2017 – The Year of Divine Union

Before we begin, I want to clarify what is meant by ‘Divine Union’ – it is Union with your own Higher Self, not an external mate. While there can be beautiful moments with another person, merging with your Higher Self is a whole different level of Love, and that’s what 2017 is all about.

2017 is intended to be a beautiful and bountiful year, if you are willing to takes your cues from your Soul. As the ego structures continue to dissolve, there is increasingly more room for Spirit in your life. The completeness and love you feel when you are embodying your Higher Self are amazing, and make you a natural magnet to all good things. Leave room for the possibility of your life being more wonderful than you ever imagined, then align yourself with the Universe to let it happen. This will require both action and surrender at the same time… we’ve been preparing. You’ve got this.

Evolution happens at its own pace, and there will be some just waking up to their Feminine Energy (2014 theme), Masculine Energy (2015 theme), or Balancing Energies (2016 theme). It won’t take a full year to complete each, things are speeding up considerably, but everyone is at their proper place. Please reread 2016 – The Year of Balance to see if that makes more sense in hindsight. Allow yourself (and others) to be where they are. Evolution is happening to us all, no matter how it may appear. And remember, not only is it impossible to make someone evolve faster, it is impossible to slow the process, as well. Surrender to becoming.

On a vibrational level, here’s what’s happening… the 3rd & 4th dimensions (space & time) intertwine to create the veil of separation, because time & distance seem like obstacles to us. The ego creates this same illusion of separation on a personal level. Gaia is ascending to the 5th dimension (along with all her inhabitants), so the lower levels are now dissolving. Our relationship to time, distance, and oneness are shifting radically to keep up with the new vibration. As always, there is NO judgement here, no one is being punished or rewarded, it is just a matter of shifting vibrations, and how we choose to respond to them. Free will is still very much a thing, but this year narrows it down to two choices: align with your Spirit and thrive, or align with your ego and good luck with that.

Your Spirit is yearning to be in-body, and that Union is truly Divine. How it looks is creativity, abundance, and generosity. How it feels is expansive, supported, and loving. You will be lighting up the world by sharing your gifts. You will be shining a Light for others. You will be stepping into your role of Way-shower, and assisting others on their path. You will be allowing the bounty of the Universe to flow through your open heart, into your own life, and overflowing into others. This is the bright side of all the heavy lifting we’ve done for this ascension process, the perk of being the ground crew. All you have to do is keep your actions in line with your Spirit.

The other option is to align with your ego, and slowly drift down into hell. Sorry, I know that sounds dramatic and dark, but that’s how it will feel. The visual I am given is walking a tightrope – as long as you stay focused straight ahead where the rope is attached (your connection to Spirit), everything around you will take care of itself. The minute you look to the side (at a job, or a mate, or material stuff), you will begin to fall gracefully, lower and lower, until you adjust your focus straight ahead, at which point you are right back on the tightrope. It’s easy to make the correction, but you need to stay aware and be willing to take full responsibility for staying on path.

Time is becoming all about the present. It still has a linear quality, but you will have greater access to both past and future. Living in the now doesn’t mean we should forget or ignore everything else, just that we are no longer attached. Learn from the past, move toward future goals, just release attachment. For example, if you want to be a neurosurgeon then take the steps to attend medical school, but if you end up being drawn to acupuncture instead, let that happen, and know either one is a healer. Take steps, but release attachment. Learn from your past, but let it go, and stop blaming (that’s just a personal power drain).

The other strange thing about time is that it seems to be following its own calendar. The 2017 info started coming in in September, and 2018 feels like it will begin around the end of October. How it looks at this point is January 2017 will be a little sluggish, February and March pick up nicely, the bliss of the year through August, September starts to get a little wobbly, and by November 1 we are starting into our next cycle.

Relationships are also shifting to accommodate this new world. Again, allow people, places, and situations to come and to go. It is only our attachment to some illusion that makes this difficult. 2017 will be full of relationship shifting on every level – friends, family, lovers, co-workers, including relocations and employment changes. Everything is moving to keep us aligned with our higher purpose. Keep your focus on your own Spirit, and these shifts come easily.

Enjoy the bounty of 2017! We are the ones we have been waiting for… let your Light shine!


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