Glimpses of the Future

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I’m not even sure where to start. This past week has felt like years of information crammed into a few days. Dreams, epiphanies, synchronicity, and downloads, oh my! I think my only point in writing this post is to say you aren’t alone, and to be yet another voice reassuring that we are on a very bright path.

Before this point arrived for me, there were a couple months of increasing nothingness, where the ego was winding down but nothing was taking its place. It was distressing, then confusing, then just vacant. If you are in that place of slow ego death, just know it’s normal, and something does indeed follow. This is a perfectly natural stage of evolution. Just let it happen.

It is so light and lovely on the other side of this passage! This is the closest I’ve felt to “home” yet. I kept waiting for this remembrance of my gifts people keep talking about, but it seems I have been trying to use these gifts all along, it’s just easier now. I have always attracted situations with my energy field, consciously for the last couple decades, but I can feel my attraction field expanding and it no longer requires so much effort. It feels like I was wading through mud before, but now I am flying unencumbered.

There have been some changes to my perception and intuition in the last couple of weeks. My sensory perception is heightened; sound, smell, and vision are more acute. Also, I keep seeing and hearing things that I’m not sure are on the inner plane or the outer. I will occasionally hear a sound and have to look at my dog to see if she heard it also. Usually she doesn’t stir, indicating it was inside my head. This experience seems like mental illness, and I did wonder if I had finally fallen off that cliff, but I have spoken to others experiencing the same thing.

My intuition has gotten much more subtle, and ignoring it brings a much bigger internal reaction. I will get a fleeting glimpse of what needs to happen, and if I ignore the guidance, when things go wrong I am flooded with anger. I can’t miss the reprimand. I’m sure this is training on following subtle guidance. The anger is impressive – like touching a hot stove. And I am fully aware in that moment that all of this could have been avoided, if only I had chosen to follow the guidance given.

Telepathy is fully on line, at least with animals. My dog is teaching me telepathy. Yes, you read that right. Why animals and not people? Because telepathy happens through an open heart. As soon as a person succumbs to fear or anger, their hearts close right up. Animals don’t have the issue of emotion becoming obsessive thought and blocking the flow. It’s a relief to know we will only hear the thoughts of the open-hearted.

I was listening to a Soulogy interview with Nikool McIndoe and when she mentioned quantum finance, everything about money fell into place. She speaks way outside of the 3D box, where good intention is rewarded, and greed simply won’t be supported. Finally, a financial system I understand! As always, be kind and generous, and money will flow unrestricted. Wealth is an anchor, prosperity is a flow. Giving freely is a great way to start the flow.

We are becoming multi-dimensional beings faster than we ever thought possible. This means we have to forget all we were taught about evolution and DNA. We get to experience evolution inside our own bodies with every breath, no matter what your age. We no longer move through time, time moves through us. I’m still working out how to handle that one, but I’ll post when I’ve had a little practice with it. Please comment with any guidance you may have on non-linear time.

This whole process is pretty tough on the body. Please be kind to yourself, especially your liver. Most nights I wake at 2 AM, right in the middle of liver time on the Chinese medicine clock. With as clean as my system is (both emotionally and dietary), if my liver is struggling it’s time to really listen to the body. The only reason we’re in a physical form is by the grace of our host body. Be a good guest

The last item I want to mention is the “solar flash” the spiritual community has been talking about all year. I haven’t received any intel on it, but it may be above my pay grade. It could also be that we have been having smaller upgrades all year, instead of one specific event. Now is a good time to reread the 2022 forecast.

Be well, and know we are all doing this together. The future is here!

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6 Responses to Glimpses of the Future

  1. markwhammond says:

    Thank you so much for your clarity, NathaJay!

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  2. astrobuss says:

    Hi Natha,
    What Mark Said!!
    Gay Hendricks’s book *The Big Leap* (pp.159-184) differentiates “Newtonian Time” (the clock is a stern taskmaster) from “Einstein Time” (we create as much as we want), which describes some characteristics of non-linear time. Interestingly, his key question to ask ourself when we fall back into Newtonian time is *”Where in my Life am I not taking Full Ownership?”* – seems to me that a key for tagging which fingernails are still clinging to 3D would be a very similar question.
    Love, Jim

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  3. Annette says:

    Hi dear Natha,

    And YOU definitely are NOT alone!

    Wowziers, I can relate so much to what you’ve shared here. SO much coming in, and it has been exhausting, a wise Ascension Guide that I’ve been following for many years now, termed it “Extra Sensory Overload”. My body/mind has been extremely stressed, and she also reminded me “During times like these to remember that this will pass, that it’s not some new permanent horror show I’m trapped in, that my senses are perceiving far more than usual all at the same time, and to try really hard to RELAX BODY.”
    “The NEW higher frequencies are being transmitted through the Sun. Our CNS ( central nervous systems) can become overstimulated by the energies which can cause us to feel waaayyy too much of everything for hours or days.” I absolutely FEEL, the Solar Activity on such a intense level, yet I’m aware that for many years I/We have been getting smaller upgrade’s for our highest good. As far as a “Solar flash” event, just imagine for a moment what that could mean for our bodies, my goodness just getting the smaller downloads is physically and mentally hard enough, and quite honestly the human body could never survive a one swoop flash. I never resonated with that theory.

    “As always, be kind and generous, and money will flow unrestricted.” SO very true!!!
    It’s been happening in the most synchronistic ways.

    I feel I’m all over the place in this response to your wise, and timely post, yet I’m just learning to FLOW, without critiquing. So maybe I’ve made sense, maybe not. 🙃

    Thank you, and know that you’re loved and appreciated. And YES we are all doing this together, and what a blessing that we have each other to share with, as it can be a very lonely journey, as many have yet to wake up.

    Love, Annette 💖

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