Blending Energies

Has anyone else noticed how the polarity of belief is starting to blend? Here in the USA, we have very polarized beliefs associated with politics, and the poles are well defined. Or, they used to be. Now it’s common to see people with strong political affiliation leaving the group narrative, on just a few subjects (for now). It’s encouraging, but strange. The same thing is happening within.

From the internal experience, it’s like an energetic roller coaster. One minute in total bliss, the next terrified for no reason. A few days ago, I think I experienced every possible emotion at least twice. This is quite unusual for me, and my Vulcan non-emotional baseline. The same with my physical body – one minute I feel fantastic, the next I wake from a two-hour nap.

This may be how we dissolve the obvious timeline split. By letting each run through my body, without taking hold, all experiences are complete… like an electrical charge going to ground. The key is to let them pass without holding on. No stories, just flow. All the crazy emotions and physical symptoms aren’t necessarily yours. Let it go, see what stays. I always return to my blissful baseline, but sometimes it takes a few days.

How best to cope? Devotional self-care. Feel what you feel. Mentally stay positive. Seems like opposite instructions, but it isn’t. When I feel my body go into fight-or-flight, I use my mind to thank my body for all its workings in handling the situation. If I try to suppress the feeling, it only gets stronger. If I create a story to support the emotion, it will stay until I release the story. You can feel terrified, fully feel and acknowledge it, and still mind your mind. Mental mastery.

This goes for physical symptoms, as well. My throat chakra has been doing a thing for about a week. I’m assuming it’s an upgrade. It comes with all the associated throat chakra things – sinus issues, neck pain, difficulty swallowing, etc. I’m sure I’ll know if it becomes an issue for Western medicine. For the most part, I cheer my body on, and support it with diet, exercise, and sleep.

I haven’t been writing as much, because this is a full-time job. Exhausting, is probably the best term. I follow Sandra Walter, and she has a free weekly newsletter that I love. Give it a try, for more regular updates.

I plan for the energies to keep blending, as the poles soften. Keep balanced, and let it flow, without making it personal. We are all loved and supported… always. We were built for this.


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