This word has been floating around quite a bit for the past few years, but what does it really mean? What does a spiritual awakening look like? Well, you won’t get a straight answer because they are all different, just as we are all different. They range from a shift in perspective to physical sensations, they can be gradual or sudden, pleasant or terrifying. The one thing they have in common is that you are different from that point on, forever changed.

The thing about awakening that seems to be overlooked is that it isn’t a one-time occurrence. Poof! You’re spiritually awakened! Well, yes, it certainly feels that way, at least until the next one hits. I had my first awakening when I was 4-years-old, before I had developed a real sense of self, so spirituality just naturally became part of my identity. This made my youth a bit of a struggle, but compared to those waking up later in life, I think it was the easy road. Adults spiritually awakening for the first time, after investing so much time and energy in building a worldly life, can be a traumatic experience, especially when it’s sudden.

One of the most dramatic experiences is usually referred to as a Kundalini Awakening. It is usually characterized by physical tingling and heat, feelings of bliss and unity with all things, and the sudden ability to feel everyone around you (physical empathy), and these things last for hours or even days. That part is all well and good, but then you crash back down to this life and have to try to make sense of it all, along with integrating these new skills into your life. Functioning in this world as a new physical empath can be tough. It’s a whole deal.

More common, is remembering you are here for a reason, a spiritual mission, or suddenly becoming aware you are more than your mind and body. Most of us theoretically believe we have a soul, but when it becomes a deep knowing it’s just different than a mental theory. This will start you on a quest of self-discovery, a hero’s journey, and trust me, you’ll never get bored. “Know thyself” is the prime directive for the mystery schools for a reason.

At the moment, the masses are experiencing a shift in perspective. People are no longer pacified by being fed misinformation, and being told how to think and feel. The world is beginning to question everything. Why are we here? What is money, really? Do we really need religion? Why is power not shared? It may seem small at this point, but awakening builds rapidly, especially now. The really important thing to remember is that this is happening to the majority of humans, not just a few of us anymore.

I have picked up a few tricks along the way for handling spiritual awakenings, and I hope you find them helpful to your journey.

Community – Find the others. You are NOT alone. The beauty of the internet allows us to connect with others going through the same thing.

Daily Practice – Do something to feed your soul and empty your mind everyday. It doesn’t matter if it’s meditation, gardening, running, etc. You know what clears your mind, just make it a priority.

Unplug – Stop listening to the news, reading beauty magazines, and even asking your friends for advice. Spiritual growth is an inside job, and you need some peace and quiet to hear your own inner guidance.

Surrender – The only reason change is hard is because we cling to the past. The old you is gone, and fighting to get it back is where the suffering comes from. This process isn’t something we can control, and it is guided by a higher power. Trust the path.

5 Responses to Awakening

  1. Ed says:

    Your bullet point “Unplug” makes two statements.
    The second one, I agree with thoroughly and completely.
    The first one, however, I must disagree. A lot of my path began with “The Teachings of Don Juan”, by Carlos Castaneda. And I continued to read his books as they became available. One of the things that Don Juan taught Carlos was to be aware of all the energies that affect you. And remember that even though nothing is important, everything is significant.
    I have used this principle in conducting our “Light, Life, and Love” walks. We would take a short hike around a body of water, and pay attention to what was going on around us: birds, insects, leaf colors, tree types, Breezes, etc., etc. And occasionally, when a person is open to what is happening, they may experience an attraction to a particular spot. That spot has power for them. I would encourage them, that when this occurs, they stop walking and share any insights they may be experiencing.

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  2. nathaj says:

    I agree with you, Ed. I probably wasn’t very clear in my meaning of unplugging. I simply meant to stop being led by outside sources (mostly media and social norms), and go within (sit in nature, meditation, or contemplation) for answers and guidance. Many people are too distracted to even notice the energies around them, in my experience.


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