Sacred Rebellion

Before you start this article, take a few deep breaths. Now take a few more. Return to your body. Return to the now. Nothing is all that bad, when you keep returning to yourself. Remember this. Maybe it’s a good time to reread ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle.

The old world is dying, and the new is just beginning. Both death and birth can be scary and dramatic… or you can learn techniques to ease the inevitable. For birth, Lamaze breathing just gives a point to focus on. The baby is coming out either way. That’s where we are on the world stage. Wild fires, and assassinations, and war, oh my. I’m not saying don’t care or stay uninformed, I’m just saying don’t join the circus. Stay above the fray. This is where you’re needed.

At this point in history, it’s important not to repeat old stories, old triggers, both personal and collective. Don’t fall into the same patterns of fear and division. We’ve seen that movie before. Rebel. Joy is rebellion. Love is rebellion. Laughter is definitely a sacred rebellion. Staying present and relaxed is the only way to steer this ship to calmer waters. The nice part is that it takes very few focused minds to hold this new trajectory. If you fall into the fray, just climb out, and refocus. We can hold this space.

Climbing out may be easier if you mix things up. Change your routine, change your patterns, change your mind. Please don’t incorporate the current atmosphere into your personal narrative. We are all feeling it, and it will pass. Making it part of your story just brings attachment, and a deeper experience of the chaos.

There have been times this past week (eclipse window) when I have felt great, only to be side-swiped by a wave of fear. I am aware of my own energy enough to know it wasn’t mine, but it still knocked me down a few notches. The trick is to get back up quickly – don’t stay there. The longer you wallow, the more tempting it is to make it personal. We all get knocked down, that’s just a given. Recognizing it, and getting back up is mastery.

Try to keep it light. Keep returning to your body. Stay present. Fear is simply an imagined future, not a current experience. Take breathing breaks. You aren’t alone. We were built for this. This is the sacred rebellion.


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Goodbye 2019

Every year I reflect on the lessons I’ve learned. I highly recommend this practice, both as a way of honoring the year, and reviewing personal growth. This feels like more than my usual yearly note. We are wrapping up a decade of growth. What an amazing ride it’s been! There were some deep wounds in this decade, but from here, they seem distant and totally necessary. 2019 was magical for me. Here are a few of my most powerful lessons…

I learn a lot by observation, but it’s more painful than making my own mistakes. More awareness, less adrenaline. Not my favorite.
It’s the compassionate thing to simply let people make their own mistakes, without trying to break the fall.
This level of compassion is tough for me.
Stopping the flow of my life hurts, even when it’s on purpose. I do better when I don’t refuse the flow.
Unexpectedly finding new soul family members makes the journey worth it.
Soul family only shows up when I’m living at a soul level. Consistently.
I feel like I’ve exceeded my own expectations in this life. It’s all frosting from here.
Compromising myself for the comfort of others is no longer an option.
Codependency can be healed with awareness.
I am not stronger than narcissistic abuse. Removing toxic people from my life is essential for awareness and healing.
I love that my life is so different, even in the not-so-fun ways.
I love that I can feel my DNA changing, even when others think I’m crazy.
Those who consider me crazy aren’t my people.
I love that meditating now changes the smell of my skin.
I am really rooting for the awakening of the Devine Masculine. It’s exciting!
Even when things don’t go as planned, I’m really proud of myself for jumping in with both feet. All in. Not many people do that.
Giving your word is making a commitment. Commitment is very important to me.
Forgiveness and trust are two different things. Forgiveness comes with time. Once broken, trust never grows back the same way. Trust is very important to me.
Someone can only love me as deeply as they love themselves. I should read that again.
I love being single.
Staying open to the possibility of partnership is important for my path.
My personal definition of a successful romantic relationship is when you are still friends after it ends.
Fear is always lying. Always.
Friendship is always more important than money. Always.
It’s hard for me to see people at an ego level. I really need to watch their actions, not their light. Light is embodied through action.
If I am confused by someone’s behavior, all I need to do is look at their partner and friends. Their circle doesn’t lie. They fit for a reason.
Many of my inner circle live far from me. I hope that changes.
Let people be right where they are, without judgement, but keep moving.
For the first time, I’m glad I incarnated early. Helping to lay the groundwork for this shift  has been an honor and a privilege.
The fabric of this ego personality is unraveling rapidly. Embodiment is weird.
I’m not sure I have an inner child. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.
I carry the archetypes of Truth and Faith. Truth is easy, Faith has been elusive. Until now.
I’m so excited for the future!

If you missed it, check out the energy forecast for 2020 ~ First Steps. This next year promises to be a bright one. Always leave room for unexpected happiness! Blessings on your sacred journey!


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2020 ~ First Steps

A new decade is upon us, as the adventure continues! For those who have been doing some kind of inner work, 2020 looks to be very bright. For those actively avoiding their inner work, the coming year will include a lot of abrupt endings, to put you back on your path. For those who have never even heard of inner work, waking up will be abrupt and confusing. Be kind to all, especially yourself, as we each take our own first steps into the future.

2020 marks the year when we (collectively) begin to shift from individual ego lives, to the larger picture, or hive mentality. Before anyone gets worried about losing their individuality… Look around you at the world stage. The current paradigm was built on, and for, the personal ego. Power struggles are an an ego-based dynamic. We are now beginning to see the value in unity and community, with shared responsibility and support. We will still be individuals, but the focus changes to bringing our individual gifts to the outer world, instead of hoarding them for our separate lives.

For some, sharing personal gifts may seem intimidating. My best advice? Get over yourself. Heal whatever wounds are blocking your expression. The world needs you. It doesn’t matter if your gift is teaching yoga or making lampshades, just let your creativity flow into the world. Someone is waiting for exactly what you have to offer. We are all a step for someone else’s growth. This life is not our’s alone – we belong to each other. This sharing doesn’t have to be your “day job”, but it needs to happen. Scale is irrelevant.

Another big change in 2020 is body-based intuition. Many of us have relied on mental intuition (seeing timelines), or just powering through to reach a goal. That’s no longer the case. Moving from ego to collective also requires moving from forcing to feeling. Not emotional feeling, but pure body reaction. Does thinking about something make you tired? Not angry or sad, but tired. Emotions are generally wrapped up in stories, but the body has its own intelligence. Listen to your body!!! It will guide you.

Free will still matters, and it’s important to keep moving. At the same time, as soon as we try to move in the wrong direction (away from our highest path), things will just crumble. When things fall apart, just know there is something better for you. It’s cosmic redirection, that’s all. If you continue to ignore the small signs, the body will suffer. If you are suddenly gaining weight or getting sick, stop and sit with your body. Ask it what it needs to feel supported. Let your body lead, instead of dragging it along for the ride. Your body strives for health. All we have to do is listen.

This is a year of fluid focus. The old paradigm had us set a goal, and then use determination to get it. Now, the goal is more of a state of being, and how it happens may change. Let go of the “how”. For example, if you want more peace in your life, focus on that feeling and just let the circumstances show up. Let the world move around you. The free will (focus) part of that is daily connection with that feeling. No outer circumstances, just the feeling in your body. Meditate daily, in whatever way works for you, and connect to peace. You are programming your DNA with receptors for a certain vibe, and it will magnetically attract situations that match. Just try it. Everyday.

For the first embodiers – you know who you are – contemplate physical life beyond the ego. Ego death is a big deal, but if it is entered with awareness, it isn’t as traumatic (so I’m told). It’s a whole new level of service to willfully evolve in this way. Commitment to the mission takes on new meaning. It isn’t a choice you have to make right now, but it’s a good point to contemplate. So much of the human experience is based on the ego. For now. We are all evolving beyond it, some very soon.

Be gentle with yourself, with others, and mostly with your body. Support others with their process, while maintaining your own boundaries. Be sure you fill your own cup before giving to others, or asking from others. Responsibility and support, as we take these first steps together.


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Growing Up

Since the 1960’s growing up has been equated with selling out. This is a real tragedy, because the opposite is true. They say great power requires great responsibility, but the important part is seeing the other side… Great responsibility leads to great power. Maturity isn’t selling out, it’s stepping up. You can’t direct your life until you step into the role of adult. As an adult, you set your own course.

The idea of staying a kid is presented as life being easy and carefree. How is that true? As a child, you are forced to conform to your parents beliefs – religion, schooling, gender expectations… do what you’re told, and don’t rock the boat. As an adult, you get to exercise your free will by choosing your own beliefs and your own unique path. The world is your oyster, if you step into your own power, and take responsibility for your own life. True adults are always much happier than eternal children. Acting from free will choice is just more comfortable than being the victim of circumstance. Less whining involved, also.

Along with the misconception that being an eternal child is desirable, most people never had true adult role models. Many were raised by eternal children, and have no real reference to what true maturity actually looks like. If I’m honest, this part breaks my heart. I was raised by very aware and introspective people, and not many had that foundation. Never underestimate the benefits of a good childhood, nor the scars of a bad one.

Blame and tantrums were passed off as adult relationships. Oppression and victimization were the common workplace experiences. Having a family just added stress, not joy. Life was made out to be very hard. This is the mentality of the eternal child. Always dreaming of an easy existence, that never really existed. In my personal experience, this broken world described my time at school. I couldn’t wait to grow up, so I could design my own destiny. But I had strong, mature, adult role models to pattern after.

This is when you get to be really honest with yourself. Did your parents actually act like adults? Did you just assume they were demonstrating adult behavior, just because they were your parents? Can you look back on your childhood, and see what you may have labeled as adult behavior, that really wasn’t? Would you feel differently about your life if you reframed your idea of growing up? Are you happy continuing with your current definition? Ponder these questions, and see what else comes up.

Some think that maturity is simply doing what you need to do, instead of what you want to do. I look at it differently. Maturity is being fully responsible for your own expression (creation). Maturity is keeping all your thoughts and desires in your head, and only speaking or acting after you’ve thought through the consequences. Basically, using your brain as a filter. This changes your every interaction, thus creating a new reality. The next level is redirecting your thoughts, so your inner dialog is really what you want it to be. This is real adult-ing.

The Universe is about to expect a level of maturity most have never even contemplated. Now is the time to reframe and redesign your thoughts on growing up. We are about to leave the eternal children to their victim mentality, and move through personal power to the mature level of absolute accountability. Thinking about your personal power, and why it might be lacking, is the best way to prepare for this shift. Be gentle with yourself… how you got here wasn’t your fault, but it is definitely your responsibility to change it. That’s what growing up is really about.


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Assimilating New Information

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”Stephen Hawking

So much information coming in. Some is quite obvious, some is so subtle, it’s almost undetectable. The only underlying theme is that it is all self-knowledge. A flood of knowing yourself in new ways.

Some of the information seems totally new, while other parts seem like the same game on a whole new level. Life is a spiral, and we continually see things from new perspectives, but this experience is much faster. Like watching your life review on fast forward. So much, all at once!

This is probably tied to liner time changing, and the magnetic poles shifting. As the planet does her thing, we are swept up with her. The nice part is that a critical mass has been preparing for this since 2012, or longer. Anyone reading this has done inner preparation. All we really need to do at this point is stay open. Spend as much time as you can feeling your open heart. Maybe just check-in with yourself throughout your day, to be sure you’re open. An open heart will guide you.

Dreams have been vivid – pay attention. Synchronicity abounds – pay attention. Both old and new paths are surfacing – pay attention. All this information is coming in so we can see the patterns, and make a choice. Right now, the choice is on the mental level. Come January 2020, we will be asked to take steps. Use the new information to prepare mentally, so the steps will be easier.

On a human level, this energy is intense! Yes, there is a background bliss which has been lovely. There is also nausea every time the magnetic poles shift. Lots of physical pain in the arms and sinuses, as we upgrade our 5th & 6th chakras. Earlier this week, there was a huge wave of emotion, so big I can’t even tell you which emotion. Time is both dragging on, and speeding by. On a human level, it’s just not comfortable.

My best advice is to return to your heart and the present moment, whenever possible. Staying heart-based and present will keep you above the fray. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or lost, return to your heart and the now. At this point, we just need to be open and receive the messages. Just listen, and contemplate what you’ve discovered about yourself. A good (short) read has been gifted to us from Sandra Walter HERE.

Of course, this is also playing out on the world stage. As above so below; as within so without. Try to keep away from the outer noise, and keep turning your focus inward. The fastest way to heal the world is to heal yourself. Be gentle with yourself, as you assimilate the new.


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* Entitlement *

This subject has been confusing and elusive to me. Only this week has it made sense, and only when viewed through the lens of old archetypes. At least to me. This is the mystical view, and you (as always) can feel free to dismiss it and go with your own explanation. Just sit with the energy and ideas, and see what rings true for you.

We must start in the past, when polarity was so extreme we had to divide life into gender roles. Men were the providers, and took great pride in that role. The ability to support your family, and fix things around the house was a great thing. Women were the homemakers, and took great pride in that role. Keeping the house tidy, raising children, and keeping everyone healthy and well fed was a great thing. The point being, both parties wanted to do their role, and do it well. This started to break down about a hundred years ago.

Fast-forward to the early 2000’s, the age of entitlement. Men generally despise going to work and financially supporting a family. Women want to do as little as possible with home and kids, while being financially supported. No one wants to do the old role, yet they all expect others to carry the burden of living. Maybe we are just trying to live in expired archetypes. With Unity Consciousness returning, each of us is responsible for balancing these energies within. It seems very isolated at first, but when these balanced people find each other, miracles can happen.

This also leads me to the idea of toxic masculinity. Again, this isn’t a gender issue, it’s about our inner energies. Your feminine is your body, and your masculine is your Higher Mind (not the ego mind). Collectively, we have slipped from our Higher Mind to our ego mind (monkey mind), and our bodies are paying for it. Remember Dax from the show Deep Space Nine? That character was a symbiotic being that could get transplanted into a new host body, but kept the wisdom she had collected in her thousands of years. That’s basically what I’m saying. Your body is not an amusement park. Your body supports your physical life, and you need to support its health in return.

Having slipped into the ego mind, and the mind being our masculine energy (free will), we have collectively decided to go with the masculine shadow of the eternal child. We all want to run about and have fun, while someone else cares and provides for us. Both men and women are living this shadow, not all but many. Ask yourself if you are happy to do the work of living, or if everything seems burdensome. Even when we drop the concept of money and jobs, there will still be growing and harvesting food, raising children, and a multitude of other tasks.

Shout out to my Mom – She always gave thanks for the washing machine, because our ancestors did laundry by beating the clothes on rocks in the river. I remember that every time I do laundry.

If you honestly think life should be a permanent vacation, you are totally living in the shadows. If you think the chores of life are drudgery and you want a full-time staff to do them for you, you are living in the shadows. If you are expecting someone to save you from your life, you are living in the shadows. The incoming message is simple: Grow Up! We must master our own thoughts, before evolution can work its magic. Taking care of your own body and surroundings is the first step. Well, second step… the first step is being honest with yourself about when you feel entitled, and whiny about living.

This all kind of sounds like everyone is an island, all alone in the world. It’s quite the opposite. You are, however, all alone in your mind. Only you know what’s going on in there, and only you can change it. We must each be empowered from the inside, so we can attract other empowered beings. This is where Unity Consciousness steps in. Instead of the polarity of gender roles, we are headed towards empowered communities.

Does this mean you need to be more independent? Only mentally. We all have friends and partners to help us with life, and that’s as it should be. What I’m saying is mind your Mind. Check the story you’re living. Anytime you want to escape or be saved, look at the shadow belief you are running. This is Mastery level stuff, so be sure to observe your thoughts without judgement. Just knowing what’s driving you can change everything.

No one really wants to be an eternal child, but most of us haven’t even looked at the other options. Dig deep. Dissolve your own sense of entitlement.


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* Fractal Reality *

These posts come to me from the ether somewhere. I feel like they are broadcast to all, but a few of us pick up the message more strongly, so I pass it on as best I can. Once in a while, the very secrets of creation come streaming in. I used to worry about publicly sharing this secret information, but then I realized two things… 1) The time for secrets is over, and 2) If  someone isn’t ready to receive, they don’t hear me anyway. The Mystery Teachings really do require the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. So let’s create some reality, shall we?

I love it when old information is presented in a new way. It’s all symbol and metaphor, but some symbols are just easier to understand. The Mystery Schools teach that reality is holographic… you can cut off a corner, and still see the whole picture within the piece. I can mentally grasp it, but it never seemed natural to me. A few days ago, I got the image of all reality as a fractal. That one feels easier to me. While this concept can be applied at any level, I’m going to focus on the physical. After all, changing the physical world is what we’re after.

Imagine a fractal. The spiraling arms represent both the micro (molecules), and the macro (universes). Your Higher Mind is the center, where it all springs from. As all Divinity, the center is everywhere, and the circumference is nowhere. We are each the defining force in our own fractal. When our thoughts are untrained, and just repeating old input (monkey mind), The fractal just keeps repeating in the same way, both micro and macro.

Here’s the crazy part… we get to change the pattern by focusing the Higher Mind. This can be done by will (lower magic), or by love (higher magic). Thoughts are electric, and emotions are magnetic. If we use our will to constantly redirect our thoughts to love, the result is magnetically attracting that vibration into our field.

I know this seems overwhelming on a grand scale, so we’re just going to focus on our own body. Every chance you get, redirect the conversation to love. If you don’t like your body, figure out why. If your body has addiction issues, get it help. Treat your body as a dear friend, who has always been there for you. Because it has. Your body is the only reason you get to exist, and create, in the physical realm. The more loving dialog you have with your body, the easier it becomes to change physical reality. Your own body is the key.

Motivation matters. Are you avoiding alcohol because you should, or because you love your liver? Doing (or avoiding) things because you are following a list is just dogma. Dogma is just a belief system, and not grounded in the physical plane. Acting out of love is where the power lies. Do you avoid leaving your dog in a hot car because you might get in trouble, or because you want the animal to be safe and comfortable? How much of what you do for your own body is motivated by love?

This is where the shadow work comes in. Figure out your own stories that keep you from self-love. I’m not taking about body image, or indulging base desires, I mean real love. Real support. Unconditional stuff. Your body naturally strives for health. Your Higher Mind naturally wants to be in body. Loving and supporting our body is our natural state. If you aren’t there, and many aren’t, your work is to figure out why, and fix it. Changing the physical world requires changing our relationship to it, starting with our host body.

We all know that as each person awakens, it affects the collective. This is totally true, but grounding it in the physical plane requires a physical connection. What if your self-talk is heard, stored, and repeated in your cells? What if the patterns you create spiral out into the multiverse? What if you can change the shape of your fractal at anytime, by redefining your relationship to your body? As with any change it takes time and practice to become permanent. It’s worth it.

Your relationship with your own body can show you, with great clarity, where you are on the spiritual path. When we change the game from “amusement park” to complete support, we change everything. The whole world goes from selfish to selfless, in a heartbeat. Greed and hierarchy have no place in a world of loving cooperation. The Masculine (mind), and the Feminine (body) come into perfect unison, as they were meant to be. This is where we’ll effect the macro of our planet. This is how we change fractal reality.


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* Personality Continuum *

We can no longer look at the world through the lens of polarity. No more black and white, only shades of grey. Are you ready to release the absolutes? Are you ready to explore the immense in-between possibilities? The world becomes much larger when there is endless possibility, rather than two basic options. Navigating this is what I want to explore.

Some will try to use this concept as a justification to support their hedonism. “If nothing is really “bad”, then anything I do is “good”, right?” I’m coming at it from the other end. We always have access to a better version of ourselves. Nature wants to grow, expand, and evolve. If you don’t, it is your responsibility to figure out why, and address the issue. Absolute personal accountability. Be where you are, without judgement, but keep moving.

It used to be easier to think of human potential as layers: body, ego, Spirit. At this point in time, people are waking up rapidly, and the ego can fluctuate wildly. Gone are the days of spending an entire lifetime with one, basic, unchanging personality. It is now easier (for me, at least) to think of the human experience as a continuum. Instead of a light side and a dark side, we have access to all the options between. Our personality continuum can be visualized as a rainbow – we can vibrate at either end of the spectrum, or anywhere in between.

The key is figuring out where you spend the majority of your time, and how quickly you bounce back after you fall to lower vibrations. We all fall. Want proof? Just stub your toe on the way to the bathroom at 2 in the morning… That’ll throw you right into anger and blame, I don’t care who you are. The question is, how long do you let yourself stay there? Everyone falls, but some bounce right back up. Returning to your current set-point is natural. And it helps you discover what your set-point is.

Where do you spend most of your time? Angry? Happy? Checked out? Afraid? We each have access to the full range. It’s a matter of focus, and practice, to keep us moving in the direction we want to go. This is about mental mastery. You drive your whole reality with the stories you dwell on. Choose the ones that support who you want to become.

Now we are going to flip this around, to choose our inner circle of friends. This has nothing to do with judgement, only discernment. The difference is this: judgement says things are wrong, where discernment says things are wrong for me. I have friends who are addicts, and others at various levels of narcissism. I can love them where they’re at on their path, while still knowing I need to keep a certain amount of distance for me to walk my own path. Boundaries are essential. You will have a greater capacity for love, if you take steps to keep your field clear. Spend time around people you want to become.

When looking at others, evaluate their actions. It doesn’t matter that you can see the sparkly light of their soul. It doesn’t matter that they speak of how they would be if some circumstance were different. The ego personality (vibration level set-point) is shown in the actions. The level of personal awareness is shown by their daily activities. People are right where they’re willing to be, and no one can change them. Change is entirely internal. Trying to change others isn’t loving. It leaves one feeling judged, while the other feels frustrated. Knowing when to leave is an art.

Also remember, we can only know others as deeply as we know ourselves. We can only love others as deeply as we love ourselves. We can only see others as deeply as we see ourselves. Know yourself, so you can know others. Remember to reverse this also. Others can only know, love, see you as deeply as they can with themselves. Don’t be taken off guard when someone doesn’t give you the love they can’t give themselves. Just because you really see deeply, doesn’t mean the people around you have done the inner work to reciprocate. They are doing their best from where they are, but don’t assume they are operating at your level.

Looking at this continuum gives us another way to see ourselves, and others. We can challenge ourselves to reach new heights, at a gradual pace, without judgement of right and wrong. We can honestly evaluate our circle of friends. We can walk in the world with more awareness, which is the point of the game. It’s okay to change and grow, at any speed. It’s okay to leave people where they are on their path, to grow at their own pace. The more people who are consciously evolving, the smoother the path becomes for others to follow. The biggest service you can offer to the world is your own growth. Explore your own personality continuum.


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* Finding the Inner Door *

Once upon a time, a long time ago, humanity fell from unity to polarity and separation. This greatly limited our ability to hold our natural dual energy, and it had to be divided by gender. Women held the feminine energy, while men held the masculine energy. There is much discussion as to why this happened. I am less concerned with the past, and more interested with the present reunification taking place. Now, each of us is capable, and responsible, of holding both polarities, regardless of gender.

Way back when we fell into polarity, women held the space for the physical body, and a nurturing environment. Men held the space for the higher mind, and new action in the world. This worked well at first, but in a world of polarity, a shadow side is inevitable. The greatest feminine shadows are victimization and manipulation. The greatest masculine shadows are abusiveness and immaturity (eternal child). We each hold the scars of all four  shadows in our subconscious.

Eventually, men looked to women for a connection to the physical world, and for nurturing. It devolved into needing a prostitute, or a mother. The value of women was reduced to sexual appeal, or homemaking skills. Women looked to men to make all the decisions, and all the money. It devolved into needing a sugar daddy to give all power to (no one really wants another’s power, it’s heavy). The value of a man was reduced to a paycheck, and carrying all the responsibility.

This is no longer about gender roles, though some still try to play these out. At this point in time, it’s about addressing the shadows of both polarities within. Are you viewing your own body as weak, or only worth something if it looks a certain way, or gives you pleasure? Do you use your mind only to get ahead, and your self-worth is dependent on monetary gain? Is your own mind (free will) abusive to your own body, or are they true partners? The world is out of kilter, and we change it by addressing our own imbalances.

A friend of mine was expressing concern about men finding their hearts. I explained that most of my work is with men. We decided that men and women just find their hearts in different ways. Naturally, this got me thinking about those differences, and how to describe them in the simplest way (because that’s what my brain does in its spare time).

Once upon a time, this could be divided into gender. Not anymore. For almost 200 years we have been unifying our dual energies, and now every one of us holds both masculine and feminine. Now, we fast forward to the present day, where this polarity is becoming inner unity. For this discussion, when I say “men”, I mean masculine energy, electric, outward, yang. When I say “women”, I mean feminine energy, magnetic, inward, yin. This isn’t about gender (anymore). I know many women with excessive masculine energy, and many men with excessive feminine energy. Only you know which energy is stronger for you. Please remember this has absolutely nothing to do with gender or sexual expression, at this point in time. Think in terms of energy.

After all that context, on to finding the inner door… We find it through balancing the two polarities within, so it’s about knowing where you are currently, and finding a path to strengthen the opposite pole.

From the feminine – This side is highly familiar with the body, physical nature, and using physical sensations as guidance. From here, the path to balance is using the mind to rewrite and consciously create new stories. Instead of feeling something in the body (emotion or intuition) and automatically attaching an old story (“I must feel this way because…”), try letting the body give information without jumping to conclusions about what it means. In other words, add in a pause for analytical thought. Still fully feel, but think about the story you keep replaying. You are in complete control of your stories. The stories you had probably served a purpose at one point, but they may be outdated. It’s okay to think about what you feel.

From the masculine – This side is highly familiar with the mind, taking action, and strategy. From here, the path to balance is through body awareness. Use yoga, tai chi, or conscious breathing to begin a dialog with your body. Something gentle (not working out), where you begin to sense your body’s input. Really pay attention to the sensations of the body when you are in emotional situations. Allow yourself to physically feel where these sensations are in the body (tingling head, tight chest, etc.). Physically feeling emotions can be disorienting at first, and your reaction may be to jump back to mental evaluation. Just remember these sensations have always been there, it is only your awareness of them that’s new. It’s good to know what your body feels, that’s how we get most of our intuition.

Most of us have moments at each pole, and the path back is always balance. We all have both the strengths, and the shadows, of each. Awareness is what matters. As both energies find balance within, it opens the door for inner Divine Union (body & Higher Self), which is the whole point of this game. While the feminine woke up first, I think the masculine will wake up faster. The heart can be found through either the emotions or the mind, you just have to bring in some balance. Race you to the inner door…


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* Pro Tips *

I know there’s a lot going on out there, and there isn’t a ton of practical guidance. At some point, most of your guidance comes from within. That said, we all still need a little support sometimes, so I want to share some of my own tools that help me find clarity. They all still rely on awareness, so these tips are for folks who have developed the skill of observation, both of self and others. Hopefully, these tips will smooth your unique journey.

Listen to your intuition – Seems simple, but how do you know if it’s intuition or ego? It helps to figure out what part of your head got the message, and what it sounded or looked like. Exercise: Pick a single-syllable, non-emotional word, like book or chair. Close your eyes, and say this word silently. Notice the sound (or color, or sensation). Now say the word only in the front of your head. Then only in the back. Then one side at a time. Notice how it changes in tone, or visual, or whatever. Practice this everyday. When a story pops in that you know for sure is your ego, what area does it come from? This one takes practice, but it’s a useful tool.

Follow your gut feeling – The problem here is your feelings may be drastically different before, during, and after an encounter. Be really aware of your feelings at each stage. If you feel great, almost special, when you are with someone, then horrible afterward (like coming off a drug), then something is terribly wrong. If you feel horrible when they go, yet still long for their return, please consider there may be some serious codependency, or an entity, at work. Maybe both; they aren’t mutually exclusive. People and situations that are truly good for you leave a blissful, or at least happy, feeling in their wake. Really pay attention to how you feel after an encounter.

Just open your heart – It’s not a light switch; hearts open when they are ready. You can, however, make a supportive environment for your open heart. You can also create the chemical cocktail of emotion to encourage openness. Creating the environment includes practicing gratitude daily, breathing consciously, and being present. The emotional chemicals can be stirred by thinking of things that bring you joy, or even watching joyful videos. Why do you think so many people watch video clips of cats, dogs, or baby animals? It creates chemicals that relax us, and open us to love. Do, think, or watch whatever opens you, and feel how the body feels in that state. As you practice this, it creates a path to your heart, and leaves an invitation.

Heed advice from trusted friends – I am a total ask-hole (the asshole who asks for advice, then doesn’t take it). For this one, you have to be really aware of where your friends are operating from. I have friends who are very mental, and friends who are very intuitive, and several other options in between. I listen to each (I really do listen), then I decide which style of thinking suits my current situation. I then compare their solution to my own intuition, and make a choice. I’m not ignoring your input, it just might not be in line with my goals for the situation. Listen to those that care about you, but only you know what’s best for your path.

Listen to your body – There’s a good deal of trial and error here. Two big things: actively build a positive dialog with your body, and respond when you get a message. Be sure you speak to your body the same way you want to be spoken to. When someone tells me, “You suck, and you look like crap! Do better, and suck it up, Buttercup!” they just won’t get my full effort. On the other hand, if they say, “Are you okay? You have my full support to heal. Let me know what you need.” then I will be all in. Your thoughts and words matter more than I can say. And once your body asks for something, just do it, even if it’s not part of your routine. More sleep? More water? A steak? A handful of grapes? Respond to its requests, and thank it every chance you get.

View your life from the observer mind – The thing here is we can only observe briefly. There are several levels of ego mind, so use the observer to choose an ego level. For example, I love to reframe everything to “this is happening for me”, and that’s just refining the ego. The observer mind only observes. If there is any hint of self-judgement, right and wrong, then you are still in the ego. The observer mind watches without preference. It’s a great place to go to choose the ego response you want, but you still have to choose an ego response. Do I throw a fit, or do I laugh at myself? Is this situation happening to me, or for me? Do I get wrapped up in the past/future, or do I focus on the current moment? The ego is essential, but moldable. The observer mind gives you the pause to make a choice.

Doing these things on a regular basis raises our awareness, allowing us to make choices that support our best timeline experience. If you have other tips and tricks, please share them in the comments section. We are all on this crazy ride together, so let’s help each other any way we can!


A special thanks to those who have donated (donate button on the right) – it really helps! If this info is helpful, you can follow my blog (lower right side of page) to have posts delivered directly to your inbox, or you can follow me on Facebook. You may also enjoy my books, Waking Up Indigo and Walking In Both Worlds, available at Amazon!


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