Keep Climbing

Meditate. Meditate a lot this week. Take every opportunity to center yourself, and bring balance to your world. Even if it all goes amiss moments after you open your eyes again, keep taking small segments of time to find yourself. Lower timelines are falling away, and now is the time to keep climbing.

Your vibration magnetizes your destination, so even though current circumstances may give you every opportunity to stay in fear, do your best to keep the focus on love. Everything involving fear and lack is being shaken, and the dust is making us all cough, but this isn’t an indicator of where you’re destined. Unless you choose it. Keep your focus. Keep returning to center over and over again. It will be well worth the effort. And it will be much less effort by next weekend. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

Honor your body through this process. It is transmuting all this crazy incoming energy. Rest, drink more water, get outside, and meditate on allowing the energy to move through you. Anywhere you hold onto energy will become apparent. Let it flow, let it go. You are a conduit, a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

I don’t really have words, but the visual is like a movie where the path is disintegrating behind the scrambling hero. The only way out is to keep going, and with some urgency. The hero makes it, and so will you, but keep going. It will be tough to stay focused this week, and that’s okay, just keep returning to center. This isn’t a suggestion, it’s a requirement.

Be kind to yourself and others. Remember, the higher you climb, the more you assist everyone in your life, and the collective. Keep bringing yourself back to a space of love and joy. It will be with it. Keep climbing.


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