Non-Judgement Day Is Near

This unity consciousness thing has brought some interesting consequences in its wake. If you are feeling new and unusual things, it may not be you you’re feeling. As we join consciousness, it’s with all things, not even just all people. As if feeling all people weren’t overwhelming enough.

I’ve had a clear tie to the collective consciousness, that I’ve been aware of, for at least a couple decades. I have developed some coping skills for that, and I can usually tell when an emotion is mine, or just a ripple in the field. This week, I experienced a real connection to Gaia. I know others have an Earth connection naturally, but this was new for me.

For a day and a half, I felt like a horse before a storm. Anxiety through the roof. I kept checking the human grids, but it was calm. Then California was hit with a 6.4 earthquake, and I suddenly felt better. The tension and anxiety passed, after the earth shifted. Anxiety is not my usual. Feeling Gaia is not my usual. I have no skill set here. Guess it’s time to get one.

The Mystery Schools teach that all of physical reality is just one thing. This is why so many traditions teach us to respect the world of nature. All of nature is one with our physical bodies. It makes sense that I would feel Gaia, it’s just a new one for me. I feel other planetary movements, so I’m not sure why Earth should be different. I understand it mentally, but I still have to develop that skill set. Never a dull moment.

As we become more consciously connected, we can only want the best for all, because there is no more us and them. The problem is that the whole world runs on division – political division, religious division, nationality division, racial division, economic division, gender division, etc. Division of beliefs, and beliefs are only thoughts. Examine your thoughts regularly, so you aren’t as tempted to believe everything you think.

Another new one for me is shedding all judgement. I wasn’t raised around judgement, and I’ve never spent much time there. But I did have quite a bit of victim mentality to wade through, which includes blame, and thus, judgement. Recently, I feel really terrible when I think badly of someone. Brings me to tears. I really feel the weight of the judgement I’m passing. So I cry, then apologize to them, then praise them for doing their best, then I can let it go.

For those that don’t know me, I am talking about thoughts, not words. I was taught that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I don’t think that’s oppressive, it just asks that I consider my thoughts before I share them with the world. I don’t dwell on judgement in my head either, but it does drift through from time to time. So basically, I can’t even think crappy things without it shaking me to tears. New skill set needed.

Please remember there is a significant difference between judgement and discernment. I’m not suggesting you throw common sense to the wind, because we are all one. The ego, and thus the use of our individual free will, is still very much in play. When I see a homeless drug addict, I can respect his path and send him blessings, but not include him in my inner circle. Judgement is thinking someone is living their path wrong. Discernment is about living your path to the best of your ability. Basically, discernment is minding your own business.

Yes, there are people out there using their free will to inflict pain on others. They just aren’t awake yet. If you can’t wake them by being a loving example, it may not be your job. I have to stay out of activism, because I simply can’t do it with love. Anger comes a bit too naturally to me, so I am doing more good for the whole by staying centered. You may be different. That’s the whole point. We are all different, and uniquely valuable. There is no one right way.

We have all felt the weight of someone’s judgement, verbally expressed or not. It sucks to be on the receiving end of that, and I’m sure that’s why it’s hitting me so hard. We are all training for telepathy, which will be full disclosure of the muck in our thoughts. I’ve spent years cleaning up my mind, but there’s always work to be done with mental mastery.

As we return to unity consciousness the ego’s veil of separation evaporates. Soon, we will go from right and wrong to more-awake and less-awake. After that, it will be the more-awake cheering on the less-awake, to keep moving toward their own sovereignty. Less judging, more cheering. The day of non-judgement is upon us.


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