The Body

The body is the temple of the soul, we have just forgotten we are guests. Dr. Candace Pert has a great audio book called The Body is the Subconscious Mind, which is my personal experience, as well. I believe that our subconscious mind is really just cellular memory, some from this lifetime, and some passed down genetically. The body is its own system with a profound intelligence, we’ve just forgotten how to communicate with our bodies, instead opting to own and dominate them.

Most of us agree that we aren’t just physical beings, believing in an eternal energy or soul. If viewed in the polarity of masculine and feminine energy, the soul is masculine and the body is feminine, the two polarities combining to make a 3rd dimensional human. As with all things feminine, humans have spent thousands of years trying to eradicate this side of ourselves, loathing our mortal existence. I get it, I get homesick, too, but this method isn’t helping, and it’s starting to shift. More people are starting to care for our Earth and their bodies. They are just reflections of each other.

From the ancient ascetic religious practices to the obesity and drug addictions of today, we can easily see how we collectively feel about our physical existence, our feminine side. I know several people who think their bodies are amusment parks, here to enjoy without any consideration for physical wellbeing. Others demand a certain level of action from their bodies, like living on caffeine or working out constantly, even while their bodies are begging for a break. But what if we start to consider we are in partnership with a physical being? What if “our” body doesn’t belong to us, it is just being a host to our consciousness? Would you be a better guest?

What does this have to do with intuition? Everything. The body has its own intelligence and receives way more information than we can gather with our conscious minds, the challenge is in understanding and using it. Well, the first challenge is awareness, just knowing it’s there. The easiest way to begin is to establish a relationship with your body as a separate being, one you respect as a partner.

You know all those articles telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat, drink, and do? In my experience, that whole thing never ends well. You spend a short time on some regimen, you can’t stay on it (because it’s just another way to force your will onto your body), you fall into self-loathing, and end up disliking your body even more. No need to “should” all over yourself. It’s easier to come at it like a new friendship, with curiosity and lightness. Go ahead and have that cup of coffee, that glass of wine, and be open to how your body responds. Try not to judge it, just be aware of the subtle cues your body gives you, and respond appropriately. My body really reacts poorly to alcohol, I am not right for days even after a single drink. I could be all upset that I “shouldn’t” drink, but instead I happily choose to avoid alcohol because it’s hard on my friend, my body.

As your friendship with your body deepens you will begin to pick-up on many more subtle cues. Your body will give you information about not just your energy, but on others around you. This is where your intuition can really come through. Once you really know your body, and how it communicates, you’ll be surprised at all it can tell you.

4 Responses to The Body

  1. msgelb303 says:

    Natha, I appreciate this article. Recently I have started to eat with an awareness of what my body desires, not what my mind craves. This shift makes eating like a honoring of who I am and all the knowledge my body holds inside about itself. Your article explains this understanding well.


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