Spiral of Spiritual Development

We would love our development to follow a linear progression, or maybe a stair-step, predictable series, but it simply doesn’t work that way.  I like the analogy of an upward spiral, where we continually see the same issues, but from a higher perspective, offering new and different insights. It is a life-long process, so we can never plan on reaching a final level where everything is always smooth. Life is never still; it is always either in growth or decay.

At the base of this spiral, we find conditioning. People living solely by virtue of social norm and expectations, without any contemplation of a bigger reality.

As we begin to rise, there is contemplation without action. This is where you find people beginning to question what they have been taught, but not changing anything. Here is where people think everything is ruled by fate or chance, thus relinquishing any power of free will.

At the next turn, free will dominates. People see the injustice around them, and are spurred into action (usually fueled by anger). This is where much of the world is today (2016).  There is much societal change here, as people begin to find their power. Free will is not only A thing, it’s THE thing. Spiritually, it is where people jump into “law of attraction” type beliefs, where you are solely responsible for everything that presents itself in your life. This is where we develop our personal power, and our personal integrity.

Next up is the realization that you don’t live in a bubble, nor is it all about you and your desires. Only after you reach a place of complete integrity and ownership of your personal power, can you look around and see the bigger picture. There are other people here, making choices that affect your life, and the world around you. And also, you hold DNA that may have been altered generations ago by a choice made by an ancestor. Not even your body is solely your own, regardless of your personal choices. Focus shifts from the individual to the collective (both past and present).

The next turn brings awareness of the non-physical world. While angels, demons, and aliens would have been only a superstition earlier in our growth, this new perspective shows us we are not alone. Without the firm foundation of personal power, this new information would throw us into fear or blame. Staying on the natural, spiral progression, we can assimilate this new information as simply new information. Energies completely outside our physical reality affect us, and we affect them. It is a totally different notion of personal responsibility. What we create matters on a much larger scale. Focus shifts from the physical reality to inter-dimensional awareness.

Next, we have an awareness of the macrocosm and the microcosm in perfect synchronicity, and the clear understanding of the sacred geometries holding them together. This is a very high mental realm, usually accessed through meditation (at least at first), and requires the upmost personal integrity to access in any meaningful or interactive way. This limited access is really for our safety, as someone who is still living in the “create your own reality” mode, wouldn’t be the best person to be playing with the structure of the universe.

Lastly (on this first range of the spiral), we have connection with all. The I AM, completely devoid of personal ambitions.

And the spiral continues…

I know this is written in more of a step-by-step progression, but it is experienced much more fluidly. You may not even be able to mark the time when your beliefs begin to shift, and there is usually some ambiguity, or even regression, as you ascend. All this is normal. My point is simply to let yourself evolve. Do not cling to ideas once they no longer serve you. Learn, grow, experience, but keep moving. Also, it is important to fully experience each turn, and avoid “spiritual by-passing” at all costs. Just because you may be able to understand these progressions mentally, doesn’t mean you fully experienced them. You MUST go through the work of being fully empowered BEFORE you can move on. This is essential. If ANYTHING is still someone else’s fault, then you still have work to do there.

Please be gentle with yourself and others. Please don’t judge someone for being at a different level. You can’t understand a level until you’ve experienced it. Likewise, you can’t make someone progress. You can only hold the space of love and acceptance for others, while staying fully focused on yourself.