Integration of the Trinity

It’s time for us to master integration. This applies to every level, every part of our lives. Integrity is when your thoughts, words, and deeds are all in line, and now it’s time to bring them all together. Any part of you that is out of alignment will show itself for correction.

This process comes to me visually as an integration of the trinity, because in my experience there are always three parts at play: one higher, one lower, and one unifying the two. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine unite to make the Divine Child, which is the same as saying Spirit and Body combine to make a Human. We need both the dark and the light to create our world, but no longer in extreme polarity.

Polarity is the play of opposites – light & dark, spiritual & hedonism, male & female… the list is long in a world based on polarity. Duality is separation – man from God, me from you, you from your higher self… it’s an illusion of the ego, designed to allow this journey into polarity. Polarity and duality represent the fall from Grace. Now we are moving back into a place of unity. Polarity and duality are being replaced with integration and unity.

This integration and unity will happen both within and without. As you integrate the layers within, your outer world will shift. Let it. People and situations will naturally shift and change to reflect the inner work. This has always been the case, but it will now be pronounced. If anything feels wrong or out of place, work to integrate within. We like to think changing the circumstance (relationship, job, location) will fix the issue, but when we integrate within all those outer things change themselves, in amazing ways.

The body is a major focal point right now, because this is a physical ascension process, meaning the changes are anchored through your very cells. The best thing you can do for yourself at this point is to foster a loving relationship with your body. The body has its own trinity of voices (at least mine does), and you need to listen and discern. For example, the lower body is full of cravings and addictions (“I want a bacon cheese burger!”), the higher body is the light body (“I want water and sunlight!”), and the integration point is the healthy physical body (“I just want a hard boiled egg and a salad. Sunlight sounds good, too.”)

Get to know your body, and to recognize which voice you are answering to. Here’s a hint: The body wants to be healthy. If it is constantly screaming for unhealthy foods or habits, then examine addiction, and get the support you need. Here’s another hint: The healthy body voice doesn’t generally scream. It’s the quiet, small voice, asking for reasonable support. Once you find that healthy, middle voice, it’s easy to keep an open dialog. Giving your body proper support right now is crucial. It is doing some heavy lifting, and using your free will to support it makes all the difference. I ask my body several times a day, “What do you need right now?” and it always tells me.

Not everyone will arrive here at the same time, so have compassion with all, including yourself. It’s a journey. There is no room here for helping or saving, only for leading by example. We used to experience being human as a bipolar ricochet between highs and lows, benevolence and addiction, but now the middle ground will be our primary experience. Time to integrate our higher minds and lower bodies to become the Humans we were meant to be.


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