Angels Crying

Last night was powerful for me. The New Moon / Solar Eclipse really shook something loose. I had some intense information dropped into my head, along with a few visions, which lasted all of 30 seconds, but I’ve been weepy ever since. In case you don’t know me, I’m pretty low on emotion (been accused of being Vulcan), so weepy for hours is a big deal. I’ll try to translate what I got…

It started with a little pity-party about my current human condition of being neurologically compromised (Friedreich’s Ataxia, genetic cause), and the fact that people with fully functional bodies don’t take care of them. Then it went to why people are so adverse to being healthy and present. Then how escaping the emotional pain was worth disconnecting from the body. Then it went to addiction as a lifestyle choice.

Then the angels were crying. They were encircling the Earth, weeping with compassion. It wasn’t sadness or disappointment, it was compassion. This is where I lost it, too. Compassion has never been my strong suit, and I was overwhelmed by the feeling. It broke my heart, but in a beautiful way.

From this higher dimensional perspective, information started flowing… etheric beings only have access to the Higher Mind (Spirit), and animals only have access to the body (physical), but humans have access to both. We really are a special creation. Your body is much more than a temple, it is your partner. We all know we couldn’t be alive without our body, and some care for it to promote longevity, but when was the last time you saw it as a partner? A being of it’s own, in a symbiotic relationship with your Higher Mind?

Disconnecting from your body (drugs, alcohol, over-eating, lack of exercise, etc.) is breaking the link to your Higher Self. Embodiment requires presence – complete, unhindered awareness – to develop this body relationship. The angels were crying tears of compassion because we have become so disconnected, that further disconnection is used to kill the pain. It was never intended to go this way, nor is it a fixed reality. The reasons for the fall from Grace (which had nothing to do with snakes or apples), are complex, and to my mind irrelevant to changing the current situation.

There was so much shared… relationships are just vehicles for learning, but if you remain asleep, they remain asleep (karmic). Money isn’t real, period. Divine Union is between body and Sprit, not another person. Outer validation is always a distraction. We have built our own prisons, and continue to do so, through unconscious actions. The old programming (victim mentality, self-destruction, greed, etc.) which enslaved humanity is now being removed. Human life is meant to be a playful dance between Body and Spirit. What you see in the world (from factory farming to pornography to war) is a holographic representation of inner turmoil of the collective. We really are a collective, not a group of individuals.

How do we reconnect? Physically, if at all possible. Not the linear, for a goal, join a gym type thing, but creatively physical. That exercise stuff is fine also, but your Spirit want to move as a body. Dance. Tai Chi. Skip around your kitchen naked. Whatever, just move your body as your Spirit. Creativity is what we do. Bring your body, your total humanness, into the mix. Be present with all of yourself.

Also, start identifying how you disconnect. This may show up in any form, from substance abuse to energy addictions (both sex and meditation release endorphins, which can become an addiction, if not monitored). And be sure not to confuse sensory stimulation with connection. Your body doesn’t want to be an amusement park.

This was also a wake-up call for me. I can remember several times in my life, starting at age 5, when I came to complete awareness, freaked out that it wasn’t time yet, and consciously chose to go back to sleep. Yep, I totally took the blue pill, repeatedly. For me, sleep was found in ambition and distraction, like diving head-long into academic achievement, or joining a new social circle. It isn’t always a substance. Sometimes it is just unwillingness to be present. This experience has shown me it’s time… it’s okay to stay awake.

Be fully present with yourself. Build a real relationship with your body, as a Divine Partner. It’s okay to be awake now, to be fully human. Let’s rebuild the world together, and let the angels sing.


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New You

Several years ago I got to see, with extreme clarity, that this is all made up… by us. At that point I thought if this is all pretend, then why not pretend to be someone with a cloak and a wand? I’d look pretty cute with a cloak… Indeed. You can be whoever you want. Who have you been recreating subconsciously?

My Mom was always quite practical, and her wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts reflected that. I knew that wasn’t me, but it took me years to move away from the familiar. This is much deeper than any “dress the part” philosophy, but that’s a good place to start. What type of clothes do you wear? Do they reflect who you really are? Do they belong to a past version of you? Are they chosen to project a false image? Do they compliment your essence?

After you figure out who you want to be, wardrobe is a great place to start. I recommend spending less than $50 at a time, and shopping at thrift stores, at least until you find a style. Pretend it’s a costume, until you  find something that really makes you happy. Feel free to try things, and give away what doesn’t work for you. Thrift stores rock. When was the last time you really thought about the clothes you wear? When was the last time you bought clothes for a reason? This is the biggest reason: outward reflection of who you are inside.

Next, look at your speech, what you eat and drink, and your posture. Keep in mind, nothing is wrong with what you currently do, this exercise is simply to bring awareness to the character you are creating on a daily basis. So many of us just live out of habit, which is just another way to say we live subconsciously, doing what we’ve always done. Some things you look at will be perfectly you, just as they are, while others will simply be outdated. The only way to know is to take awareness into your daily life.

This brings me to phase two of the creation of your future self… Visualize. I am currently disabled, but my future self dances (as I also did in the past). Visualize. Meditate and visualize. See yourself happy, healthy, and fulfilled, and maybe even chat with the future you. What will it take to move in that direction? I guarantee steps can be taken, without large chunks of time and money, but only you can take those necessary steps.

Again, there is no wrong or right, just levels of awareness. In my world right now, my diet is changing (yet again). We always have pancakes on Sunday, and I love pancakes, but the last couple of times I ate them didn’t feel great. Bummer! But feeling better is just more important to who I am than the taste of my weakly treat. It isn’t wrong to choose taste and keep eating them, it just isn’t aligned with my essence. MY essence. For someone else, maybe the other choice is more in line with who they want to be. Only you know who you want to be.

On the other hand, my hair style hasn’t significantly changed in decades. I love my hair, just the way it is. I consider changing it, either cut or color, probably yearly, but I am just really happy with it. It’s in line with who I want to be… at least for now. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

For every single thing you do just because you’ve “always done it like that”, now is the time to reevaluate. Are you still that person? Were you ever? More importantly, do you want to be that person in the future? You really do get to choose. Stop recreating what no longer serves you.

This is a potent time for change, if you are willing to put forth the effort of awareness. Examine every detail of your life to be sure you are creating the person you want to be when you grow up. Stop recreating the person you aren’t. There is no fault, just lack of awareness. Nothing is wrong, yet maybe it can be more right. Align with who you really are. Take the first steps to become the new you.


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Repost: 2018 Energies

Since we are now in full swing with 2018, I reread the yearly energy forecast. It had some helpful reminders for me, so I want to re-share it with you, also. I hope it’s useful, and it brings a new clarity to our current experience.

Originally posted October 21, 2017:

The yearly forecasts are coming in early, so I’m going with it. It feels like September – March (equinox to equinox) is the ramp-up, and then March – September is the full bloom. I think this is just part of deconstructing time, as we commonly use it. The solar calendar is just a human construct.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”  ~C.G. Jung

The only way to dissolve darkness is to shine a light. 2018 will do just that. All the hidden shadows, both personal and collective, will come to light and be dissolved. This is actually a great thing, like finally cleaning out that dark basement closet, but it may seem overwhelming and scary at times. Who knows what’s in there? Or how long it’s been there? Or if it’s moldy, or covered in creepy-crawly things? It’s ok to be apprehensive, as long as you keep cleaning.

With all the work you’ve done in the last few years, these shadows will dissolve easily… if you are willing to expose them to the light of conscious awareness. Once you acknowledge a shadow, and are truly willing to deal with it straight-on, the it will leave quickly. Denial and avoidance won’t serve you this year. In fact, the more effort you put into avoiding an issue, the stronger it will become, until you can no longer ignore it.

This isn’t about battling the darkness, it’s about integrating it with your light. It’s about going from polarity to oneness. The darkness (the shadow, subconscious programs, lower ego) are ready to come to light (awareness), and dissolve. These are just lost pieces coming home to be healed and released. The faster you become aware, the faster the shadow is integrated. Simple as that. But how it looks on the outside…

From a spiritual perspective, this is a much needed deep collective healing. From a human (muggle) perspective, it can be pretty traumatic. The best thing you can do is stay centered, and be a light for others. The minute you start focusing on the chaos of the world, you will sink into that shadow with them, which won’t help anyone. Many of us will be triggered by world events, but the most compassionate thing you can do is stay centered. Feel free to take action as you are called (activism, volunteering, etc.), but only if it is from a centered place, not an emotional reaction. Act, don’t react. Move from Love, not Fear.

There is a significant timeline split in action here. The important thing to know on that one is that we all have access to all timelines at any point, it’s just a matter of free will. Practical example: A human trafficking ring is exposed… if you choose (free will) to react and let fear and anger have their way, it will activate that vibration, and everything you magnetize will match it. If you choose (free will) to feel the emotions, mentally uncover the reasons you were triggered, then take action from a clear and centered space, everything you magnetize will match that vibration. You will be triggered this year, deeply, but how you handle it is crucial. Blame and judgement are a sign you are operating at a lower timeline, as they are based in polarity – if anything is “their fault”, it requires “us” and “them” mentality. Shift out of the polarity, and back into oneness.

Having access to all timelines can be a bit wobbly. Just because you are flying high in 5D one day, doesn’t mean you can’t suddenly drop back down into 3D. The key here is free will. If you are willing to do your personal shadow work, you will quickly move through the rough spots, and return to the higher timeline. Likewise, anyone living in the muggle world can pop up to 5D, as soon as they are ready. Nothing is set in stone, no one is stuck, and no one is left behind. But be fully aware that you can only make choices for you. There is no saving or helping, only leading by example.

Let me be clear – I’m not saying if you raise your vibration, the world will be unicorns and butterflies. No. Shit happens, and shit will most definitely happen this year. This is about your response to it, and taking full responsibility for clearing your own shadows. It is a mastery of integration, and while each lesson can pass quickly if you are committed to your process, it is still a process. Integrating the shadow brings us to a new level of personal power. It’s worth it. It’s time.

The greatest gift you can offer the world is that of your own transformation. As shadows cross the world stage, know that we are all bringing our darkness to Light. We are healing and releasing polarity, which is part of our evolution and ascension. Use your free will to jump in with both feet. And don’t be afraid of the dark.

“The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire.” ~C.G. Jung


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Game Changer

What if we are living as a computer simulation like a video game? This theory has been bouncing around for years, but has recently become more popular, with big names like Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson weighing in on the subject. When I first heard this theory, I was almost offended, or at least overwhelmed. Now, years later, I think it might give us the shift in perspective we need to move forward.

Yogis and mystics have always told us this world is an illusion. All religions tell us that our next life is built from our conduct in this one. With the introduction of quantum physics, even science says part of us exists after the body dies. With the current vernacular, we can easily convert these messages to reflect a simulated reality. Our “Higher Self” could be the player, our body is to be treated as a temple because it is our avatar, making it to the next level requires gaining mastery at the current one… it just keeps going.

The reason I’m currently fond of this worldview is because it eliminates judgement by an outside deity, and increases personal power and responsibility. Humans have such a propensity for guilt, shame, and self-loathing because they feel inadequate. This inadequacy stems from comparing themselves to an unattainable standard, then being threatened with eternal damnation (or any number of afterlife horrors) for not meeting that standard, and finally being too overwhelmed to even try to crawl out of the hole they imagine themselves in. Not the best way to encourage human development, on any level.

If we change the setting from deity-created to computer simulation, then life just becomes a series of choices. No more “shoulds”, no more “not good enough”, no more “sin”, just choices. If we want to get to the next level (and who isn’t competitive, or at least curious?) then our choices matter. See? Personal power and personal responsibility. You don’t want to waste the game doing nothing, but you no longer have the pressure of all the societal norms. Brilliant!

One of the biggest shifts with this perspective is how we view addiction. Instead of all the struggle and pity, it becomes more of a sand trap in your golf game. It’s more a matter of maneuvering your avatar back to the course, than a personal failure or condition. I’m not making light of addiction, I have seen many friends affected, but they all seem to self-sabotage with negative thinking, making it even harder to change their path. Maybe a new perspective would be helpful.

“What if…” is one of my favorite games to get the possibilities rolling, so let’s explore… What if you were designed to be exactly as you are? What if harder lives (abuse, addiction, illness) are just higher levels? What if you have the ability to change the basic script? What if this spiritual awakening is the technology becoming aware of itself? What if meditation just quiets the mind enough to hear the guidance of our “real selves”? What happens when you reach the level of “programmer”? And if you have a good life but are still unhappy, then welcome to Level 1, Earth: Extreme Sports for the Spiritually Bored!

Also of interest, at least to me, is what this says about being creators-in-training. Is there any better way to practice creating a reality? How better to play with different frequencies of energy, and see what they make? Is this heaven or hell? Yes. You get to choose, once you learn how to play the game.

None of this tells us why we are here. Religions don’t either. You have permission to use whatever concept keeps you going, but it’s time to drop the reward / punishment system. You are perfect and you are enough, and you have the power to choose a different route at any time. We are all just stories, in the end. Make yours epic.


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Breaking-Up Is Hard To Do

This blog is more for me than you. In the last couple months, everyone in my inner circle has had a significant shift, resulting in leaving personal relationships, jobs, or locations. It’s like the lessons were finally learned, and it was just time to release old patterns that no longer serve the highest good. I also had some shifting in relationships, and thought I was right on track. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that evolution is always moving… there’s always more.

I was recently spending time with some of my Tribe, feeling proud of them for all the toxic programs they have released. They are all leaving various levels of abusive situations, and I found myself being a bit jealous. My relationship with my body has been difficult for almost two decades, after a diagnosis of a genetic, degenerative, neurological disorder called Friedreich’s Ataxia. Why can’t I leave my abusive relationship with my body? What would that look like? Is it really abusive? Asking questions always brings me insight.

During this same time, I was reminded that I take on other’s energy, and (coincidentally and unrelated) I was given a book. I don’t actually take on energy anymore, but I definitely act as an air filter, clearing the energy around me. I’ve done it for so long, I don’t even notice, unless it’s pointed out. Is that just who I am? Just what I do? Then I sat down to read my gift of The Mature Empath by Tracy Roe. It’s amazing how hearing someone else’s words, on a subject that’s familiar, can jog the memory in a whole new way.

I am aware that “fixing” is totally different from “healing”. I am also aware that people need to be allowed to struggle to find their personal power. I know that letting people live with their choices develops their masculine power. I know this on an individual level. I just didn’t apply all this to the collective consciousness, which is where I do most of my work for the Ascension.

For years, I have been both grounding the new energy, and transmuting the old. I’ve basically been an air filter for the negative energies of the collective. This relationship no longer serves either of us. My body was the one suffering the abuse of my free will running old energy through it. All the time. No wonder my nervous system is shot. So, this is my big break-up. I’m breaking up with the collective consciousness. I’m no longer helping to cleanse the collective. I trust it is strong enough to do it on its own. It’s time.

My new job will only be to ground the new energies. It’s hard to end an old relationship like this, but we’ll both be healthier for it. I feel better already.


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~ Drinking Dichotomy ~

I was raised in a house without alcohol. It wasn’t shunned in any way, it simply wasn’t there. I did my fair share of drinking in my 20s, as is customary, but the social drinking continued for my friends. I never liked the taste, and after my decade of various levels of occasional drunkenness, I slowed way down, and now I just don’t drink. As a result, I don’t enjoy being around it. Drunk people are only fun if you’re one of them.

Alcohol and social drinking have been a pondering of mine for years. Why do people do it, really? And why am I considered judgmental for asking the question? Why is it a given that people almost always require alcohol to classify something as “a good time”? And why doesn’t it work that way for me? Aside from the fact my liver is pretty vocal in its objections, I just don’t feel like it is a good time when I drink. I always feel drained the next day, and it’s not physical.

My pondering and observation have led me here… People drink socially because they want to let their guard down, to feel more connected to others, which generally happens after the first drink. But no one stops at one drink. The dichotomy begins to appear in the second drink, when the ability to connect with others, and even with your own body, start to diminish. Words begin to slur, and verbal connection is compromised. Eyes blur, focus is lost, and heart connection is compromised. Thinking gets fuzzy, and mental connection is compromised. After the first drink, the whole reason for drinking has dissolved into unchecked emotion, babbling communication, and liver damage. Dichotomy.

My Grandpa was always known for telling amazing stories of his adventures. He was definitely a larger-than-life character, keeping our guests entertained until the wee hours of the night, without a drop of alcohol. This was the example set for me. The grown-ups were laughing and smiling, and fully present at all times. Blurry eyes meant it was time for bed. My distain for drinking isn’t because of a negative judgement, I just miss the connection of being fully present with people!

When I encourage others to stop drinking, it’s my own inner child saying, “Don’t leave! I was having so much fun with you! Please stay present with me… it’s okay to be real without being numb. I want to stay connected.” But I also believe in free will, and I know most people’s parents set the example of social drinking. I don’t feel judgmental in any way, just sad that they feel alcohol will enhance the situation, when it just blocks true connection. So, I leave early, and usually read or meditate, so I can at least connect with me.

Again, awareness is the key to everything. If you drink at all, ask yourself why. Is it just habit? Is it fear of connection or depth? Is it rooted in addiction? Is it tied to your beliefs about being an adult (good or bad)? Is it just what people do? Is that a good enough reason to keep doing it? Also, stay sober a few times and observe what happens to connection as the drinks flow. Then, at the next gathering, join in the drinking and really be aware of your reactions. Two things I can tell you without a doubt, no matter what the reasons for imbibing, alcohol lowers your vibration and damages your body. Period. It simply isn’t good for you, so figure out why it’s part of your lifestyle.

No rush, when it’s time to quit, you’ll quit. Just shine some awareness on the whole thing. Know that it’s perfectly okay to be deep and connected without alcohol. In fact, it’s the only way you can. I’m here, waiting to be fully present with you…


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New Magic

I know at the forefront of this step, many of us are not yet seeing and feeling the effect of the higher timelines. Be patient. Things have been realigned in the etheric, so it will soon manifest in the physical. In the interim, we have the opportunity for greater Mastery. This will further prepare us for the upcoming changes.

No matter what you are experiencing, on any level, you have complete control of your thoughts. How you mentally frame a situation makes all the difference in your quality of experience. Personal example: I have a neurological disorder, which comes with good days and bad days. It’s easy to be positive on the good days, but on the bad days I need to be very aware of my thought process. Am I upset because I’m not physically healed yet, or am I impressed at how well my body is doing with all the energetic shifts? By Western medical estimates, I should have died about a decade ago. Am I going to dissolve into self-pity and self-loathing, or am I going to celebrate my abilities as a healer, having exceeded all  expectations?

Who do I want to be? Either view is defendable, and there is no right and wrong here. It’s just a choice. And don’t get me wrong – some days it’s a really, really hard choice. I am a huge fan of honesty, but honesty doesn’t need to be pessimistic. Whether I’m ascending or dying isn’t the issue, it’s who I want to be in the process. The future takes care of itself, but we need to be fully awake, and aware of the present, and how we are framing our experience. How we mentally construct the present dictates the future.

So, the new magic (I just like that word) has a lot to do with reframing. It’s also about balancing our Masculine energy, our “doing”. We definitely need to take steps in the direction we want to go, but also graciously accept redirection. A perfect balance of action and surrender. This is Mastery. Put it out there, then let the path appear, instead of either doing nothing, or trying to control every aspect. This is a great time to get to know Ganesha (Hindu god of obstacles), because roadblocks are just redirection… if you choose to see it that way.

Play with the possibility that life isn’t meant to be hard. Maybe we just picked up a false conditioning. Maybe the energy is just lighter now than it was before. Maybe we did everything the hard way to eliminate that option for the future. Maybe, just maybe, living can be easier now. Focus on joy and ease. Still hate your job? Focus on what it allows you to do… afford life. And let that living spread into all you do, even that awful job. Who do you want to be? Be that person all the time.  

The outer circumstances reflect the inner definitions. All change comes from within. As you change your mental constructs, the outer world moves to match the new vibration. Yes, this has always been the case, but now it’s almost instant. Play with this, and prove it to yourself. Stop yourself mid-negative thought, consciously reframe your beliefs, and see what happens. If you go back into negative thinking, just keep changing the channel. Mastery takes constant awareness, and the effort to make changes.

Mental mastery brings in the new magic, and it’s beautiful!


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Doing and Being

As we complete yet another week of jumping timelines, we are now faced with a decision about what we will allow to continue. Many people have come to the “I’m not doing this anymore;” point. This is the timeline split in action. It feels very calm, at least after the storm that brought it up. This isn’t an angry foot-stomping type thing, just a choice to do something different. It feel almost eerily calm and centered in the decision to release old patterns. Some will join you on this new timeline, some won’t. It’s okay to let people go-  honor their choice also.

Again, we need to balance action (masculine, doing) with flow (feminine, being). We are being asked to show up every single day, with total awareness of our thoughts, words and deeds. And after we take the action necessary, we are being asked to let the Universe take over and guide us to our destination. Some struggle with doing, others struggle with being. For me it almost depends on the day. But still, if we keep showing up with complete awareness, the integration of these two polarities becomes easier.

By “showing up” I am talking about self-honesty and action. Extreme example – If you are an alcoholic, first you have to be honest with yourself about the addiction, then you need to take action to get the support you need to change. Show up to your life, and take the action needed to keep it on track.

All that said, “showing up” may just be total awareness at this point. The timeline jumping is doing a number on practical plans. Projects and direction are still shifting wildly, so don’t get too attached to a certain road. Still, awareness, honesty, and integrity are always the foundation of any personal evolution, so that is our daily work.

Self-honesty is a big deal right now, to properly move onto your highest timeline. Take a long, hard look at your life. If you want to double-check your assessment, look at the 5 people closest to you. Who do you prefer to be around? That is exactly where you are. Want to know where other people are? Look at their group. For me, I tend to ignore and justify all kinds of crazy behavior in others, so I’ve learned to widen my view, and also take note of their peers. It all becomes clear when you gather more info.

Another good tip at this point is deciding what you don’t want, rather than what you do. Let the Universe pick out something even more fabulous than you could dream up. The only parameters you need to define are what you don’t want. For example, saying you want a yellow VW Bug limits the field to a yellow VW Bug. But saying “any car, but not white,” leaves the field wide open. This isn’t necessarily for stuff, but very valuable for relationships and situations. A big one right now is simply, “I’m not willing to work this hard anymore” regarding relationships. Knowing what you don’t want is setting a boundary.

Support your body!!! Do whatever your body asks, and treat it like your child or a loving pet. Be an asset to yourself. Speak kindly to your body – it’s really working hard! I have been taking drops called Cellfood (available on Amazon) which seem to make my body happy. Also, gentle movement, time outside, and epsom salt soaks are favorites for me. Listen to your own guidance… and follow it!

On a mental/spiritual level, I recommend the Gene Keys Golden Path to keep you going in the right direction, especially when the world seems topsy-turvey. It’s nice to have some direction and focus sometimes.

Keep up the good work… we know it isn’t easy. Thank you for showing up to your life, and integrating all that doing and being. You got this!


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Mass Awakening

This past week has been really intense for all of us, especially those actively being Stargates, consciously or not. On Tuesday the Human Heart grid was tied into Gaia’s ascension grid. This is a really big deal, because it means the human collective is finally vibrating at a level that allows us to safely join the planetary ascension. For those just joining in, the ascension that’s happening is Earth, and all Her inhabitants are just along for the ride, including humans.

What this means for humans, is that we are physically shifting, or evolving. Many Way-showers out there have been preparing us for years, explaining how to master the thoughts and the ego, to allow for the smoothest transition possible. The body is evolving, and the level of emotional distress that causes is purely a result of our thoughts, nothing more. All the plants and animals are also going through this shift, but they don’t have the ego to contend with, so they just sleep it off.

Before, there was more of a choice about how fast this physical process went for each individual, but now we are all on the ascension bus. Free will definitely still exists, and your level of suffering and drama are entirely up to you. Just because this Mass Awakening is in full swing now doesn’t mean suddenly everyone is conscious, just that physical reality is changing. If someone is attached to their story, the will remain so until they choose otherwise. Misery loves company… don’t give it to them.

You can tell how attached you are to your story by how personal you make things. Is it your body having trouble, or is just a physical shift? Is it your relationship, or a collective karmic clearing? Do you look around you to see if everyone is angry, or just assume it’s your bad day? Sometimes it is yours, and this is not meant to be used as an excuse, but it’s time to expand your awareness. Look outside yourself, and your life. Moving from separation to unity consciousness requires a new level of awareness.

Support your body! I can’t stress this enough. You are changing at a cellular level, and it’s a lot of work. Remember, the body always strives for health and balance. It has its own intelligence. Treat it with love and patience, and it will show incredible resilience. Extra sleep, extra water, time outside and any supplements it asks for. Your body is half your being, and the only thing that makes incarnation possible. Without it, you wouldn’t be here. Prioritize your body.

Joy and gratitude are what to focus on right now. Everyone is at a different place on the path, so some may need to focus on love or discipline or some other area, but the big thing coming in right now is joy. Not meaning that joy is falling out of the sky, but that we need to create it, prioritize it, consciously feel it. If that’s a stretch, be sure to at least utilize gratitude lists, or some kind of daily appreciation practice. There is an amplifying energy out there, kind of like an attractor field. so mind your mind. What you focus on pops into reality rather quickly.

Expand your awareness. Move from ME to WE. Feel the wave of the Awakening.


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~ Being Fully Human ~

I know a teacher who says she teaches humans how to be gods. My niche is a bit smaller. I teach gods how to be human.

For many years, I had a great fear of being human, mostly because the people around me telling me I needed to be more human were totally ego-bound, lost in addiction, drama, and attachment. After much observation, I have decided that type of behavior isn’t “human” at all, because to be fully human we have to balance two things – the physical body and the Higher Mind.

The body is full of chemical reactions and genetic memory. The Higher Mind is the observer consciousness (not to be confused with the monkey mind of the ego). Combining the two results in a human… a real, full, true human. Most people at this point (2018) are still functioning at the more primal (or animal) physical and ego level. I generally refer to them as “muggles” (non-magic folk, from Harry Potter). They just aren’t awake yet, and their Higher Mind (Higher Self, intuition) is still too quiet to be noticed.

The Mystery School side of this is fascinating. The body is your feminine energy, and the Higher Mind is your masculine energy. This has absolutely nothing to do with gender or gender roles, and everyone has these two energies within them. Please keep this in mind as we continue, and reread this paragraph anytime you feel triggered in a gender wound way.

In many religious teachings, the body is shunned, as are women. From Eve eating the apple, to women being property, to witch burnings, all things female have been framed as weak and immoral. From a Mystery School perspective, we can see that the body, without Higher Mind guidance, is basically an animal. It’s hairy, and smelly, and has hormones to assure continued reproduction of the species. From an animalistic point of view, there is nothing wrong with any of that. Animals aren’t immoral, they’re amoral. They are driven by instincts and chemicals, without much thought of consequence.

This is why so many New Age teachings say the feminine energy is wild and unpredictable. It’s Nature. It’s our primal, physical side. The problem is, the body is also prone to addiction, and it houses the ego. Thus the issues with the Hedonistic ideals of placing pleasure above all else, as the primary goal of life.

There’s not much to say about the Higher Mind, except that it longs for a physical from to inhabit. Being fully human allows that to happen.

Now, reframe these biblical concepts with the above in mind…

In the beginning, God created the Earth (a physical platform to descend into)
Adam was lonely, so Eve was created from his rib, as a companion (the masculine energy entered the physical body, to become one)
Men should be the head of the household, while women should obey his commands (your Higher Mind should lead your physical body, to keep you from addiction)

Go through every misogynistic religious teaching you’ve ever come across, and retell it in the form of combining your own two polarities. It’s truly a shame religious writings are now taken so literally. The symbolism is where the gold is.

So where are you in this balancing act? Is your body (and ego) leading the way to drama and addiction? Is you Higher Mind still yearning for a physical home? Your body is a Temple… cherish it, repair it, clean it, because it is host to your Higher Mind. When those two meet as partners, it is true Divine Union. That is what it means to be fully human.


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