Doing & Being

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it is so strong this month, it’s worth repeating. Like the Gemini twins, or the Masculine and Feminine energies, or the two pillars depicted on the tarot, we live in a world of duality. In order to integrate these two sides, we need to master them both. This is a bit tricky, because we naturally favor one side. Are you always doing, and have trouble sitting still? Or are you happiest being, and find it difficult to take action? Knowing where you are is the first step in finding balance.

Some people have such a firm belief in fate, they take no personal responsibility for their lives. “It’s what’s meant to be” is their motto. The other side is totally about personal power, and making life happen. They are both right… and both wrong. Free will and fate aren’t mutually exclusive – they are in a constant dance of creation. Even when fate is leading, free will must follow the steps or be dragged. There is never a time when you get to “sit this one out”… even consciously waiting for a sign is an act of free will.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in working with timelines it’s that there’s always more than one option. Yes, there is comfort in believing what’s meant to be will always happen, but we have a great deal of choice in how it happens. Conversely, we can’t stop fate, but we can join the dance, instead of incessantly whining that things aren’t going as we planned. We need to strive for the balance of doing and being, free will and fate, action and receptivity. This is the Divine Union of your own Masculine and Feminine energies.

Make time and space to rest and receive intuition (feminine), then act on those messages (masculine). An imbalance in your feminine energy will probably show up as an inability to sit still and receive (meditation, a hot bath), where an imbalance in the masculine energy will be inaction, or acting only toward personal desires while ignoring intuition. Yes, both sides can be imbalanced, and it’s normal to wobble back and forth while you are learning to balance them. Just keep conscious of the two, and you will get better with practice. It’s a journey, not a destination.

Oddly, or perhaps obviously, in my experience it is usually men who lack doing, and women who lack being. Usually. It isn’t gender specific in any way, but in a broad scope men are struggling with masculine energy (action), while women are struggling with feminine energy (receptivity). That is most likely a result of social norms being so far askew from the natural state. Just an interesting observation. Interesting to me, at any rate.

Something else that keeps coming through is responsibility. Not just taking responsibility for your own energy, but also taking responsibility for who you surround yourself with. You are solely responsible for the energy you put out into the world, and also for keeping your circle clear. If a friend isn’t growing at the same rate, the most loving thing you can do, for both of you, is create some distance between you. Let people be where they are, and be willing to keep going without them. If you try to keep them close, you will feel disappointed, and they will feel judged. Take responsibility for leaving. Step into your life.

Explore these concepts. Start a dialog with your body and your Higher Self, asking, “What do I need to be doing right now?” Then listen for the answer, and act on it. Practice being, then doing. Enjoy the dance of free will and fate.


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