My Path

As I was doing yoga today, it occurred to me that I have been misunderstood. Not by everyone, of course, but by enough that I feel compelled to clarify. I write, both blog and books, based on my own experiences and observations (I think everyone got that part), and how they apply to my personal path. My path is self-mastery and embodiment. Yours may be different. Use whatever resonates with you, and leave the rest. Seriously, only you know what direction you need to go.

Self-mastery isn’t a destination, it is a constant evolution. Every time I find my way to the edge of something, reality expands. It’s a constant journey, with introspection at the center. It’s self-improvement at every level. It’s a driving need to touch my own soul; to relinquish ego constructs, so this beautiful body-temple can hold more of my very essence. It is unending, and worth every second. I am my mission.

The thing I want to clarify is judgement vs. discernment. Not everyone is on a path of self-mastery, and I know this. Hedonism isn’t “wrong”, it’s just the opposite direction. Nothing you ever do as a conscious choice is wrong, but it needs to be conscious, so you can discern if it is in alignment with where you want to go. Never let anyone tell you you’re on the wrong path. Yes, it might be the more difficult one, but all I’m concerned with is awareness.

My Grandma was amazingly strong, and her stories always had an impact. In her late 20s, still unmarried, her severe shyness turned into extreme anxiety. Now, she had every reason for shyness and anxiety. She endured a lifetime of abuse (including sexual), and got to witness the same with her eight younger siblings. One day, her favorite Aunt & Uncle came to visit. Hearing the knock at the door, she immediately hid under her bed, when she had an epiphany. If she kept up this behavior, she knew it would end by eventually being institutionalized. She decided, at that very moment, to make different choices. She was now aware of the bigger picture.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but she managed to find ways to calm herself, and eventually led a normal life. The combination of awareness and choice helped her overcome her phobia, and to set her own course in life. She inspires me to this day. If you have ever been gripped by fear, you know the determination it takes to break away. This story might be the foundation of all my writings. Awareness and choice. Thanks, Grandma (1916-1990).

Neither one of her options were wrong, but once she had her head above water (awareness), she decided against the more difficult life she was heading for. My point is always this: Look at where you are, look at where you want to be, make choices (and changes) accordingly. Only you know where you want to end up. Only you can change your  actions to align with your goal. Only you know your “best” path.

So, if you want a lifetime to pursue pleasures of the flesh, then go for it. It isn’t “wrong”, and you only have your own Higher Self to answer to. It’s between you and You. My guess is, if you are reading these words, at least part of your journey is about awareness (self-mastery). And if any of my ramblings can ease your process, then I am truly honored to walk this path with you.


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