Law of Attraction

It’s funny to see how deep truths can be distorted by the human mind. It’s also sad that so many suffer needlessly at the hand of distorted truth. But then again, we pay the ego to maintain our story, at any cost, even the cost of a lost Mystery.

The Law of Attraction is simply about vibrations attracting like vibrations. Unfortunately, it is currently used as a spiritually justified way to blame the victim, a normal trick of the ego. No one wants to feel vulnerable, so it is common to blame the victim for their own suffering. Think about how we discuss rape: she was drinking too much, she was alone, she was flirting, etc., so we can protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable: it won’t happen to me, because I don’t do those things. We also see it with cancer and other serious illness: he doesn’t eat the right things, he doesn’t take care of himself, he’s so negative all the time so of course he’s sick. Again, we mentally distance ourselves from the terrifying idea that that it could just as easily happen to us.

There are several reasons why the Law of Attraction simply can’t apply to every circumstance, but the biggest ego-hook to this half-truth is arrogance. You don’t live in a bubble, and it isn’t all about you. The original teaching was meant to promote empowerment, but has been derailed by a toxic mixture of control issues, blame, and denial. Instead of empowering our choices to help us make the most of our circumstances, it is now nothing more than a tool for judgement, of ourselves and others.

As with all misguided teachings, there is some truth in the mix. Your vibration most certainly matters, and attracts like vibrations, but it doesn’t offer ultimate control over the tides of life. It allows us to rise or fall within each situation, which really is a lot of power and control, so attention needs to be paid to your thoughts and actions. But thinking you are personally responsible for every single thing around you rather misses the point. The teaching went from “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” to “the lemons are all your fault, and if you could be a better person, you would only have strawberry daiquiris”.

We are currently broadening our focus to include other beings. This is becoming more apparent as we enter the age of Aquarius, and the collective takes a new position in our minds. The chemicals we dump in the water change the hormonal balance of every living creature that consumes it. And air pollution produced by a single industry touches lives all over the globe. An old system based on power and greed creates poverty and injustice. I don’t care how high your personal vibration is, this is a collective effect.

And beyond the free will utilized by the collective, there has to be room for at least some version of Grand Design. No, I’m not excusing bad choices by playing the fate card, I’m simply saying creation involves other levels beyond human will. It’s a co-creative process, we need to allow room for the Mystery to happen.

Being fully empowered has more to do with reaction than creation. Life is about rising up to meet your circumstances, not being an infallible creator. I understand how we got here. It’s a fine line between empowerment and control, and also between surrender and submission. I think the key is best stated in the Bhagavad Gita, when it tells us we may own our labor, but not the fruits of our labor. Both good and bad, you had a hand in it, just not the only hand.

The true tragedy of this misinterpretation is that it limits the Law’s effectiveness. The highest vibration you can reach is unconditional love, but this is naturally blocked by issues of control and judgement. Ironic, really. So let’s change our focus to empowerment and radical self-love, and just sit in awe of the changes in the world around us.