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Re-post: Awakening

This word has been floating around quite a bit for the past few years, but what does it really mean? What does a spiritual awakening look like? Well, you won’t get a straight answer because they are all different, just … Continue reading

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* Empathy On Purpose *

I would like to reverse-engineer empathy. We generally think of empathy as an emotional, or even physical, state. It is that, but only after we silence the mind. If the mind has reasons (beliefs or opinions) not to feel, then … Continue reading

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Re-blog: * The Three Brains *

Originally posted on Walking In Both Worlds:
Quick energy update: Hang in there! It’s been a squirrelly month, and a really tough week. Everything is moving in the right direction, regardless of outside appearances. I personally have slept more this…

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End of an Era

It seems odd to say, with so very much going on in the world, that 3D reality has come to an end, but here we are. The energetic support for the experiment called ‘ego’ has dissolved completely. Egos will continue … Continue reading

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Re-post: Ego

Ego Such a misunderstood creature, the ego. So many teachings telling us to suppress it, or conquer it, or otherwise annihilate it, when it’s really a very useful thing to have while you’re being human. Your ego is not the … Continue reading

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