~Absolute Accountability~

As you enter into the higher realms of spiritual development, you begin to see the effect of your every thought on the world around you. The awareness actually becomes a bit painful, because you can not only clearly understand your own life, but also those around you, those you love. We each absolutely create our own suffering. It’s difficult to watch, and impossible to correct, except for ourselves. You will reach a point in your development when change is inevitable, and change usually costs us some (or all) of our relationships.

This is beyond the dramatic break-up, and the feeling of being alone. This is more of an allowing, and a complete dedication to inner growth. At some point you just realize growth is the end game, and all else is distraction. A convincing distraction, I’ll give you, but just a distraction. You come to a complete knowing that everything outside you is temporary, and only the light within is eternal. This becomes more than an ancient teaching, or a mental theory, and you feel it deep in your bones. At that point, you do everything you can to make that small glow a blazing fire.

This awareness seeps into every action, every word, every thought. You are constantly asking yourself, “Is this evolving me?” It sounds obsessive, but it is really an act of being fully present with yourself at all times. To monitor your every thought as an observer requires complete dedication, which for me is a consequence of Love. This is one of those mystical experiences (a Rumi moment) where the desire for Divine Union (union between body and Spirit) outweighs all else. Once you have the slightest taste of it, it becomes a consuming drive. Presence is addictive, it’s only leading up to that part that takes work.

Presence makes every moment eternal, because you live fully in the now. We spend most of our time projecting our consciousness into the past or the future, enjoying only fleeting glimpses of the present. It is meant to be the other way around. We need fleeting glimpses of the past and the future to remain on course, but life only really exists in the present moment. Yes, learn from the past, and plan for the future, but live in the now. Eternity exists here. Awareness brings us to this zero point of creation.

Living in the moment isn’t the same as hedonism, in fact, it is quite opposite. Hedonism asks “what do I want right now?” and spirituality asks “what will evolve me right now?” Just because an action isn’t being judged as right or wrong doesn’t make all actions equal. Yoga will evolve you faster than alcoholism. It just will. Neither one is wrong, but by saying “everything is spiritual”, one is missing the point of free will. Discernment is vital to spiritual growth. Discernment and free will guide your progress. You steer your ship, it isn’t at the whim of the tides.

Looking at it from the outside, it seems like a list of rules, requiring a great deal of discipline… no drinking, practice meditation, eat lightly, exercise, measure your words… But what if those are just observations of habits of those on the Path? What if these “rules” are really just a “fake it til you make it” strategy? What if, when you raise your vibration, your habits simply change to fully support your body, your life? That’s my observation. I have seen many people try to be spiritual by following a list of rules, but people whose light is brightest just live those “rules” because it feels right. They are fully accountable to themselves for their own wellbeing.

You are accountable, always and only, to yourself. You can’t make decisions based on someone else, nor can you just do nothing, expecting enlightenment to fall out of the sky. Every single action, word, and thought affect your very cells. They change your vibration, and like vibrations always find each other, people, places, and things. You create your world, both consciously and subconsciously, so it is in your best interest to bring awareness to all aspects of your being. You are accountable to you.