Balance of Power

Sheesh, calm down out there! It has been a tough week to be connected to the collective. The waves of fear have been rolling through with intensity and strength. From a metaphysical level, this is all about balancing power, and owning our personal power. We are learning about empowered free will.

Over the course of human history, power has been gradually siphoned from each individual, to be placed in figureheads of government and religion. Always remember, power can never be taken, only given. The reasons we gave away our power are numerous and pretty much irrelevant, but now this has reached its end. We must bear the weight of empowerment. I say it that way, because most people don’t really want the responsibility of personal power, they only say they do. Want proof? 48% of registered voters in America didn’t vote in the last presidential election. That says a lot.

Please don’t think this is a lecture on voting. It doesn’t even matter if the elections are rigged, or who they would have voted for, or anything political. What we are looking at here is a deep belief in victimization – “it doesn’t matter anyway”. I totally get that idea, but this is what we have been conditioned to believe. The people in power will always be in power, and the rest of us are along for the ride. The thing is, free will only works if you use it. It’s time to use it.

It is a major misconception that being spiritual and centered in Love means being passive. It’s actually a very active process. The defining difference is what motivates your action (or inaction) – Love or Fear. It isn’t a matter of participating in a protest, it’s a matter of why you’re doing it. Are you marching to show support and solidarity, or because you are afraid of losing something?  On a human, political level numbers are numbers, but on a spiritual, empowerment level the motivating force is everything. Always choose Love. It is so much stronger.

Be aware of your own triggers, and how you change when you get off balance. This is where the inward journey comes in. For example, my imbalance shows up as anger, not fear. When I’ve lost my spiritual footing, I start thinking I’m Joan of Arc, and the French Revolution sounds like a great idea. Heads on pikes, and all that. When I notice myself slip into this, I need to pull back from the world, regroup and refocus, before moving forward again, this time from Love. But the point is to keep moving. To be empowered and take action.

How can you be an activist of Love? Plant a garden. Get to know your neighbors. Step in to offer help when someone needs it. Cancel your cable. Stop smoking or drinking. Give at least 3 compliments a day. Start (or join) some kind of community group (anything from drum circles to trash pick-up). Support green energy. Only buy local. Refuse to buy factory farmed meat (even at restaurants). So many options, all requiring action (free will), all coming from a place of Love. Building community ties is the next step as we enter this Age of Aquarius, and become a collective. We are stronger together.

Be present. Stand up. The faster we can accept our personal power, the faster this fear will dissipate. It is no longer part of the plan to be selfish or disconnected. The ego is no longer being supported. Fear is a function of the ego. Let it go. You are loved and supported by Legions of Light, mighty warriors. Step into your power. We got this.

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