Energy Update May 27, 2022

Image by Al Seeger from Pixabay

We make plans and the gods laugh. Kind of the story of my life, but it has been accentuated since the March equinox. Every time I think I finally have a path, more timelines collapse and my plans fall apart. While I know this is just bringing us all to the highest timeline, it’s frustrating. I used to take little detours to keep myself busy while I waited for the collective, but that’s no longer an option. No more detours. I don’t mean partying for the weekend, I mean getting a new certification in something. I spent a lot of time just keeping myself busy. No more detours. Apparently, it’s showtime.

The physical symptoms are also interesting. My spleen hurts and I’m eating much less. I’m one of those people who lose weight quickly, but my weight hasn’t changed. I’m also seeing sparkles and geometry. Not with my inner eye, actually in my physical vision. Distracting. My blood pressure has lowered considerably in the last week, which is a good thing, but I’m not doing anything to cause it. My body feels great internally, but I’m tired. I am sleeping great, which is a welcomed change. Remember, I’m a little before the wave and we are all unique, so if your experience is different it’s perfect for you.

Emotionally, I am generally happy, with little sparks of anger. Anger was my default setting for many years, so I think it is just washing out of my system. Don’t be surprised if your default emotion pops up for no reason. Don’t give it a place to live by attaching a story, just let it flow right on through. It feels like an emotional car wash. Clumps of dirt you didn’t know were even there come flying out of the cracks before disappearing in the suds.

Know what else is weird? My link to astrology seems to be shifting. I used to be able to actually feel the planets do their thing, and now that connection is off. To clarify, I don’t follow astrology and then think I feel a shift. I feel a shift, then have to look up why. It looks like this: Something changed. Feels like Jupiter. (Digs around on the internet.) Yep, Jupiter just changed signs. I still feel Jupiter and solar stuff, but not much else. This past eclipse gateway hasn’t really ended for me. The whole solar system is shifting, or at least our connection to it.

I have been playing with manifesting in this new energy. It seems we have left both manifesting (making stuff happen using personal will) and magnetizing (pulling experience toward us using heart coherence). It seems that we are getting closer to actual creation, which utilizes focused mind, heart coherence, and sound. I’m still working out the sound piece. For now, I’m tapping into my heart, then focusing my energy on a place in my body. The shift is almost immediate. If I “did” anything to lower my blood pressure, it was this technique. I was focusing on the brain stem. Give it a go for yourself.

Epiphanies have been a big thing, but if I don’t act on them right away they vanish. Even just putting them in writing holds them down a bit. Grounding things right now takes effort. This is not normal for me. Time is a mess, as we all know. If it weren’t for my phone displaying the day and date, I’d be lost.

Meditation is overwhelming, rather than relaxing. The sheer amount of information coming in is exhausting. I usually give up after just a few minutes because of over-stimulation. Meditation feels more like a rave. So much going on, I can’t take it all in. Images, colors, and words. Enlightenment through a fire hose. I’m sure this is at least part of the reason I feel exhausted and sleep so deeply right now. I (ego me) have to be out of the way to receive all these memos.

If you have coping tools for any of the above, or just wish to add to this list, please do so in the comments. We are all a piece to each other’s puzzle. I find pieces of remembrance all over the place. My favorite this week is from Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology: “The universe always gives you what you need when you need it. But are you willing to give the universe what it needs when it needs it?” Share the magic that only you carry.

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7 Responses to Energy Update May 27, 2022

  1. gratzite says:

    To know of things happened in the years following the world war..
    To want to know is curiosity inherent in all when not hidden in restrictions imposed on the world.
    Anyway, there is my website for a few things not generally known by the seekers of Truth, “Which.
    is Indeed Stranger than Fiction”, “The Divjine Heresies”

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  2. Annette says:

    Hi Natha,

    Good to hear from you, and I can surely relate, phew!

    Much truly has felt, sometimes more than I care to keep up with, yet I do, you do, we all do.

    It was interesting to read about the sparkles and geometry that you’re seeing with your physical vision. I will speak now of an experience I had. I’m trying to remember the time frame, and believe it was in March, oh MARCH, much has accelerated since then! Anyway, I was sitting looking at a email on my iPhone, when all of a sudden my vision became distorted, and I won’t lie it scared me, yet I sit with it and observed. I was seeing geometrical shapes in the colors that you may see in a diamond, moving very fast, as if a light show, this lasted for about 20 minutes, and then it was clear.
    Needless to say, I was like, what the heck was that!? The Solar Activity causes blurred vision, I’m quite use to this, however not the other, it’s not happened again since.

    I’ve been feeling the anger as well, in fact I’ve felt as if I’m having a “Living Life Review”, it’s been both exhausting, and liberating, as I feel I am releasing SO much OLD stuck energy.

    “Time is a mess”……you’ve got that right, and like you, if not for my phone!

    Coping tools…..Just going with the flow! WALKING IN BOTH WORLDS, can truly make one feel a bit unstable, I’m talking to myself a lot, and laughing at myself as well.😁

    Thanks for your post, it was timely!

    All the best to you, as we move Onward and Upward. 💖✨💫


    • NathaJay says:

      The “living life review” happened for me a few months ago. Totally exhausting! It was mostly in my dreams, where I saw people I had totally forgotten. I was honestly thinking I was dying, except it went on and on.

      Thank you for sharing that! Onward and upward!


  3. The Wave says:

    This might be useful information for people on the path: a technique for handling the huge amounts of energy that are coming in.

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    • The Wave says:

      A technique to relieve some of the effects of new, incoming energy:

      Try this:

      1. Imagine that your cells are flat discs all aligned on the same axis.
      2. Now imagine that they are aligned in rows on that axis like the slats in a Venetian blind. When the blinds are closed the energy is hitting the cells broadside: this is why you feel so bad—because your cells are opposing the full brunt of the new energy.
      3. Once you have that image of the closed blinds in your head…
      4. Now turn the blinds so that the blinds open and the thin edges of the cells are presented to the incoming light (energy) instead of the flat sides.

      The new energy will no longer hit you so hard because your cells are not opposing it, or rather, your cells can now allow the new energy or light to flow through you with very little opposition.

      I have successfully used this technique for years to lessen physical symptoms, but I see no reason that it couldn’t be used for emotional or mental symptoms as well. I think that all the mental and emotional symptoms come from the physical trying to upgrade.


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