Focus on the Light(ness)

I know it has been a tough week for many. I know ‘focus on the light’ sounds cliche, or even like denial. I know how bad the world looks. I also know how important it is to hold this incoming energy. There is so much going on that we can’t see. Higher dimensional beings are arriving en masse. This is the time to hold your ground for the New Earth.

The energy coming in is unlike anything I have ever seen. I have seen sparkles and waves, and swirls and geometries. This stuff is more like big, wet snowflakes. It’s coming in gently, but it’s sticking, and making a blanket. I have no idea what this means, except that the weight of it is bound to be felt.

When I meditate on pretty much anything, my guides start making me laugh. I have always had an open dialog with my invisible team, and they have always been funny. This is different. They seem to be purposefully pulling me away from anything serious. Why? Laughter brings lightness and opens the heart. An open heart allows the energy to flow through you.

We have gone through so many timelines this month, it’s dizzying. Things keep appearing and disappearing from my physical reality. Every morning when I wake, I wonder what will be different today. The magnetic pole shift is speeding up, and taking my memory with it. I know we’ve all had memory issues in the past few years, but this is ridiculous. I have had times I need to look outside to remember if it is day or night. This shift has been sudden, and it isn’t like me at all.

I imagine there will be big wins, and big losses. There may be spontaneous healing, and also natural disasters taking may lives. Please remember that death is just a way to leave this dimension; the adventure continues elsewhere. I know there are many light workers preparing to leave, because their mission is done here. We thank them, we grieve their loss, and then we keep going with our own mission. Many of us have been taught that death is the enemy, but that’s just untrue.

The freedom codes are coming in strong, and loud. This is probably why the polarity of oppression is rearing its head. Freedom has already won. Let the polarity dissipate. Instead of battling against something, just laugh at it. Like the Boggart in Harry Potter, our fears are conquered by our laughter. Try to find the amusing side of what you fear. I know this isn’t easy, but give it a go.

Keep your world as light and full of laughter as you possibly can. Watch some stand-up comedy, or a funny movie. Bake some homemade cookies to share. Spend some time laughing with friends. It is easier to stay ahead of the energy, than to try to pull yourself out of a pit. Laugh at the dark, and hold the light. We were built for this.

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4 Responses to Focus on the Light(ness)

  1. Annette says:

    Thank you!
    Very dizzy, nausea, and headache today, just trying to flow.

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  2. Linda Marie says:

    Thank you. I am feeling the same.staying in the liquid lovelight. Letting it flow. Knowing we have this and all is well. What a time!

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