2016 – The Year of Balance

The following information is channeled, but written in my own voice.

2016 is the year of balance. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t love to be in balance? Well, it depends on how attached you are to your current state of imbalance. We all have maladaptive behaviors that we utilized to get through life in this world, but now it’s time to let them go. This can be as easy or as difficult as you make it… it’s entirely up to you.

Because 2014 brought us the flowing Divine Feminine energy, and 2015 reminded us of our Divine Masculine energy, we have the tools to create balance within ourselves, if we are willing to let go of our old story. This balancing is happening anyway, but if we fight to hang on to our old habits it will cause much more suffering than it needs to. This is just part of the shift, not a personal reward or punishment. None of this is personal.

As we each balance these energies within, all our outer relationships will necessarily shift. As within, so without. All relationships – family, friends, professional, even your relationship with yourself – will need to shift. This isn’t a bad thing, but change can be hard. Just allow, and know you are loved and supported. Some of these changes may seem unfortunate, others fantastic. Just know it is all about bringing you into balance.

This is only a vibration change, and not personal. I can’t emphasize this enough. People tend toward martyrdom, believing they somehow personally caused every negative circumstance they experience. This isn’t about judgement, reward, punishment, or karma; this is about the shift of dimensions we are experiencing. They are very clear that you are fully supported, and all suffering is due to ego attachment to a story. The shift has to unfold, but suffering is optional.

Those who are already fairly balanced will experience tremendous growth this year. The 3rd dimension is dissolving, and with it our reality is getting a bit “soft”. Time will be more easily manipulated, as will our physical bodies. Miraculous healing and reverse aging are now available to the masses. We are starting to see our human potential.

People follow different timelines in their development, so some are just waking up to their feminine energy, while others are creating Divine Union within themselves (that’s 2017’s theme). Do not look outside yourself, especially to the media, to see where the collective really is. We all awaken in our own time, and as a whole we are ahead of schedule. Anytime you feel the need to blame or judge, remember to keep your focus inward. Just focus on you, and let those around you do their own thing. The revolution is within.

So much potential is opening up… you got this… and you are loved and supported on all levels.


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5 Responses to 2016 – The Year of Balance

  1. Carol Schloegel says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!


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