Karma – Part II

Ever have one of those days where the voices in your head just won’t stop talking? *sigh* Apparently, I missed a few things. If you have been following me for a while this will be review, for those just joining the ride, this is a lot all at once. Sorry. This is Part II of this morning’s writing, Karma.

We live in the time-space continuum, which is the 3rd & 4th dimensions, but Gaia (and all inhabitants) are ascending to the 5th dimension. The time-space continuum is basically our veil, allowing us to experience an existence separate from the whole. Our ego allows this separation on an individual level. Both individual and collective veils a dissolving to allow for the ascension process to continue, which is a perfectly normal evolutionary change. It just seems “out there” because the ego has done such a great job keeping us in the dark, so to speak.

As these veils soften, we naturally return to a collective. First we have increased awareness, then increased compassion, then opening of psychic abilities, telepathy, and eventually union with our Higher Selves. What’s left? Not much that muggles (non-magic folk) value. All the stories leave. No more drive for power. It’s all replaced with what we call Unconditional Love. Love is literally the only thing going with you. Forgive everything else to ease the process. This doesn’t mean we won’t have to work to reach a place of forgiveness, just that it’s worth it.

Karma (vibrational attachments) are tied to time, the 4th dimension. If you think about any trigger you have it is either a reminder of the past or a fear of the future. You can definitely have emotional disturbances that are limited to the present moment, but they also pass quickly, just like the present moment. The 5th dimension is beyond distance and time as we now experience it, more of an eternal “here & now”. The attachment to these stories and expectations that take us out of the now are leaving. It’s getting really hard to hold a grudge.

Also remember that your stories are giving you practice at being in a certain vibration, and you will naturally want to return there, until you become aware (conscious) of what’s happening. For example, “someday my prince will come” is practicing waiting and longing, so when the prince shows up, you have no practice being happy. That story is also based in the future, which never comes, because we only live NOW. Your stories aren’t who you are, just who you’ve practiced being. It’s ok to change them.

The ego, therefore karma, is very tied to the body and the physical experience. Those who have become slaves to the body, seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake, will notice a radical shift. In order for these karmic layers to dissolve, we will start to recognize the body as a temple, not a play ground. Same with the body of Gaia. We are suddenly realizing, as a collective, how sacred She is, and our part in honoring Her. This same shift is also altering our attachment to sex, especially when used primarily as physical pleasure. Deep  conversations are becoming more valuable than sex. Let your sex drive change. Your whole body is changing.

Upgrades to basic body chemistry are happening rapidly. There’s a reason we’ve been craving fruit juice and dark chocolate. It really makes me wonder what part of this would show up on a blood test… not enough to go in and ask, but I do wonder. Sleep is also greatly affected. Sometimes 4 hours is plenty, sometimes 10 isn’t enough. Be where you are, and honor your process.

And most of all, we are still human. Releasing karma is messy. Ego work takes dedication. This stuff is for warriors. It all comes down to forgiveness. After you manage to forgive others, then the tough part comes up – you must forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for having bad boundaries, for not communicating, for staying too long, for leaving too soon, for setting expectations others could never meet… Forgive yourself for not knowing any better. It’s a lot. Just know the energy is so supportive of this work right now. And you have an invisible team with you at all times. You are so very loved, and truly you are love. Welcome home.


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