New Magic

I know at the forefront of this step, many of us are not yet seeing and feeling the effect of the higher timelines. Be patient. Things have been realigned in the etheric, so it will soon manifest in the physical. In the interim, we have the opportunity for greater Mastery. This will further prepare us for the upcoming changes.

No matter what you are experiencing, on any level, you have complete control of your thoughts. How you mentally frame a situation makes all the difference in your quality of experience. Personal example: I have a neurological disorder, which comes with good days and bad days. It’s easy to be positive on the good days, but on the bad days I need to be very aware of my thought process. Am I upset because I’m not physically healed yet, or am I impressed at how well my body is doing with all the energetic shifts? By Western medical estimates, I should have died about a decade ago. Am I going to dissolve into self-pity and self-loathing, or am I going to celebrate my abilities as a healer, having exceeded all  expectations?

Who do I want to be? Either view is defendable, and there is no right and wrong here. It’s just a choice. And don’t get me wrong – some days it’s a really, really hard choice. I am a huge fan of honesty, but honesty doesn’t need to be pessimistic. Whether I’m ascending or dying isn’t the issue, it’s who I want to be in the process. The future takes care of itself, but we need to be fully awake, and aware of the present, and how we are framing our experience. How we mentally construct the present dictates the future.

So, the new magic (I just like that word) has a lot to do with reframing. It’s also about balancing our Masculine energy, our “doing”. We definitely need to take steps in the direction we want to go, but also graciously accept redirection. A perfect balance of action and surrender. This is Mastery. Put it out there, then let the path appear, instead of either doing nothing, or trying to control every aspect. This is a great time to get to know Ganesha (Hindu god of obstacles), because roadblocks are just redirection… if you choose to see it that way.

Play with the possibility that life isn’t meant to be hard. Maybe we just picked up a false conditioning. Maybe the energy is just lighter now than it was before. Maybe we did everything the hard way to eliminate that option for the future. Maybe, just maybe, living can be easier now. Focus on joy and ease. Still hate your job? Focus on what it allows you to do… afford life. And let that living spread into all you do, even that awful job. Who do you want to be? Be that person all the time.  

The outer circumstances reflect the inner definitions. All change comes from within. As you change your mental constructs, the outer world moves to match the new vibration. Yes, this has always been the case, but now it’s almost instant. Play with this, and prove it to yourself. Stop yourself mid-negative thought, consciously reframe your beliefs, and see what happens. If you go back into negative thinking, just keep changing the channel. Mastery takes constant awareness, and the effort to make changes.

Mental mastery brings in the new magic, and it’s beautiful!


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Doing and Being

As we complete yet another week of jumping timelines, we are now faced with a decision about what we will allow to continue. Many people have come to the “I’m not doing this anymore;” point. This is the timeline split in action. It feels very calm, at least after the storm that brought it up. This isn’t an angry foot-stomping type thing, just a choice to do something different. It feel almost eerily calm and centered in the decision to release old patterns. Some will join you on this new timeline, some won’t. It’s okay to let people go-  honor their choice also.

Again, we need to balance action (masculine, doing) with flow (feminine, being). We are being asked to show up every single day, with total awareness of our thoughts, words and deeds. And after we take the action necessary, we are being asked to let the Universe take over and guide us to our destination. Some struggle with doing, others struggle with being. For me it almost depends on the day. But still, if we keep showing up with complete awareness, the integration of these two polarities becomes easier.

By “showing up” I am talking about self-honesty and action. Extreme example – If you are an alcoholic, first you have to be honest with yourself about the addiction, then you need to take action to get the support you need to change. Show up to your life, and take the action needed to keep it on track.

All that said, “showing up” may just be total awareness at this point. The timeline jumping is doing a number on practical plans. Projects and direction are still shifting wildly, so don’t get too attached to a certain road. Still, awareness, honesty, and integrity are always the foundation of any personal evolution, so that is our daily work.

Self-honesty is a big deal right now, to properly move onto your highest timeline. Take a long, hard look at your life. If you want to double-check your assessment, look at the 5 people closest to you. Who do you prefer to be around? That is exactly where you are. Want to know where other people are? Look at their group. For me, I tend to ignore and justify all kinds of crazy behavior in others, so I’ve learned to widen my view, and also take note of their peers. It all becomes clear when you gather more info.

Another good tip at this point is deciding what you don’t want, rather than what you do. Let the Universe pick out something even more fabulous than you could dream up. The only parameters you need to define are what you don’t want. For example, saying you want a yellow VW Bug limits the field to a yellow VW Bug. But saying “any car, but not white,” leaves the field wide open. This isn’t necessarily for stuff, but very valuable for relationships and situations. A big one right now is simply, “I’m not willing to work this hard anymore” regarding relationships. Knowing what you don’t want is setting a boundary.

Support your body!!! Do whatever your body asks, and treat it like your child or a loving pet. Be an asset to yourself. Speak kindly to your body – it’s really working hard! I have been taking drops called Cellfood (available on Amazon) which seem to make my body happy. Also, gentle movement, time outside, and epsom salt soaks are favorites for me. Listen to your own guidance… and follow it!

On a mental/spiritual level, I recommend the Gene Keys Golden Path to keep you going in the right direction, especially when the world seems topsy-turvey. It’s nice to have some direction and focus sometimes.

Keep up the good work… we know it isn’t easy. Thank you for showing up to your life, and integrating all that doing and being. You got this!


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Mass Awakening

This past week has been really intense for all of us, especially those actively being Stargates, consciously or not. On Tuesday the Human Heart grid was tied into Gaia’s ascension grid. This is a really big deal, because it means the human collective is finally vibrating at a level that allows us to safely join the planetary ascension. For those just joining in, the ascension that’s happening is Earth, and all Her inhabitants are just along for the ride, including humans.

What this means for humans, is that we are physically shifting, or evolving. Many Way-showers out there have been preparing us for years, explaining how to master the thoughts and the ego, to allow for the smoothest transition possible. The body is evolving, and the level of emotional distress that causes is purely a result of our thoughts, nothing more. All the plants and animals are also going through this shift, but they don’t have the ego to contend with, so they just sleep it off.

Before, there was more of a choice about how fast this physical process went for each individual, but now we are all on the ascension bus. Free will definitely still exists, and your level of suffering and drama are entirely up to you. Just because this Mass Awakening is in full swing now doesn’t mean suddenly everyone is conscious, just that physical reality is changing. If someone is attached to their story, the will remain so until they choose otherwise. Misery loves company… don’t give it to them.

You can tell how attached you are to your story by how personal you make things. Is it your body having trouble, or is just a physical shift? Is it your relationship, or a collective karmic clearing? Do you look around you to see if everyone is angry, or just assume it’s your bad day? Sometimes it is yours, and this is not meant to be used as an excuse, but it’s time to expand your awareness. Look outside yourself, and your life. Moving from separation to unity consciousness requires a new level of awareness.

Support your body! I can’t stress this enough. You are changing at a cellular level, and it’s a lot of work. Remember, the body always strives for health and balance. It has its own intelligence. Treat it with love and patience, and it will show incredible resilience. Extra sleep, extra water, time outside and any supplements it asks for. Your body is half your being, and the only thing that makes incarnation possible. Without it, you wouldn’t be here. Prioritize your body.

Joy and gratitude are what to focus on right now. Everyone is at a different place on the path, so some may need to focus on love or discipline or some other area, but the big thing coming in right now is joy. Not meaning that joy is falling out of the sky, but that we need to create it, prioritize it, consciously feel it. If that’s a stretch, be sure to at least utilize gratitude lists, or some kind of daily appreciation practice. There is an amplifying energy out there, kind of like an attractor field. so mind your mind. What you focus on pops into reality rather quickly.

Expand your awareness. Move from ME to WE. Feel the wave of the Awakening.


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~ Being Fully Human ~

I know a teacher who says she teaches humans how to be gods. My niche is a bit smaller. I teach gods how to be human.

For many years, I had a great fear of being human, mostly because the people around me telling me I needed to be more human were totally ego-bound, lost in addiction, drama, and attachment. After much observation, I have decided that type of behavior isn’t “human” at all, because to be fully human we have to balance two things – the physical body and the Higher Mind.

The body is full of chemical reactions and genetic memory. The Higher Mind is the observer consciousness (not to be confused with the monkey mind of the ego). Combining the two results in a human… a real, full, true human. Most people at this point (2018) are still functioning at the more primal (or animal) physical and ego level. I generally refer to them as “muggles” (non-magic folk, from Harry Potter). They just aren’t awake yet, and their Higher Mind (Higher Self, intuition) is still too quiet to be noticed.

The Mystery School side of this is fascinating. The body is your feminine energy, and the Higher Mind is your masculine energy. This has absolutely nothing to do with gender or gender roles, and everyone has these two energies within them. Please keep this in mind as we continue, and reread this paragraph anytime you feel triggered in a gender wound way.

In many religious teachings, the body is shunned, as are women. From Eve eating the apple, to women being property, to witch burnings, all things female have been framed as weak and immoral. From a Mystery School perspective, we can see that the body, without Higher Mind guidance, is basically an animal. It’s hairy, and smelly, and has hormones to assure continued reproduction of the species. From an animalistic point of view, there is nothing wrong with any of that. Animals aren’t immoral, they’re amoral. They are driven by instincts and chemicals, without much thought of consequence.

This is why so many New Age teachings say the feminine energy is wild and unpredictable. It’s Nature. It’s our primal, physical side. The problem is, the body is also prone to addiction, and it houses the ego. Thus the issues with the Hedonistic ideals of placing pleasure above all else, as the primary goal of life.

There’s not much to say about the Higher Mind, except that it longs for a physical from to inhabit. Being fully human allows that to happen.

Now, reframe these biblical concepts with the above in mind…

In the beginning, God created the Earth (a physical platform to descend into)
Adam was lonely, so Eve was created from his rib, as a companion (the masculine energy entered the physical body, to become one)
Men should be the head of the household, while women should obey his commands (your Higher Mind should lead your physical body, to keep you from addiction)

Go through every misogynistic religious teaching you’ve ever come across, and retell it in the form of combining your own two polarities. It’s truly a shame religious writings are now taken so literally. The symbolism is where the gold is.

So where are you in this balancing act? Is your body (and ego) leading the way to drama and addiction? Is you Higher Mind still yearning for a physical home? Your body is a Temple… cherish it, repair it, clean it, because it is host to your Higher Mind. When those two meet as partners, it is true Divine Union. That is what it means to be fully human.


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There are so many things going on right now, it’s really hard to focus long enough to even make a list, but I’ll put down what I can remember. The big message is you aren’t alone. The ascension process affects us all a little differently, depending on our role and where we are based on free will, but the process is happening regardless. Be kind and gentle with yourself.

Time – As someone who has always had a eye on the future, living entirely in the fluidity of the NOW was a serious challenge at first. At this point in my journey, there’s little struggle left. Anytime I feel “out of control” (recovering control freak here), I now see it as a sign that I am not fully present, in this very moment. Worry is attachment to the future, and depression is attachment to the past. Being fully present alleviates both. Time (4th dimension) is deconstructing, so the only point available to us is NOW. Practice presence.

Body Wisdom – Honor and protect your body. This is a physical ascension, so our bodies are changing at a cellular level. Remember that the body wants to be healthy – it strives for life and health. That said, it has to clear and process cellular trash (memory), not just from your life, but from everyone in your bloodline. That’s a lot. All the strange symptoms you’ve been having aren’t a sign of physical disease, but of the body purging, cleansing, and searching for health and balance. Give your body whatever it needs, even if it is unusual.
On that note, the symptoms I’ve had recently are: vertigo, nausea, blurry vision, sinus pain, digestive issues, organ pain (it changes organs every few days), cold flashes, lungs feeling cold and heavy, and various pains, just to name a few.

Changes – As we bring these higher frequencies into physical reality, things around you just naturally shift to match. For me, this has been an almost compulsive drive to clean out closets, and get new shoes. Yes, I know… my world is strange. If you knew how much I resist change, coupled with my aversion to shopping, you would start to understand the significance. Whatever needs to shift in your life will get more and more pressing, until something has to give. Best just to throw out the old stuff now.

Guides & Meditation – My guides are gone. I feel a bit lost without the voices I’ve spent my whole life with, but the guidance is all internal at this point. The need to meditate is also gone, as I feel like I am almost always in that state. This is all part of integration – really being the change. Embodying the higher frequencies. Dreams are very lucid, and much of our work happens there.

Way-showers – There are so many of us on so many different phases… I can no longer reach the human level. Instead of feeling like I want to share insights to assist others on their journey, I just feel like they will get there in their own time. It looks like apathy, but it’s just complete trust in the Plan. This is where you come in – start that blog, or vlog, or Facebook updates, or whatever you have to offer. Let people know they aren’t alone by sharing your experiences. We can each give a hand to the next wave. That’s how we get through this…together.
Here are a couple people I follow:
Sandra Walter – newsletter 
Lisa Brown – energy report 
Natalia Alba – new moon report

So take exquisite care of your body to assist it in integrating all these changes. And share your experiences with others, to assist them in integrating all these changes.


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New Earth

It’s done. Gaia has successfully ascended into the 5th dimension, or at least part of Her has. It looked like a complete split, with two planets at the end. This must be the full timeline split people keep talking about. I honestly didn’t really buy into all that, but my mediation today brought me to tears watching Gaia ascend. To say that the old systems will no longer be supported is an understatement. It looked like the old 3D version was more of a holograph, while the life force of the planet rose up a notch.

What does this mean for you? Well, I know I’ve said this many times over the years, but anytime things get weird, go center yourself. For me, this means meditation. And not just any meditation at this point, it has to include internal Divine Union (your own body and your own soul). Uniting with your own Higher Self is the priority. Whatever “stuff” comes up in your life right now is asking to be addressed and cleared, to make space for the real you.

The theme for 2019 is ‘The Gathering’, but in order to gather your soul group, you must be at a matching vibration. At lower frequencies you only attract karma… all that means is that the unhealed subconscious is running the show, until you bring your shadows to the light of awareness for healing. Anything still lurking in the dark is bound to resurface at this point, so just face it, heal it, and release it. The more you do this, the quicker the process becomes.

You are ready for whatever comes up, and you are ready to shift to 5D, but it’s still sticky sometimes. Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion. The body is processing and purging a lot right now. Your mental and emotional bodies are doing the same. Your own Higher Mind is like the adult in the room, gently keeping all of you going in the same direction. Even when part of you stops to throw a temper tantrum, be gentle with yourself, take some time to process, and keep an eye on your goal of inner union. It really is the only job you have right now. Welcome to the New Earth.


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The word ‘forgive’ keeps echoing in my mind, with an image of rising up higher and higher with each weight removed. We are all familiar with the concept of forgiveness, and how it isn’t about the other person, place, or thing, but about how it sets us free. That’s all true, but this is a whole new level. It’s like forgiveness is untying the threads holding us in 3D, both individually and collectively.

This isn’t about leaving discernment behind. Please don’t think you need to rebuild an old relationship just to prove you have moved on. You may have evolved, but it doesn’t mean they have. No, this is about letting them leave your awareness entirely. Not in an ignoring way, but a parting with gratitude and blessing. An acknowledgment of a former life. How often do you think about your childhood pet or favorite toy? Probably not much at all, yet when it comes up you probably have fond memories, without attachment. Memories from a whole different life. That’s what we’re aiming for.

Forgiveness on this level brings a feeling of freedom and expansion. If you are experiencing some form of grief (sadness, anger), just keep working on the issue. Eventually it will be a blissful release. These articles may also be of help in this journey:
Love & Boundaries
Trust, Betrayal, and Forgiveness
The Empath and the Narcissist 
And this forgiveness extends way beyond individuals… belief systems, locations, jobs, physical challenges, you name it. Anything that has caused pain, let it go.

Here is a glimpse into my own process, so you can see what I’m talking about…
I forgive those who hurt me. I forgive myself for being (and staying) in that situation. I forgive both of us for the parts we played. I forgive them for holding me back. I forgive myself for ever thinking someone else had the power to hold me back. I forgive them for not growing. I forgive myself for outgrowing them. I forgive us both for ever thinking it should have been different.
I sit in gratitude and awe at the synchronicity that brought me to this place and time. I kneel in humble gratitude for the experiences that have made me. I thank and bless all involved. 

I have been going through a similar process with my body, and even with my Higher Self for incarnating. Like I said, this is the big step to shifting us up a notch in evolution. Not everyone will be capable of this yet, so don’t worry about anyone but you. We each have our own path, in our own time. Trust yours. Forgive.


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Integration of the Trinity

It’s time for us to master integration. This applies to every level, every part of our lives. Integrity is when your thoughts, words, and deeds are all in line, and now it’s time to bring them all together. Any part of you that is out of alignment will show itself for correction.

This process comes to me visually as an integration of the trinity, because in my experience there are always three parts at play: one higher, one lower, and one unifying the two. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine unite to make the Divine Child, which is the same as saying Spirit and Body combine to make a Human. We need both the dark and the light to create our world, but no longer in extreme polarity.

Polarity is the play of opposites – light & dark, spiritual & hedonism, male & female… the list is long in a world based on polarity. Duality is separation – man from God, me from you, you from your higher self… it’s an illusion of the ego, designed to allow this journey into polarity. Polarity and duality represent the fall from Grace. Now we are moving back into a place of unity. Polarity and duality are being replaced with integration and unity.

This integration and unity will happen both within and without. As you integrate the layers within, your outer world will shift. Let it. People and situations will naturally shift and change to reflect the inner work. This has always been the case, but it will now be pronounced. If anything feels wrong or out of place, work to integrate within. We like to think changing the circumstance (relationship, job, location) will fix the issue, but when we integrate within all those outer things change themselves, in amazing ways.

The body is a major focal point right now, because this is a physical ascension process, meaning the changes are anchored through your very cells. The best thing you can do for yourself at this point is to foster a loving relationship with your body. The body has its own trinity of voices (at least mine does), and you need to listen and discern. For example, the lower body is full of cravings and addictions (“I want a bacon cheese burger!”), the higher body is the light body (“I want water and sunlight!”), and the integration point is the healthy physical body (“I just want a hard boiled egg and a salad. Sunlight sounds good, too.”)

Get to know your body, and to recognize which voice you are answering to. Here’s a hint: The body wants to be healthy. If it is constantly screaming for unhealthy foods or habits, then examine addiction, and get the support you need. Here’s another hint: The healthy body voice doesn’t generally scream. It’s the quiet, small voice, asking for reasonable support. Once you find that healthy, middle voice, it’s easy to keep an open dialog. Giving your body proper support right now is crucial. It is doing some heavy lifting, and using your free will to support it makes all the difference. I ask my body several times a day, “What do you need right now?” and it always tells me.

Not everyone will arrive here at the same time, so have compassion with all, including yourself. It’s a journey. There is no room here for helping or saving, only for leading by example. We used to experience being human as a bipolar ricochet between highs and lows, benevolence and addiction, but now the middle ground will be our primary experience. Time to integrate our higher minds and lower bodies to become the Humans we were meant to be.


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2018 – Illuminating the Shadow (repost)

There is a lot coming in about integration, and dissolving polarity, so I thought it was a good time to revisit the energy forecast for the year. We are in full integration mode, so things will be shifting dramatically over the next few months. I must admit, I’m excited!

(Originally posted October 21, 2017)
The yearly forecasts are coming in early, so I’m going with it. It feels like September – March (equinox to equinox) is the ramp-up, and then March – September is the full bloom. I think this is just part of deconstructing time, as we commonly use it. The solar calendar is just a human construct.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”  ~C.G. Jung

The only way to dissolve darkness is to shine a light. 2018 will do just that. All the hidden shadows, both personal and collective, will come to light and be dissolved. This is actually a great thing, like finally cleaning out that dark basement closet, but it may seem overwhelming and scary at times. Who knows what’s in there? Or how long it’s been there? Or if it’s moldy, or covered in creepy-crawly things? It’s ok to be apprehensive, as long as you keep cleaning.

With all the work you’ve done in the last few years, these shadows will dissolve easily… if you are willing to expose them to the light of conscious awareness. Once you acknowledge a shadow, and are truly willing to deal with it straight-on, the it will leave quickly. Denial and avoidance won’t serve you this year. In fact, the more effort you put into avoiding an issue, the stronger it will become, until you can no longer ignore it.

This isn’t about battling the darkness, it’s about integrating it with your light. It’s about going from polarity to oneness. The darkness (the shadow, subconscious programs, lower ego) are ready to come to light (awareness), and dissolve. These are just lost pieces coming home to be healed and released. The faster you become aware, the faster the shadow is integrated. Simple as that. But how it looks on the outside…

From a spiritual perspective, this is a much needed deep collective healing. From a human (muggle) perspective, it can be pretty traumatic. The best thing you can do is stay centered, and be a light for others. The minute you start focusing on the chaos of the world, you will sink into that shadow with them, which won’t help anyone. Many of us will be triggered by world events, but the most compassionate thing you can do is stay centered. Feel free to take action as you are called (activism, volunteering, etc.), but only if it is from a centered place, not an emotional reaction. Act, don’t react. Move from Love, not Fear.

There is a significant timeline split in action here. The important thing to know on that one is that we all have access to all timelines at any point, it’s just a matter of free will. Practical example: A human trafficking ring is exposed… if you choose (free will) to react and let fear and anger have their way, it will activate that vibration, and everything you magnetize will match it. If you choose (free will) to feel the emotions, mentally uncover the reasons you were triggered, then take action from a clear and centered space, everything you magnetize will match that vibration. You will be triggered this year, deeply, but how you handle it is crucial. Blame and judgement are a sign you are operating at a lower timeline, as they are based in polarity – if anything is “their fault”, it requires “us” and “them” mentality. Shift out of the polarity, and back into oneness.

Having access to all timelines can be a bit wobbly. Just because you are flying high in 5D one day, doesn’t mean you can’t suddenly drop back down into 3D. The key here is free will. If you are willing to do your personal shadow work, you will quickly move through the rough spots, and return to the higher timeline. Likewise, anyone living in the muggle world can pop up to 5D, as soon as they are ready. Nothing is set in stone, no one is stuck, and no one is left behind. But be fully aware that you can only make choices for you. There is no saving or helping, only leading by example.

Let me be clear – I’m not saying if you raise your vibration, the world will be unicorns and butterflies. No. Shit happens, and shit will most definitely happen this year. This is about your response to it, and taking full responsibility for clearing your own shadows. It is a mastery of integration, and while each lesson can pass quickly if you are committed to your process, it is still a process. Integrating the shadow brings us to a new level of personal power. It’s worth it. It’s time.

The greatest gift you can offer the world is that of your own transformation. As shadows cross the world stage, know that we are all bringing our darkness to Light. We are healing and releasing polarity, which is part of our evolution and ascension. Use your free will to jump in with both feet. And don’t be afraid of the dark.

“The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire.” ~C.G. Jung


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The Eternal Now

We all want to be more present, but what does that really mean? Like most things experiential, it’s easier to talk about what it isn’t, and go from there. As humans, we spend most of our time time-traveling – projecting our thoughts either into the past or the future, when both are basically imaginary. Yet, it is also folly to completely disregard the past and future. The only point in time you are actually living is right now, but to do it meaningfully, we must have the context of our total existence.

Being present isn’t over controlling or under controlling the flow of life. Being present requires a balanced use of free will (masculine energy, 3rd chakra), and trusting some kind of greater order. The two most common ways to avoid true presence are 1) projecting into the past or future due to an excessive need for control, and 2) completely ignoring the past and future due to an aversion to taking control of our lives. Both options are an attempt to avoid pain, either by over-controlling or under-controlling, but both cause greater suffering in the long run.

Over-controlling is excessive use of free will. It shows an unhealthy level of attachment to the circumstances, people, or situations of our existence, either past or future. It may stem from the weight of responsibility, or a sense of having to prove oneself, or an overreaction to victim mentality. These folks think it’s all down to them, either all the past regrets or all the future progress, and they tend to believe “life is my creation.” An overactive and fragmented ego. This tendency to over-control needs to be tempered with Trust… Trust that life has a rhythm and a reason, and this force is active in all we do.

Under-controling is a lack of applied free will. It shows a basic unwillingness to show up for life, and take an active roll in co-creating existence. It may stem from a deep feeling of powerlessness or unworthiness, or an imbedded victim mentality. These folks just want to watch life, rather than participate. They avoid choices (like voting), and they numb out at every opportunity (like addictions), and it is all justified by saying “everything happens the way it is supposed to anyway.” An under-active ego glorifying animal consciousness. This tendency to under-control needs to be tempered with empowerment… the basic knowing that each choice matters, and life is always responding to your input.

Life is always a co-creation. Free will matters – take action. Divine Will matters – trust the flow of life. Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live right now. Think of driving a car… you don’t stare in the rearview mirror or at the GPS, but neither do you ignore them. You glance at them, but spend the majority of your time looking at your immediate area. Same thing. Don’t dwell on the past or future, but glance at them to be sure you are incorporating past lessons, and taking actions to keep moving toward your chosen future.

Once you are used to it, it’s just habit to glance forward and back before making a choice. Just like looking before switching lanes. Before each choice, I quickly ask myself, “Have I seen something like this before? Will this action keep me moving toward my goal?” Yes, before every choice. Awareness is everything. Mistakes still happen, and I add them to my learning experiences. I’m sure it isn’t a perfect system, but it frees me to live in the present, within the full context of my life.


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