Your Mission

Like so many others, I spent many years trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, what vocation will fulfill my purpose in this life. After a very lengthy search, I found my calling, and I’ll even tell you how to find yours. Why are you here? What should you be doing? Ready??? You aren’t here to DO, you’re here to BE. A bit anti-climactic, isn’t it? That can’t be right… I feel the weight of this really important mission… Well, you are your mission.

As a collective, we are here to assist in the shift, to help raise human consciousness. Consciousness is raised by increasing the vibration, letting in more light, and that is done through an open heart. When you are in an open, happy place, love just flows through you, and love changes the world. No, not just in a cliche way, it actually changes the vibration of the energy around you, and adds to the collective. All good things come through an open heart, and everyone brings in their own “flavor” of light.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of doing involved in being. Sitting on the couch, watching television, and eating ice cream isn’t being, so much as just a lack of doing. Doing is essential to the process, but it just isn’t the end goal, as we’ve always been taught. Proper diet and exercise are great things to do, in order to be more comfortable in your body. Meditation is something to do to be more balanced in your mind. Working is what we do to afford to live and be, and if your chosen career allows you to, even occasionally, open your heart, then it’s a perfect place for you.

Only you know what career path assists you in opening your heart. And we often put the cart before the horse on this one… the job (or relationship, or financial state, or whatever you’re chasing) is never the reason for your happiness, it can only encourage or discourage your openness.  If you get an open-hearted sense of gratitude and child-like jubilation when you successfully repair something, then choose a career where you can experience that regularly. It’s the openness, the happiness of being, that’s goal here. You are here to live in that space as much as possible.

My career took some unexpected turns, and I wound up working as an aircraft dispatcher for almost a decade. The job itself didn’t do much for me, but I was able to find ways to make it serve my higher good. I volunteered for various odd jobs in the department, including some teaching, and also became involved in the union. In addition, I was able to enjoy many a philosophical conversation with my co-workers, and take breaks outside in the sunshine. The key for me was to focus on the things that allowed me to be more fully myself, not on the nuts-and-bolds of a desk job. When I finally figured this out and really started to love my job, I knew it was allowed to shift. About a year later the company moved and I was laid-off. This opened up new opportunities and new adventures.

Jobs, relationships, and all things in life, have cycles, ups and downs. Sometimes things are going along great, and other times it’s a real struggle. Just because it sucks sometimes, doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing. For me, rough times generally indicate I’ve lost sight of the point; I’m all wrapped up in doing and forget that it’s all about being. When in doubt, I get quiet and check-in with my heart. It knows what it needs to be open, and it’s usually just a change in perspective.

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