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Goodbye 2020

I always spend a couple weeks gathering the lessons I learned from the last year. I know 2020 was really hard for many, so I remind you that I run a bit ahead of schedule. For me, 2020 was full … Continue reading

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* Dreaming Reality *

It used to feel like the physical world was more real and solid, and sleeping let me dream my way home. Now it feels like the physical world is a lucid dream. Physical reality is happening in that space where … Continue reading

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* As Above, So Below *

As I have mentioned before, all physical reality is one thing. This is different than the unity consciousness now developing; this is about physical matter. In my Merkaba classes I use a sheet of cloth to explain. Spread out the … Continue reading

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* Subtle Clarity *

As we venture toward 2021, thing are starting to come into focus a bit. Gentle waves of awareness are washing over us, leaving little room for old perceptions. It’s a very comforting feeling for me… reminds me of home. Not … Continue reading

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2021 – Year of Revelation and Realignment

Originally posted on Walking In Both Worlds:
“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell For some months now, every time I try to…

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