Love Stories

One of the more interesting quirks of being me is that when I wonder why something is the way it is, my mind is flooded with images and information. Great for passing exams, a bit disturbing when looking at life choices. I have trained myself not to wonder for very long. I try to change that channel before I get the full broadcast.

In the last couple weeks, I have been drawn to things that are quite unusual for me: love stories. I’m really not the sentimental type, and have honestly never felt the depth of a love story before. As per my self-training, I didn’t think about it much, and figured it would pass in time, but it has been intensifying… enough to make me wonder. As I stared at this issue with the burning question of “why?”, I was met with the usual deluge of information. Here goes.

Top layer was about keeping a safe distance from the chaos of the world. I am of greater service to the world if I’m not bogged down in drama. Next layer was about keeping my heart open, and my emotions fluid. Then the messages extended to a much larger group (that’s you, dear reader). We are living the start of an epic love story. True Divine Union (unity of Body and Spirit). Return from the fall from Grace. The true return home. The beauty of it brought me to tears.

I didn’t get any requirements, other than to stay open to receive. As always, the Body is the Temple of the Spirit, so treat it accordingly. Be kind and gentle with yourself as we begin this journey back to the Heart of All. Weep openly, whenever you are moved. Stay fluid. Be ready for the unexpected, and don’t confuse the outer chaos for what is really happening here.

Fun fact – as above, so below; as within, so without. As the inner Union takes place, so will outer union. Soul family, on all levels will begin to gather. Humans usually find lovers based on loneliness or sexual attraction, neither of which ends well. The new paradigm is based on the heart, and soul recognition. Instead of outwardly searching, we magnetize others with our similar energies. Instead of dating apps, we strengthen our heart fields.

So there you have it. The epic journey begins. This life keeps getting less predictable, and more interesting, by the moment. I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite movies (Practical Magic): “But there are some things I know for certain: always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can.”


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