The Heart

The problem is that we are limited by language. Language is only a group of verbal symbols used to describe an experience. This whole system becomes convoluted when people start describing different experiences using the same word. For example, love. You always have to define what you mean, because love comes in many forms and experiences.

We normally use the word heart as an emotional icon (brokenhearted, wearing your heart on your sleeve, etc.), but for the purpose of this discussion, the heart is NOT associated with emotion; emotional experience belongs to the emotional body. Any idea of pain or turmoil involve the emotional body, not the heart. For this discussion, the heart is the center of your being, the void of creation.

The heart is not mental, but it receives intuition. The heart is not emotional, but it pours out unconditional love. The heart is not only physical or spiritual, but where divinity meets matter, and the spark of Life is safely held in the body of Creation.

The point of the Mystery School Teachings is to bring us to more heart-centered living, living in complete balance between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Even understanding what that means can take years, and developing a heart-centered life requires constant vigilance, because we are prone to be thrown off balance simply by living in this world. Just watch the nightly news and you can feel your heart constrict.

Just being aware of what opens your heart and what constricts it, is more than half the battle. Awareness is key. As you sort through your life to find what opens your heart there will be many adjustments, both big and small. Maybe getting a different sounding alarm clock will start your day off more peacefully. Maybe getting a divorce, though tumultuous while in process, will free your heart to open more fully. Like everything, it’s different for everyone, and only you know what is best for you and your heart.

The heart is truly the void of creation, and we manifest our lives through an open heart. You know that really happy friend you have, who always seems to be extra “lucky”? That’s a perfect example of how an open heart allows all kinds of unexpected wonderfulness to enter your reality. You know that really grumpy friend you have, who always seems to be “unlucky”? That one isn’t creating anything, but their lower vibration attracts similar vibrations. Creation requires an open heart, always. The only challenge to this game, and it is definitely a challenge, is keeping your heart open to the flow of the Universe.

A quick note about another misunderstood concept: karma. The common understanding of karma is as a punitive system based on punishments and rewards, when it is actually just a vibration. This is what all the Law of Attraction stuff is about. If a person is producing the frequency of anger, they will naturally find people producing a similar frequency to perpetuate that vibration. Nothing here has been created, as this cycle is usually subconscious. Nor has anything been judged and punished. It is simply like attracting like. If you consciously raise your vibration, you will automatically begin to attract people and situations that match. This is step in the right direction, but it isn’t yet creation.

So how does one open the heart? We don’t. We can’t make it open, we can only encourage and allow,  and it opens when it’s ready. What we can do is prepare a safe space to allow it to blossom.
Balance your bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) – Deal with your shadows so your bodies are comfortable and cared for.
Meditate – There are many kinds of meditation. Find one that works for you and dedicate yourself to a practice. Some days will be better than others, and that’s ok.
Gratitude – Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways to strengthen spiritual muscle, and open the heart.
Be gentle with yourself – Always. Dedicated, but not hard on yourself. Loving yourself may be the greatest challenge, with the greatest reward.

As the heart opens, information (intuition) pours in, and unconditional love pours out. No expectation, no attachment, as those come from the mental or emotional bodies. You start receiving empathic information from people you may not even know. You start falling deeply in love with random people, animals, and trees. Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming and awkward at first, but eventually you wouldn’t have it any other way.