Re-post: Timelines & Archetypes

Note: Although this was originally posted years ago, it is quite relevant today. The timeline split is visible, and old archetypes are being released. This time around, my physical  symptoms are less dramatic, and the awareness of choice is higher. For some, this is the first conscious awareness of this split. Please know you cannot do this wrong. Keep your vibration high, and the Universe will sort it out. Be gentle with yourself.
Re-post below:

Is this energy crazy, or what? Wow. Whole lifetimes are flashing before my eyes. I don’t mean past lives, I mean present possibilities – timelines. I think the strangest part for me has been the feeling of grief and loss when these visions come and go. People I will never meet… love I will never know. How can I be so affected by a glimpse into a possibility? It’s crazy. The important thing to remember is that with each dissolving timeline, a higher potential takes its place.

Those actively anchoring the Light for the New Earth have been putting their energy into bringing about the highest possible outcome for all, including Gaia. Please consciously join in this effort. Also, be aware there is more energy leaving the planet than coming in, so play with reversing the flow (from root chakra up and out through crown chakra). Know that whatever leaves your life is putting you on a higher path. Don’t cling. What is meant for you will stay (or show up).

A big part of what’s leaving are the energies of the old archetypes. So basically, the story structures of everything around us. Marriage is changing to Union, Community to Unity, Warriors with weapons to Warriors of Light, Power hierarchy to Cooperation, Greed to Support… everything. All the stories are changing. For kids born in the last decade, the picture of marriage, kids, and a house in the suburbs won’t even cross their minds. For people who are really attached to their stories, it’s going to look like social collapse. It isn’t. It’s evolution, and all Gaia’s children will thrive.

Let everything go. Don’t cling to a story. Don’t beat yourself up about the past, and don’t waste time worrying about the future. Release everything, and try to stay in the flow of your heart – Love & Gratitude will bring you to your highest calling. Whenever you notice you’ve fallen out of your heart, just release the issue, and recenter yourself.

And then there’s the physical side. Holy wow. It’s been extreme pain for me, mostly in my joints, teeth, and bones. Whatever is going on with you physically is okay. Love and support your body. These stories are actually encoded in our DNA, and live in various places in our bodies. As these stories dissolve, they must leave the physical, which feels pretty unpleasant. Drink lots of water, eat lightly, spend time outside, and take Epsom salt baths. Nurture yourself through this. And tell your body what a great job its doing. It is a living creature, separate from your consciousness.

Things will shift with the New Moon & Eclipse on February 26, but the fallout will continue until the equinox. You are being picked out of your old life, and placed on a higher path… don’t get me wrong, nothing about this is easy, yet it is so exciting. We are here to break new ground, and we’re doing great!


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