Mystery School Teachings

As I sit down to explain what Mystery School teachings are, I understand why there’s so much mystery involved. It’s a bit like trying to catch smoke in your hands. That’s why there is so much symbolic language, and vague mystical direction involved. “The door to the sanctuary is within.” “Know thyself.” “Magic flows through an open heart.” Lots of fingers pointing to the moon, but no practical guidance on where you’re going or how to get there. Remember those mazes on the back of kid’s menus? I always started at the end, so I wouldn’t get lost. Cheating? If you think so, you’d best stop reading, because we’re going to start at the end.

A Mystery School is a vibration, not a knowledge base. There are several Mystery Schools, each with their own story and dogma, but they all deliver you to the door within, to a higher vibrational way of existing.

Visualize a person standing with their arms out to the sides, looking like a cross. Nothing Christian here, it’s just the shape of a human standing with their arms out. The right arm represents the mental body, the left arm represents the emotional body, the legs and feet the physical, the crown of the head the spiritual connection. When we are on our mental crazy train or refusing to think (contemplate), we’re experiencing life from the right hand fingertips. Emotional drama or disconnection, the left hand fingertips. Either loathing our body or using it as a carnival ride, our toes. Zoning out through meditation or even psychedelic drugs puts us up at the top of the head. So here’s how our lives usually look:

Ugh! I don’t want to go to work! My life sucks because… (right fingertips)
If I’m gonna do all this, I need to have more energy. Coffee! Wheee, caffeine! (toes)
My day was stressful, I need a drink. (toes)
I have to call my friend and gossip! (left fingertips)
The weekend – time to party! (toes and possibly both sides of fingertips)
I need a yoga retreat to get me back on track (head)
I still hate my life because… (fingertips)

See how we bounce around the edges, making a diamond shape between toes, fingertips and head? We normally live on the superficial edges of life, never making it to the center. The Mystery Schools are about the center, living from the heart. In the center (heart) all is in balance. The heart is not mental, but it receives intuition. The heart is not emotional, but it pours out unconditional love. The heart is not only physical or spiritual, but where divinity meets matter, and the spark of Life is safely held in the body of Creation.

And that’s where you find the door.

In the past, a person would spend decades or a whole lifetime deciphering mystical meanderings just to get to this basic understanding. The energy now supports a much faster progression, and these words will resonate with many. Not to worry, no Mystery School teachings have been violated by sharing these insights; knowing where to look, and being able to do so are very different things. Knowing the destination just gives you a sense of direction, but getting there takes more diligence and dedication than most are willing to put forth. You must walk the path yourself, under the basic guidance of all Hermetic teachings: Know Thyself.