~ Self Mastery & Psychic Abilities ~

It is critical to note that self-mastery and psychic abilities are NOT the same, nor does one indicate the other. Many of us believe that someone with psychic or energetic gifts is somehow more spiritually advanced, and the simply isn’t true. This isn’t about “we are all equal”, this is about avoiding the pain of “following” someone you feel is advanced, only to find out their ego is running the show. Be aware of the ego, both theirs and yours, and don’t be blinded by super natural abilities. Some people are just more psychic than others, it is NOT a sign of accomplishment or advancement.

I have worked with many gifted healers, readers, teachers, and channelers who are absolutely amazing when they are tuned-in to that high vibrational place, but in their daily lives there are no signs of a higher vibration. It can almost seem like a different personality altogether. There’s nothing wrong with living in this kind of polarity, but it can bring disillusionment and heartbreak to those around them. Just be aware of who you are dealing with (the human ego, or the Higher Self), and set boundaries accordingly. Just because someone is psychically gifted, doesn’t automatically mean they are a nice person.

Self-mastery is a goal we can all work toward, but it is always work. By that, I don’t mean it is difficult, just that it requires conscious effort. It’s about awareness, and processing your own psychological baggage, instead of just expecting others to carry it for you. Self-mastery is conscious digestion on the emotional and mental plane. It takes vigilance at first, but once you have formed the habit, it’s just a mode of operation. Anyone can learn this, and while it makes life smoother for you and those around you, it may not lead to psychic gifts. The less noise your mind makes, the easier it is to hear your intuition and develop your abilities, but that in itself isn’t the goal.

The ego is basically the buffer zone between the body and Spirit, and consists of the stories we build our life around. It’s really the only piece that needs awareness and attention, because the body is always striving for life and health, and Spirit is always striving to be in body. It is only our stories, our ego, that blocks the natural flow, and requires our conscious attention. There can be an increase in psychic ability as self-mastery increases, but again, natural psychic ability doesn’t indicate any level of ego awareness. Be careful.

The ego isn’t a bad thing, it just requires care and training, otherwise it simply repeats old patterns, and perpetuates old beliefs. Your ego (or personality) isn’t fixed, and you most definitely have the power to change it…. it comes down to awareness and action. Using the body as an example – once you become aware your diet of fast food is harmful to your health, you can then take the action of changing your diet. It’s the same with the ego. It’s that simple on paper, but in both cases, addiction (to foods, or chemicals producing emotions) can be an issue. Humans are just prone to addiction, but awareness can enable other choices, including seeking help with your process.

Be especially careful if the person presents their abilities as a sign of spiritual prowess. This indicates spiritual bypassing, or a spiritual ego, which just means their ego identity is all tied up in their abilities. They feel spiritually superior, and they tend to charge a lot of money for their time. I’m not against charging money, unless they try to tell you they have the one, true, secret way to spiritual success. I charge for my classes, for my time and materials, but the Higher Teachings are available to anyone, with enough meditation. They just fall into your head, eventually. Is the short-cut worth paying for? Usually. Is it necessary? Nope.

All of us filter everything through our ego, and I’m not saying that’s bad – it is totally normal. My warning is about those who are unaware of their ego’s influence, and not getting too close to them. Remember, people can be an asset without being an authority. Take the information that serves you, with gratitude, but don’t place anyone on a pedestal. In my own experience, I am a pretty clear channel, yet my ego personality is a bit dark and cynical. Integrating those two is always a journey, but without a doubt, it’s possible. Awareness. Do I still have a dark side? You betcha. Do I still bring through some helpful and healing stuff? Absolutely. We are all both. Just be aware.

The big things to watch for, in yourself and others, are judgement, dogma, and lack of discernment. Judgement says you aren’t doing something the right way. Dogma says their is only one right way. Lack of discernment say anything goes, because everything is good. In my experience, we all have slightly different paths to follow, judgement is just ego-based fear, and not everything is good for us. No one is keeping score, but there are things that will evolve you, and things that won’t. Free will is all about choosing things that evolve you, and keep you on your unique path, thus making life smoother.

Keep your eyes open, your awareness on, and your personal discernment engaged. Take what serves you, and leave behind anything that offends your soul.


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