Channeling is a word that begs definition, but is hard to pin down. It’s like saying you’re Christian, which encompasses hundreds of sects, everything from Unitarian to Evangelical to Catholic to Mormon, with the only common thread being some kind of acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah and Yahweh as God. The term is just too broad. Same thing with channeling. Some people speak in tongues, and others just feel guided to say certain things in conversation, and there is a whole range in between. The common ground for the word is simply that information comes through you, not from you. We all channel to some extent, or at least we all have the ability, some are just more aware of the process.

I am often asked how I know that I’m only channeling something “good” and not something “evil”. It is so sad to me that we have developed such a fear of the unseen, and such a polarity and conflict of good vs. evil. First of all, the energetic world isn’t divided into angels and demons, and no one is trying to capture your soul. Just let that whole story go, and come at this from a more rational perspective. Seriously. Think of it like strep or staph – everyone carries these microbes on their skin all the time, invisible and innocuous, and they only cause illness when the immune system is out of balance. Strep and staph aren’t inherently evil, they are just part of our world. Yes, we are surrounded by unseen energies (some advanced enough to be called entities) all the time, but they’re just hanging out doing their thing, not looking for ways to ruin our lives.

Much of it comes down to personal vibration. If you have a higher vibration, then you will attract other beings (in this world and the next) with a similar vibration. If you spend most of your time in fear or anger, then you will attract beings that resonate with you. Some of these energies are parasitic, and actually feed on the energy of lower emotions. Don’t dwell on negative feelings or you’re going to feel drained from being the buffet. Again, this is just the way these things work, they aren’t out to get you, and changing your vibration means they will no longer resonate with you and will just wonder off. Not a big deal.

When anyone channels anything, the goal is to step out of the way (move the ego over) to allow information to flow through you, but no matter how “clear” a channel is, the information is always colored by that person’s personality. Keep this in mind when you receive channeled information, or start to channel on your own. I knew a woman who channeled Mother Mary, and her messages always fluctuated wildly between the love of Mary and the fear of this woman’s ego. It was obvious when she was getting in the way. Anything fear-based is from a lower vibration, either a lower entity or your own ego. Same with power (over others), vengeance, pride (I’m more special than you), and greed (lack).

I’m not saying you’ll never get “bad” news from a channeled source, only that it won’t be intended in a way that encourages drama. You might be told that the career you want isn’t part of the plan, but it will be only that, not all the baggage we create around why we didn’t get what we wanted (I’m not worthy, god hates me, I’m a bad person). Judgement is a human thing, we make up reasons when it’s really just the path we came to walk.

Many people start channeling using spontaneous writing – either in a journal or typing. I started with the spoken word, as a counselor. How do I know when I’m channeling and when I’m just talking? I have been doing it so long I can feel my energy shift, but at first it was only after the fact that I knew. The less your ego is involved, the less memory you have of the event. After a counseling session I could remember the basic topics, but not the specific words. I’ve had many people say a certain conversation helped them immensely, and I have little or no recollection of it, not because it didn’t matter to me, but because it came through me not from me.


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