automatically brings in the energy of peace and unity. Being caught up in the outer world is just a distraction. Yes, it is even just a distraction to those being bombed. They are obviously on a Master course, facing greater challenges than just quieting the mind.

At a creator level, everyone is competent and capable. We all have challenges we are capable of overcoming. Some can overcome circumstances we can barely think about without falling into despair, while others seem to be struggling with the smallest of issues. We each have the level of challenge we can master. Trust in the path is what faith is really all about. Besides, the “creator god” level of the game can only be played from within.

Aligning with your Higher Self is spiritual embodiment. This allows more of our Higher Dimensions to be present in physical form. Peace on Earth? Abundance for all? Perfect health? I suppose it’s a matter of how far we can take it, or how big we can think. If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then physical death is a given. If we are creator gods in training, the possibilities abound. From an ego perspective, I have no wish to live in a physical body for any longer than I have to. From a creator god perspective, I wish to play with the possibilities.

So who are you, and are you ready to level-up? I hope to see your light on the game board. Or is it my light? After all, there is only one of us here…

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Shifting Sands

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March has been crazy fast, and so changeable. I feel like reality fits what I was taught about Colorado weather: “Don’t like the weather? Give it 15 minutes.” I will hit a tough patch in my world, and literally lie down for an hour while it shifts. It used to be I could tell where the day was going when I woke up, but now it’s a whole different world every three hours, or less.

As a recovering control freak, my definition of hell used to be the shifting sands we currently stand on. Oddly, the current situation leaves me excited instead of freaked out. Things are definitely moving, and this is what I came for. Mission accomplished! Now I’m along for the ride like everyone else. Exhilarating!

I suppose I should say what you already know about current events – it’s fine, don’t get distracted. From a soul level, people agreed to play certain parts. From a soul level, each departure by physical death is timed before birth. Death isn’t the bad guy. Even the bad guy isn’t the bad guy. Everything is going even better than planned. The 5D Human Heart Grid is strong and firmly in place. The 3D matrix is no longer energetically supported, and is only being held together by a few egos. Those egos will buckle under the weight of the illusion. Soon.

The mastery of the moment is to go with the flow. When the energy is moving, move with it. When the energy slows down, slow with it. There are times when my mind is ready for action, but my body won’t do it. The body wins. I am only enjoying this adventure courtesy of my physical vessel. Our bodies are doing some major lifting as we shift to a crystalline structure. Be kind to yourself. Water and rest are more important than ever. You can engage the mind while you rest – imagine a world of freedom and abundance. Imagining a new world is an actual job now. Once again, daydreams pay off.

The personal ego is changing rapidly also. Between DNA becoming crystalline (cellular memory disruption) and the magnetic pole shift disturbing memory, we are all pretty removed from who we once were. This is the new normal. Let people change, including yourself. I have been creeping back to my natural essence since 2017, but now (March 2022) it’s leaps and bounds. I wonder who I’ll be next month… next week… 3 hours from now. What an amazing time to be alive!

If you are feeling amazing, ground that energy by consciously appreciating it. If you aren’t feeling amazing, feel it fully and check to see if anything is stuck in your psyche. Sometimes I need an attitude adjustment, sometimes I just need to love myself while it passes. Only you know what you need. Unless something is a real issue, it will pass quickly. It is self-knowledge and personal mastery to know what is going on inside yourself, and take the appropriate action.

This level of personal responsibility is the door to freedom. It’s the way we hack the matrix, and ascend happily ever after. I can hear the inter-dimensional cheering…

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The In-between

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I have been working with timelines since I was a child. I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing until decades later, it was just instinctual. I spent a lot of time in my thirties wondering why people made the choices they did. Didn’t they see where that choice was going? No, they didn’t “see”. I had a Sherlock Holmes ability to “see” what others never even noticed. Not anymore.

Both the scientific community and the intuitive community agree that the magnetosphere of Earth is weakening. This changes gravity, which changes memory. This magnetic change can be tracked by watching the movement of the poles. This is all science stuff, so you can always look it up if you’re interested. The only difference between the scientific outlook and the intuitive outlook is the end of the story. Science is planning on the end of the world, while spiritual-prone folk are celebrating the start of a new one.

Timelines are connected to gravity and the geomagnetic field. As the magnetosphere weakens, so do our memories (karma causers) and the ability to “see” any future. We are all being forced into the NOW moment, because that’s all that exists without the Earth’s magnetics holding linear time in place. For years I’ve said this is a matter of evolution, not subject to judgement of “good and bad”. Just by being here right now, we are all worthy of the next step. The choice is only to flow with it, or resist change. Here we are in 2022 just in time for this reset.

Next month I am teaching a class on the Merkaba, which includes a section on timelines and time travel. Most of that is no longer relevant. The current situation is more about saturating the quantum field, than choosing timelines. What I mean by that is sending out an intentional feeling into your personal field, and then letting life magnetize to that. No more control of the details. No more vision boards. No more distant goals. Just your own heart magnetizing your life. Much less work, once you get the hang of it.

This is the in-between space we find ourselves in. My life only gets difficult when I try to “make things happen” like I used to. Personal drive is out, personal dedication to your own energy is in. When I focus on shifting my energy to gratitude and appreciation, things just flow. My Higher Self has a much better idea of what I want anyway, so my job is to align my energy with that aspect of me. This is a full-time job.

I am definitely in the intuitive community celebrating the new… but I also know the old will fall. These changes in our magnetosphere (frequency) will cause the old paradigm to fall. As people clutch to the well-known ego ways (ego is based in memory, after all) life will get increasingly turbulent. Be kind, to yourself and others. 2022 is just warming up. For the easiest ride, spend time everyday connecting to gratitude. This is why we came here… we got this!

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5D Bridge

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This must be where the timeline split becomes undeniable, at least for me. As the illusion implodes, I am just overwhelmed by bliss and joy. I know some have already passed this point, and there are many still suffering greatly within the illusion, but this space is new to me. I just want to share some of my experience so you know it’s out there. Life is changing energetically, both in the realms of cause and in personal experience.

I have been writing for years about the dissolution of the ego. This is different. Instead of feeling lighter while still dealing with the ego stories popping up, this is more like becoming the light while just not caring about the ego stories. Divine apathy, if you will. I simply don’t care. I absolutely know, at a core level, that everything will work out perfectly. Instead of a glimmer of trepidation when viewing the world stage, I am now only amused. Aren’t people creative? So many ways to view the world!

This experience is open to all, as their free will choices coalesce with their soul plan. Individuals absolutely do have to make the choice to align with their Higher/Inner Self, then the soul can assist in amazing ways. If there is one thing we’ve learned since 2020, it’s the power of the mind. Believe in one political party? So it is! Believe in science? So it is! Believe that something will either kill you or save you? So it is! The narratives on pretty much everything will be changing this year, but the only place this change matters is inside your own head. Let your convictions change with new information.

One of the writers I follow put this in his bio: “Oxford comma = the hill I’m willing to die on.” Ha! While this tickles me no end, I think it is a useful tool for the next few months. No matter what comes to light, is it worth it to stay stubbornly stuck to your beliefs? Is “being right” the hill you’re willing to die on? For some, it will be. Yes, I mean physical death. When a false positive cancer diagnosis is given, some people just die because they believe they will. Don’t mistake what you’re told with the actual truth, no matter how much you trust the source. The only source giving accurate information at this point is your inner Source.

The power of the mind can change your physical body, either for better or worse. Both the body and the soul have their own wisdom. Your only job is getting the mind on board with trusting that. Align with your soul (Higher Self, Multidimensional Self, Spirit), and lovingly support the health of the body. Put all your thoughts on those goals. Let the world do whatever it has to do, and focus on your own alignment.

Once you get through all that, the job is just grounding the energy to make the path easier for the next group. People ask what I’ve been up to, and I can only say, “feeling amazing!” I truly feel this is my mission right now – to bring as much comfort, joy, and beauty into my world as possible, because it plants the seed in the human heart grid. Energetic engineer, building bridges. 5D is the most contagious thing on this planet right now.

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Embodiment Is Weird

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I know I haven’t written in a while. Honestly, the embodiment experience changes everyday, and I’m having trouble pinning down some way to translate it into language. It’s been weird. Quite happy overall, but so strange. My body’s need are always changing. My emotional state is usually somewhere between content and blissful, but there have also been a couple crazy-train days. My reliable discipline has turned into an ever-changing flow. Weird is the only word that covers it.

As is the new normal, time is becoming less linear. 4D is shifting dramatically, and along with it our sense of linear time, and also mental manipulation. 4D houses the astral plane, which has been used to manipulate and control through fear and group-think. The question is not what’s on the news, but how many people are turning it off, in favor of internal processing. Humanity is tired of being led. We are ready to guide ourselves by our own inner compass.

In place of linear time comes an ever present now moment. This is part of your immortality. Every step, every moment of your journey brought you here, and the journey will continue in that fashion. If something doesn’t feel quite right, then wait to act. When it’s the right situation and the right time, you’ll know it. I like to research, but I immediately know the right path when I feel it. No more getting lost in mental gymnastics. When I try to work things out with only my mind, progress grinds to a halt. The path must be felt, then the mind can join in for action steps.

Our bodies are changing, both energetically and physically. 3D holds our physical existence as little carbon-based units. This is a physical ascension to 5D, so our bodies are becoming more crystalline. My ascension symptoms used to be fatigue and pain, now it is more about adjusting to increased hearing and smell, and animal telepathy. My senses are getting sharper, no matter what medicine says is possible. The important thing to remember about science and medicine is that they only tell us our current level of understanding. Never mistake our current level of understanding with the actual truth. As our physicality evolves, so will our science on the subject.

For me, my body has been clear about its changing needs. Some days I eat a good amount of food, while other days I have a handful of mixed nuts and a lot of water. Some days sugar sounds terrible, and other days it’s salt. I can feel my nervous system changing. My body requested I stop all supplements for a bit. I am complying with all requests, and my body feels relaxed and happy. I got Covid in November, and after a month of exhaustion, I truly feel better than I have in decades. I’m not the only who has mentioned improved health after recovery. Could this plague be acting as a DNA upgrade? Without doubt, it is a man-made virus (symptoms changing everyday), but nature always bends things to her needs. Nature always wins.

Mentally, I have much less worry and judgement. The catch is when my words get away from my personal integrity, I spiral hard. All of a sudden I can’t stop thinking about what I wish I had said differently. This is new for me. The result is that I am much more careful with both my words and my thoughts. It really has very little to do with the other person, and everything to do with my own integrity. Alignment with the Higher Self makes integration smoother. Anything out of alignment quickly becomes obvious.

I think what is most strange (in this super strange process) is my complete personality change. I have always been a planner, with great skill at discipline, and now plans are an outline (with no real timeline) and my discipline is in maintaining my flexibility. Was my personality that far out of alignment before? I think so. But I also think it was a necessary coping skill to survive on this planet before now. My old personality served me well, now it’s time for something else. Every morning I wonder what part of myself I will discover. It’s like soul retrieval with confetti. Weird, but fun!

Anyway, I hope this update is helpful. You are not alone, and “you’re just as sane as I am” (Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter). I wonder what will happen next…

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Goodbye 2021

At the end of each year I look back at the amazing lessons I’ve learned. Instead of a list of resolutions, I highly recommend you honor yourself, and the past year, by reviewing the insights you have gained. I felt quite guided this past year, like I was being prepared for something. There was much purging, both physically and mentally. Even though the year flew by, it feels like I learned at least five year’s worth of lessons. Here are some of my lessons from 2021:

Saying goodbye to a furry friend never gets any easier. The grieving process gets smoother, but the parting is always hard.
Codependency is much more ingrained and entangled in my psyche than I had thought.
To lovingly hold space, I must fully release all hope of the person ever growing.
Hope and faith are totally different. Hope has attachment.
Knowing it is darkest before the dawn doesn’t make the dark any easier.
My friends support me, even in my darkness.
Healers show up at my door at just the right time, usually disguised as new friends.
Living in the present requires forgiving the past.
Living in the present requires trusting in the future (no more disaster planning).
I still have to remind myself to trust my path. Planning ahead got me where I am, but its time is over.
Community is where it’s at. I feel safe knowing I can call on others, and I’m not in this alone.
Learning I am on the autism spectrum gives me a new way to know myself, a new take on my reality.
Most of the things on the list of autism “disabilities” are what I’ve always considered my superpowers.
I’m sad that people with superpowers are considered disabled. Not for much longer, I’m sure.
Just seeing the light in another reminds me of who I truly am.
I hope I remind others of who they truly are.
I would like to be more lighthearted.
Redirecting my thoughts to the positive is now habit.
I was built to tear down the old. I have no idea what to do now. I have faith that I will be led.
This is the first year I have experienced extended periods of peace and bliss. I had no idea that was possible before. I could get used to it.
My life has been treacherous at times, but it has led me here. Excellent planning.
I feel honored to have carried the torch, and I feel great about passing it on. The next wave is ready. I’m excited to see where the future goes.
I am blessed to be filled with gratitude, curiosity, and excitement!

In case you missed it, check out the energy forecast for 2022 – The Great Reset. I also enjoyed rereading the forecast for 2021. Things always make more sense in hindsight. The coming year starts the turning point for humanity. What an amazing time to be alive! Happy New Year!

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2022 – The Great Reset

Illustration is composed of 5 separate labelled layers.

I feel fantastic about 2022! Of course, I’m a Scorpio, and pretty partial to death and rebirth. The illusion must collapse to make room for the truth of who we are and why we are here. Everyone thinks they want the illusion to fall away, until they start seeing exactly how much of our world is illusion. 2022 & 2023 will be labeled by history as “the turning point”, but living through it is a day-to-day business. The outcome will be well worth it, and the collapse of the illusion will be amazing to witness, if you keep your focus on the big picture.

This won’t be a single event, but more like waves coming in to wash away the distortions. Between waves, we will be integrating this new, less distorted information, and adjusting our mental framework to match. On a personal level, the work of 2022 will be reassessing stories and values. For those who have been working with their own stories, and are comfortable with mental re-framing, this year will feel like a dance. We can wake-up each day with curiosity: I wonder what’s different today? For those stuck in their opinions, or married to a narrative, it will be a trying year. It really comes down to what you believe is the underlying truth – human structure, or divine structure. Human structure is about to be knocked down a few pegs.

2022 could easily be called “Truth, Faith, and Healing”. Sounds lovely, until you think of what’s required to find truth, faith, and healing. The timeline split will be even more pronounced. I feel quite loved and safe as I project myself into 2022, but I have absolutely no desire for the future to resemble the past. If there are still folks out there planning a future around the values and strategies of the last century, this one’s gonna hurt. Be kind, and let others feel safe when changing their minds. For many, the hardest thing to change is their mental stories. This means no judgement, of self or other. Let people change – this year will demand it.

“Truth”, in this context, is closer to “transparency”. Instead of arguing over which group has the correct story, the manipulation is washed away, leaving the actual event exposed for all to see. Some say they want truth, when they actually just want to be right. They are so embedded in their story, that seeing what actually took place will cause a bit of shell-shock. This will probably happen to us all at some level this year. Stay mentally flexible enough to say: I used to believe in that? How silly of me! Forgive yourself, and move on. Manipulation and distortion existed in 3D. Transparency exists in 5D.

“Faith” really means “trust”… trust in life, trust in evolution, trust in a bigger picture. There are a few still talking about the importance of making the “right” choice (free will) to keep this Ascension thing rolling. We are past that point. While free will choices will definitely affect your personal journey, the ball of evolution has picked up enough speed that it’s happening either way. Trust in that. No matter how messy the world stage may look, we are heading in the right direction, with increasing speed. Yes, add your light to love the collective through this transition, but you no longer have to push. Your light and intention add to the speed of the shift, but it’s happening either way.

“Healing” means “soul-alignment”, moving from ego stories to actual soul-driven living. Think of a happy four-year-old: They sing and dance and love, they are always creating in playful ways, and they love to help (they want to be included in everything from cooking to fixing the car.) They never worry. What if this is what being human is really meant to be? Leave open the possibility that soul-based living looks nothing like the 3D life we have built. Every time your ego starts to act up, comfort it by telling it this new way will be easier and more fun. The ego can’t stay in resistance if you stop fighting with it. Just treat the ego with love and redirection.

The structures that will collapse this year (and going forward) simply can’t exist in 5D. This means all power hierarchies, and all enslavement tools. Perhaps the most successful enslavement tool is money. It is part of 3D life, and I’m not saying money is inherently “bad”, but it most definitely doesn’t exist in the 5D future. Please work on removing your bank account from your sense of abundance. If you had all your needs met, what would abundance look like to you? I feel abundant when I spend time one-on-one with people. I feel abundant when I am supported, both emotionally and practically (help with projects). I feel abundant when I am surrounded by rocks (making jewelry, sitting in my rock garden). If I had all the money in the world, it wouldn’t make me feel abundant. Spend some time contemplating what fills your heart.

Money is a finite, linear, mental concept. Finite and linear meaning scarcity is built-in – if one has a lot, someone else has less. Love is the opposite – the more you give away, the more you have. Money is only a concept, an idea. Your body needs air, water, and food to survive (at least for now), whereas people existed for thousands of years without money. It was an interesting tool for a time, but it’s not going with us as we evolve. If you are having a hard time understanding that money isn’t necessary for progress it may be time to re-watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. To learn more about money and a possible money-less future I recommend Zeitgeist The Addendum and Zeitgeist Moving Forward.

Just like dandelions bursting through cracks in the sidewalk, 5D technologies are popping up all over the place. I recommend GoodNewsNetwork.org for the latest on amazing technologies and positive stories. I also highly recommend distance from both social media and news. 2022 is all about disconnecting from group think, and reconnecting to the intelligence of your own soul. It will be a smoother process without propaganda and opinion. I understand the desire to stay informed, which you can do through something like a headline only, non-biased email, like 1440. Find a news source without commentary or dramatic music, and limit your time there. You can be aware of the world-stage chaos, while choosing to focus on the amazing future. This is one of those free will choices that will change the quality of your personal journey.

It’s a great time to question everything. As we reassess our stories and realign our values with our soul, we may decide some things in our life no longer serve us. That’s okay. It’s okay to drop whatever or whoever you have to in order to align with your soul. It’s also okay to keep your situation, and just drop the stories that no longer support your evolution. I’m quite sure you will know exactly what you need. If it feels expansive and full of love, it will be the easier path.

None of us can know what 5D will look like, but I can tell you how it feels. 5D is expansive, and joyful, and abundant from the heart, and amazingly free and easy. Anything that feels restrictive or scary is part of the old paradigm, without a doubt. As Cynthia Sue Larson asks about jumping timelines, “How good can it get?’ Witness the fall of the illusion with some emotional distance, and focus your attention on the New World coming into play. The Great Reset – what an incredible time to be alive!

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The End of Striving

The world has taught us to achieve. We have been led to believe that constantly striving for more is the path to happiness. As we know, happiness isn’t a destination, it is a perspective. We are either happy or we aren’t, independent of our striving. But constant striving creates a bubble of distraction around us, it keeps us occupied and removed from our body and our feelings. This was the point of the game – to keep us playing by dangling a carrot that isn’t really there and keep us in our minds, like a rat in a maze.

Striving (achieving) isn’t bad or wrong, it just can’t be the driving force if we are to be truly happy. The ego is the part that strives, the Spirit is the part that really wants happiness. The Spirit is ready to embody, meaning the Higher Self is ready to co-create with the body. Now is the time to honor and align with the body-temple. When my body is healthy, I’m happier. I have been working with my body, with intention and loving devotion, for three years now and I have the relationship pretty dialed-in. I even feel a significant difference with a change in temperature. I’m just happy and relaxed when I’m warm. I always knew I disliked being cold, but now I feel my whole body relax and open up when I’m warm.

The upside to this level of body awareness is being able to reach a state of meditative bliss much easier, just by asking my body (partner) what it needs right now. It’s almost like I am being rewarded just for listening… and who doesn’t feel better when they are heard? The downside is that I can no longer indulge in the social nicety of an occasional non-organic (GMO laced) meal with friends. Someone was nice enough to cook me a meal recently, and it seemed rude not to eat it. Right away I could feel the discomfort in my digestive tract, and the next morning my spleen hurt. Just a subtle discomfort, but it was definitely my spleen. It’s strange, even for me, to be this aware of my body. In order to build my body-relationship I had to stop and listen. I had to stop striving and letting my ego mind lead.

Worldly achievement is an ego endeavor. If the goal is career advancement, more money, and better stuff, then it is just distraction. The ego structure is dissolving rapidly, and anything you have been doing based on that structure is about to be glaringly obvious. Not all striving is based on an outside story. If your reasons for doing something are your own, striving (as a part-time thing) can be quite healthy. We’ve just gotten lost in an imaginary fairyland of mental dominance.

As above, so below. Above, we have the cocoon of space-time (3D & 4D) changing rapidly. This is the barrier between Earth and the rest of the galaxy. This barrier made us feel alone in the universe. Below, we have the cocoon of the ego changing rapidly. The ego kept us feeling separate and alone in our individual lives. Humans are built for connection. At this point, letting go of fear and judgement will bring almost instant connection. As the isolation of ego 3D & 4D dissolve, the unity of 5D builds. Be willing to release what needs to be released in your life. It won’t take three focused years to build a body-connection at this point. It will happen quite naturally, if you just get out of your own way (out of the mental stories).

What happens on the other side of striving? Intuitive direction and joyful motivation. I still chop wood and carry water (more like laundry and cooking), but it no longer feels like an endless “to do” list. Most of the time I feel absolutely amazing, and this feeling has been my new baseline for weeks. I’m usually a bit early, so it’s on the way even if you haven’t felt it yet. We were taught to strive (do), now we must learn how to be. This is a move from talking to listening, both inner and outer.

For some, this won’t be an easy transition. Be kind to yourself and others. Try to flow with the current of life. Some ties will need to be cut, but some things can stay in your life, if the story is changed. If you are already flowing with life, be assured that everything is perfect. The ascension is going quite well, and the energetic support is truly amazing. The goal for 2022 – The Great Reset is to get out of the head and into the heart. That 18 inches from head to heart is said to be the longest journey one can take. Start each day with curiosity, and end each day with a gratitude list. This is what we came here for. Thank you for being on the planet right now. I see you ❤

If this info is helpful, you can follow my blog (lower right side of page) to have posts delivered directly to your inbox. You may also enjoy my books, Waking Up Indigo, Walking In Both Worlds, and What’s Next, available at Amazon, both in paperback and on Kindle. Please feel free to share and re-post these writings… we are all just walking each other home.

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