Entities and Exorcism

The topic of non-physical entities generally freaks people out. Either they spiral down into fear, or they think it’s a crazy idea, or both. Let’s try to find a different angle on the subject by starting with invisible, physical beings, like bacteria or intestinal parasites. You can’t see them without special equipment, yet they are so real they can be life-threatening. We simply haven’t yet invented the equipment needed to locate and identify non-physical life forms. We will. Until then, we have people who can sense, work with, or remove these energies.

Along with knowing they exist, also know they come in many forms. Everything from angels and demons to parasitic energy suckers, to inter-dimensional beings. Some are helpful, some are just like mosquitos (just survival feeding, not malicious), and some are down right nasty. It’s just like the variety of creatures in our physical reality. In fact, think of the range of awareness just within the human species… we may all be conscious, but some are definitely more conscious than others.

Just like you take antibiotics to kill off harmful bacteria, and probiotics to encourage the growth of helpful bacteria, we can do something similar with non-physical entities. Building up the good ones happens through payer and meditation. Actively building a relationship with your Guides, Guardians, and Angels, and inviting their presence and assistance is essential. Others can guide you in various techniques, but the daily practice  is up to you. Your relationship with your unseen support team is ultimately your responsibility.

Now for the unwanted energies… there are people who can assist in removal, but again, it is you who is ultimately responsible for keep them out. For example, some parasitic entities feed on fear and drama. You go to a professional to have them removed, but you continue to watch the news every night, and gossip endlessly. They’ll be back. You are responsible for your own energy leaks. At this point, I’ll only do entity removals for people who are dedicated to a path of spiritual growth. People wouldn’t need as many antibiotics, if they would take responsibility for their health by taking care of themselves. Same thing, only entity removal can be quite a bit trickier than just taking a prescription.

Can you do this on your own? Sometimes. By changing your lifestyle and raising your vibration, you simply aren’t an emotional buffet anymore, and many will find somewhere else to go. For some of the heavier stuff (yes, demons exist), you will need to find assistance. NEVER attempt to remove an entity from someone else without training and guidance. It usually isn’t a traumatic event if you know what you’re doing, but protections need to be in place, and protocols followed, for everyones safety. Just like a virus, you can’t see it, but it’s dangerous, all the same.

If you wish to explore this fairly uncharted territory, first dedicate yourself to a spiritual path, and get your own energy as clear as possible. Then find a good teacher to show you the ropes. Yes, there are tons of videos on Shamanism or the Merkaba, but nothing compares to an actual teacher. With a guide to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls, it’s a beautiful non-physical universe out there.