Home Energy Clearing

This can be done when first moving into a new home, seasonally at the equinoxes and solstices, or just whenever you feel it is appropriate.

You will need:
Salt (Kosher or sea salt)
Water (in both a spray bottle and larger container like a watering can)
Smudge stick and bowl for ashes.
Matches or lighter
A whole day to clean the house (long version)

Begin by mixing some salt and water in the watering can. Go outside the house and take a moment to center yourself. Perhaps say a prayer or invoke your guides. Now slowly walk clockwise around the outside of the house while slowly pouring the water beside you as you go. While you are walking, repeat either out loud or in your head, “I surround this home with the white light of love and divine protection. Only loving energy may enter this circle and all negativity is pulled out.”

After completing the circle take a moment to visualize the circle of light growing into a bubble, which completely surrounds the house. Give thanks for this energy.

Now go inside. (Long version: before moving onto smudging, spend several hours cleaning. Be sure to clean the areas that are usually left untouched. And throw or give away any excess “junk” that has piled up in closets, drawers, boxes. Really free up the energy in the house. Take a shower or ritual bath before continuing.) Mix salt and water in the spray bottle. Get your smudge stick, bowl and matches. Crack open one window or door on the top level of the house for the energy to get out. Start in the basement or lowest level of the house. Light the smudge stick, and go through each room. As you go, repeat either out loud or in your head, “I break up and release all negative and stagnant energy in this place.” End at the top level near the open window. Then return to the starting point, and walk through each room lightly spraying the water mixture in the air or on the walls. As you go, repeat either out loud or in your head, “May love, peace, and joy reside here and grow stronger each day.” End at the top level near the open window. If there are two or more people involved, one can smudge and the other can immediately follow with the spray.

Extinguish the smudge stick and return to a comfortable spot. Spend a few minutes visualizing the bubble of light surrounding the home and any negative or stagnant energy being sucked out the window and out of the circle. As it passes through the circle it is transformed into golden dust. Give thanks for this cleansing.

Now light some incense or candles, play some soft music, and enjoy your space.