What If?

There is so much potential right now, and the only limits are our beliefs. I invite you to play a little game with me called “What If?” It’s simple, but should be played for at least a few days to be effective. It’s simple… every time you have a solid idea about your world, form that opinion into a question, and then also ask the opposite question. For example, let’s say I think my religion is the best one… I ask these two questions: “What if my religion is the only right one?” and also “What if it’s not?” Don’t justify an answer either way, just ask the question, then let it go.

Certainty is the mortal enemy of possibility, so this game is about questions, not answers. In fact, if you find yourself justifying a belief, the game ends, and you must start over. Look at everything with the fresh eyes of wonder. Ready? Let’s play!

What if I’m on my spiritual path? What if I’m not?  What if all gods and goddesses are mythological and symbolic? What if they aren’t?   What if there’s an afterlife? What if there isn’t?  What if psychic ability is related to insanity? What if it isn’t?  What if every person in my life played their part perfectly? What if they didn’t?

What if the climate is changing? What if it isn’t?  What if western medicine is helping prevent illness? What if it’s not?  What if the USA is the best place to live? What if it’s not? What if voting really changes laws? What if it doesn’t?  What if money is the backbone of civilization? What if it isn’t?  What if conspiracy theories are real? What if they aren’t?

What if we are living in a virtual reality game? What if we aren’t? What if we can get to the level of programmer? What if we can’t?  What if the masses suddenly awaken? What if they don’t?  What if this is all there is to life? What if it isn’t?  What if hedonism is entirely selfish? What if it isn’t?  What if morality is just social conditioning? What if it isn’t?

What if I have more to offer the world? What if I don’t?  What if I am living to the fullest? What if I’m not?  What if I could heal myself on all levels? What if I can’t?  What do I want to be when I grow up? What if that ship has sailed?

Allow the possibility of possibility to flow through you. Maybe look a little deeper at areas you get stuck on. Once you are certain about anything, it becomes your prison, stunting future growth. In quantum physics, thats when the wave turns into a particle – a solid thing to bump against. When you allow yourself to be a bit unsure, you allow the Mystery of life to flow. What if you were open to the Universe surprising you? What if…?


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